April 16, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8701

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor – Account Review (DTTM-AR): Telegram Channel Of International Neo-Nazi Group Led By 13-Year-Old Estonian – With Recruits Across The U.S. And In Canada, UK, Italy, Netherlands – Is Still Active; Group Planned To Bomb Synagogue, U.S. News Network

April 16, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8701

The following information is based on a general overview of a social media account demonstrating domestic terror-related activity / sympathies.

Platform: Telegram

Additional Information: Multiple news outlets reported on April 13, 2020 that the leader of the international neo-Nazi group is a 13-year old Estonian. Though it was revealed that the group had plans to bomb a synagogue and an unnamed U.S. news service, the Estonian Internal Security Service stated that the teen will not face criminal charges due to his young age, but that other legal measures will be taken to de-radicalize him. In one post, the group doxxed the CEO of a major U.S. news organization and members of his family, so this may be the news network that was being targeted.

The group's Telegram channel has members from around the world. The channel shows off its activist efforts, frequently uploaded photos of stickers and flyers bearing the group's logo and email address that have been plastered outdoors at locations worldwide. The group has also recruited members from the U.S., and Europe. The Telegram channel was created in 2019, and has over 1,000 members.

Screenshots And Excerpts

"Our Patience Has Its Limits!" recruitment poster

The Telegram channel's first post is of a graphic which features an infamous photo of Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik giving the Nazi salute during a court appearance. In 2011, Breivik shot dead 69 and blew up eight at a summer camp.

Recruitment Posts

The Telegram channel recruits globally, in particular for new members in certain geographic regions of the U.S. and in Europe.  Last  year, the channel directed followers from the Great Lakes region, the Southwest, the West Coast, and the Midwest to contact the group at its ProtonMail email address.

Last summer the group posted, "If you are from [state] or [state], then message us."

Around the same time the group posted a message for recruiting new members in Norway, Russia and the Benelux countries.

Putting Up Group Flyers And Stickers

Many of the Telegram channel's posts are devoted to showing off the group's flyers and stickers placed across the U.S. and Europe.

Last fall the channel posted a few photos of stickers promoting the group's email that were posted by a new recruit in the Southwest.

A photo showing a flyer reading "Light the pyre spread the fire" with an image of Adolf Hitler was shared to the group in late 2019. The post added that this was put up at an undisclosed location in the Southwest.

 A photo was posted of flyer reading "Our Fire Rises, Only Bullets Can Stop Us" posted on a tree trunk at an undisclosed location in Canada.

A photo of a flyer with the words "This time... the world!" with an image of American neo-Nazi party founder George Lincoln Rockwell stuck onto a [major U.S. city] police cruiser was shared to the group.

Several other photos were shared last year, of "activism" efforts in [major U.S. city]. One image shows a flyer put up at a county assistance public welfare office. Another image shows a flyer stuck on an announcement for STD testing that featured young black people. Both flyers feature an image of Adolf Hitler with the text "The war never ended and we keep fighting."

A post on the channel revealed that several flyers had been put up in the southern UK.

A post late last year showed a handful of flyers allegedly put up in northern Italy by a new recruit. The flyers read "Baptize the world in a bloodbath" and "Invoke terror, embrace chaos."

Graphics Made By Recruits

Last year a stylized graphic reading "Race war now" and "Gas a kike" was shared to the Telegram channel. It was noted that the creator was a member of a Midwest cell.

A graphic in Dutch created by a Dutch cell member was shared to the group. It read, "With a fire to march, through all dangers." The flyer prominently features a large swastika.


Last summer, the channel posted phone numbers and addresses it said belonged to the CEO of a major news outlet and his relatives. No instructions or orders were attached to this post.

Dogma and Essential Reading

Last year, a post with essential reading was shared to the group. "Don't bother joining [redacted] if you have not at least read the introduction, the core and SIEGE." "Siege" is a reference to the white nationalist novel of that name by American neo-Nazi James Mason, which is a major part of the white supremacist literary canon. The "core" or mandatory reading outlined in the graphic below includes Hitler's Mein Kampf, and introductory reading includes Next Leap by Alexander Slavros.

The Turner Diaries, another major element in the white supremacist literary canon by William Luther Pierce, was also shared in PDF form.

Late last year a graphic stating "Destroy Hollywood Kill Pedos" was posted. The graphic featured an image of Steven Spielberg and Harvey Weinstein with red x's and blood spatters on their faces. On several occasions, the group has called for the murder of pedophiles.


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