July 8, 2019 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1522

Documenting Jihadi Use Of Encrypted Messaging App WhatsApp - Part II: October 2018-June 2020: Table of Contents

July 8, 2019
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1522

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction

  • I. Statements By WhatsApp

  • II. Terror Arrests Involving WhatsApp

  • III. Government Pressure On WhatsApp Over Jihadi Use Of Its Services

  • IV. Jihadis Warn About WhatsApp, Alleging Security Issues

  • V. ISIS And Pro-ISIS Groups and Individuals Using WhatsApp

  • VI. Al-Qaeda And Affiliated Groups Using WhatsApp

  • VII. Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Using WhatsApp

  • VIII. Other Syria Jihadis Using WhatsApp

  • IX. Hizbullah Using WhatsApp

  • X. Jihadis Using WhatsApp To Share Tech, Weapons Info

  • XI. Fundraising For Jihad Via WhatsApp

  • XII. Fundraising For Jihadi Charity Via WhatsApp

  • XIII. Palestinians: Hamas Military Wing Al-Qassam Brigades,  Palestinian Islamic Jihad Using WhatsApp

  • XIV. Taliban Using WhatsApp

  • XV. Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) Using WhatsApp

  • XVI. Individual Jihadis Using WhatsApp

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