March 9, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8615

The Coronavirus In Iran – Part II: In Tweets, Iranian Journalist Says Death Toll Is 2,000 – Not 237 As Regime Claims – And Criticizes Health Minister; Tweets Were Deleted Shortly Thereafter

March 9, 2020
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 8615

As the Iranian regime released the figure of 237 as the official coronavirus death toll in the country,[1] Iranian journalist Mostafa Faghihi, owner of, which is affiliated with the conservative pragmatic camp in Iran, tweeted that that the real figure was nearly 2,000. Just the previous day, he added, over 130 had died in Tehran and in Gilan, in northern Iran.[2]

In a subsequent tweet, he wrote: "If only we were as transparent as Italy regarding reporting the statistics on those afflicted by the coronavirus."  

The tweets were deleted shortly thereafter.[3]

Following is a translation of his tweet:

Iranian Journalist Faghihi: "Mr. [Health Minister] Namaki, You Aren't Releasing The Actual Numbers... Nearly 2,000" Have Died

"Mr. [Health Minister] Namaki, you aren't releasing the actual numbers of the dead of coronavirus? Fine! I will play my part instead of you! Dear Iranian citizens! The number of dead in the country that are feared to have died of the coronavirus is nearly 2,000 (10 times more than the official figures). Over 130 people died just yesterday in Tehran and in Gilan [in northern Iran]! Mr. Namaki, don't pour more salt [a reference to Namaki's name, which means 'salt merchant' in Persian] on the public's wounds!"


[1] Iranian Health Ministry statistics, Mehr (Iran), March 9, 2020.

[3], March 9, 2020.

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