December 9, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6236

Conspiracy Theories In Arab World Following Paris Attacks: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Planned The Attacks; ISIS Only Carried Them Out

December 9, 2015
Special Dispatch No. 6236

Like previous terror attacks in the West, the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris evoked many condemnations in the Arab press,[1] but also articles stating that the attacks were a Western conspiracy meant to achieve various goals of foreign and domestic policy. The articles contended that ISIS is a creation of Western intelligence agencies, and that these agencies were the ones who planned the attacks and used ISIS to carry them out. It was also claimed that the U.S. is the greatest inciter of global terrorism, and that the main parties who benefited from terror were the Syrian regime, Israel, Europe and Turkey, whereas the main victims were Arabs and Muslims. The articles leveled harsh criticism at the West, especially at the U.S., stating that they ignored ISIS crimes as long as they took place in the Arab world, and even encouraged them in order to serve their own interests.

The following are excerpts from some of the articles.

International Intelligence Agencies Create Terror Organizations To Carry Out Crimes On Their Behalf; 9/11 Was An Example

In the official Saudi daily Al-Watan, writer Muhammad Al-Sa'idi wrote that many attacks in the West and the Arab world, including 9/11, the recent downing of the Russian plane in Sinai, and the recent bombing in Hizbullah's stronghold in Beirut, were planned by regional and international intelligence agencies that "do not shy away from sacrificing some members of their own nation or sect in order to achieve strategic goals." He added: "In many cases, the organization [ostensibly responsible for the attack] only becomes aware of the attack after it has occurred, and claims responsibility for it for reasons of propaganda, or to cover up for the intelligence elements that actually planned the crime.

"Despite this, accusatory fingers were previously pointed and will ever be pointed at it [ISIS], even if it claims no responsibility for an incident. [Both] ISIS and its predecessor Al-Qaeda are organizations whose establishment involved the cooperation of a number of intelligence apparatuses. One of the tasks with which they are charged is covering up the crimes of several international intelligence apparatuses, and it may be that the well-known September 11 attacks are the first clear example [of this]. It is now clear to all that 'Al-Qaeda,' although it claimed responsibility for this incident [9/11]... was nothing but a tool [to commit] the crime, and perhaps just a cog in the system..."

Al-Sa'idi added that the ones who benefited the most from the attacks were the West and the Syrian regime that "still sees France's position as pro-terrorism, because President Hollande and [France's] foreign minister still insist that Assad is not part of the solution... This position [on the part of France] has led the mufti of Syria to threaten France, and Europe in general, with suicide attacks that, he says, the Syrian [mujahideen] will export to their countries..."[2]

Al-Sa'idi concluded by saying: "The takfiri groups, including ISIS, are merely serving the interests of the enemies of Islam, whom ISIS and its ilk claim to be fighting. This affirms the common view that ISIS is the product of intelligence apparatuses, and that the crimes of international intelligence apparatuses can be carried out in its shadow, while these apparatuses can carry out brutal wars in its name, while they stand to lose very little."[3]

ISIS, which is "made in America", victimizes Muslims, while the world accuses the victim of being a "terrorist Muslim" (Al-Ahram, Egypt, November 18, 2015)

A similar view was voiced by 'Issam Amira, a Palestinian cleric, in a Friday sermon that he delivered in Jerusalem. He criticized the media for condemning the Paris attacks "even though an analysis by a certain politician indicates that the attacks were carried out by the intelligence apparatus of an anti-Islamic Western state in order to blame Islam [for them]..." For a MEMRI TV clip of excerpts from the sermon, click below.

'Abdallah Nhari, a Moroccan cleric, wondered: "Why is the whole world expected to join the Paris festival, and people [are expected] to fly flags of France, in order to express their solidarity with [the victims] of this massacre? What's their position about the other blood? Is it that blood flows in the veins of Parisians, whereas water flows in the veins of Muslims?" In a video posted on Nhari's website (, he said: "The terrorism that we are witnessing today is artificial and fabricated. Its trademark is 'made in ZSC' - Zionist, Safavid [a reference to Iran], Crusader [an allusion to the West]. Why? In order to accomplish some interest against the nation of Muhammad, in order to mobilize the world against it..." Another reason, claims Nhari, is that Europe's regimes seek to divert the attention of their peoples away from the flagging economy and prevent them from rebelling. For a MEMRI TV clip of excerpts from the video, click below.

The West Will Pay The Price For Creating ISIS

In an article titled "The Devil's Price" in the Egyptian daily Al-Watan, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khalil wrote that the West, which created the circumstances in which ISIS emerged, and later turned a blind eye to its expansion in hopes of exploiting it, will now pay the price for its actions. He wrote: "The lesson that we can derive from the night of bloodshed that Paris experienced three days ago is that everybody will pay the price: anyone who participated in cultivating ISIS and supporting it, anyone who prepared the comfortable climate and environment for its ever-increasing expansion, and anyone who remained silent over its expansion and made no attempt to oppose it...

"The U.S. and the European countries created this ISIS monster in the image of Satan, as he is depicted in Arab and foreign films, and used it to [achieve] their global objectives. It began with the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The process involved humiliating the Iraqi citizen, wounding his dignity and allowing him to be killed according to his sectarian identity. This process inevitably led [people] to arm themselves with the most benighted ideas that exist in the Muslim mind. Leaving aside the question of whether [these ideas] are compatible with the values of Islam or not, they provided them [the Iraqis] with suitable ground for confronting those who were crushing them. The ideas of slaughter, burning, taking captive, destruction and accusing everyone of apostasy sprouted from here. The West rejoiced over the new Satan that it had created, aided it to the best of its ability, ignored the fact that it was beginning to gain powerful means of destruction, and exploited it as a bargaining chip to maneuver against the Arabs, pressure them and humiliate them. The U.S and the European countries did not learn a lesson from Al-Qaeda, [which is another] savage animal that the West spawned and cultivated in Afghanistan and that later [came back to] bite it in its territory...

"The Satan [ISIS] now opposes everyone, and everyone is taking the approach thatÔǪ 'whoever created this fiend knows best how to remove it.' My estimate is that... eradicating this Satan will not be easy, but will exact a heavy price which everyone will have to pay: everyone who was partially [responsible] for the Satan's existence, everyone who prepared the ground for it to grow, everyone who remained silent until it became very powerful.  Everyone will pay the price in the future. The bill is in the mail."[4]

U.S. leading the "ISIS" wolf (Al-Yawm Al-Sabi', Egypt, November 16, 2015)

Talal 'Okal, a columnist for the Palestinian Authority daily Al-Ayyam, wrote in a similar vein that the U.S. is the greatest inciter of global terror, and warned: " Those who contribute to creating terrorism or conspire with terrorist organizations and countries will necessarily be burned daily by the fire they set with their own hands..."[5]

Saudi Journalist: The Attacks - An International Conspiracy Aimed At Convincing Western Public To Abandon Demand For Assad's Ouster

Prominent Saudi journalist Jasser Al-Jasser wrote in the daily Al-Jazirah that only a state could carry out an operation on the scale of the Paris attacks, and that the attacks were aimed at preparing public opinion in the West for giving top priority to the war on terror at the expense of the struggle against the Assad regime in Syria. He wrote: "Reports on the terrorist attacks that struck the [French] capital of Paris last weekend were not the first to use the term 'the army of the Islamic State.' The use and introduction of this terminology, particularly in Western countries, their news agencies, and their TV networks, is a preplanned move aimed at presenting [ISIS] as a 'parallel international entity' [and] giving [the West] the legitimacy to combat it.

"[This is done] while ignoring the suspicions about the part played by some of those [Western] countries in the establishment of the terrorist group ISIS, which they seek to define [in the popular consciousness] as a state.

Only nations with large armies, intelligence apparatuses, and special forces... are capable of carrying out the terror attacks perpetrated by this organization and waging the wars that it wages. A terrorist organization, whatever its recruitment capability and number of supporters, could not have executed these seven perfectly coordinated attacks without the aid or cooperation of an intelligence apparatus of one of the countries known for their ability to conduct such operations...

"The role of the terrorist organization ISIS, and certain countries' intelligence apparatuses' connection to the Paris events, were aimed at imposing a new agenda vis-à-vis the Arab region - the top priority of which will be the war on terror, superseding the resolution of the domestic situation in Syria and the replacement of its regime and removal of the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad. Thus, the international campaign will be aimed at combating terrorism, and at dealing with the so-called 'Islamic State,' leaving Assad to murder the Syrians...

"After the main Western news agencies - Reuters, AFP, and AP, which control the satellite media - have used this term [i.e. 'army of the Islamic State,'], it will likely come into common use in news broadcasts... Those who watch these [broadcasts], including Arabs and Muslims, will themselves begin using the terms 'Islamic State' and 'army of the Islamic State' - thus enabling the strategy-makers in the war on terror to tell their peoples, and other peoples, that they are fighting the army of the Islamic State, and that doing so requires the establishment of an international coalition so that this threat can be removed."[6]

Israel, Turkey Planned The Attacks

Some articles stated that Israel had planned the attacks in Paris as revenge for France's bid to submit a draft-proposal to the U.N. Security Council on a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem and for the E.U. decision to mark products from the occupied territories. There were also those who pointed a finger at Turkey.

Fatah Revolutionary Committee Member: The Terrorists Are Creations Of The CIA, The Mossad And The Scotland Yard

Muwaffaq Mattar, a columnist for the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida and a Fatah Revolutionary Council member, said that ISIS members were the spiritual offspring of the "Talmudists, the Islamists, those who began committing acts of massacre and genocide while flying banners bearing religious slogans, [including] the white Europeans who invaded the American continent and waged a war to wipe out the Indians...[The perpetrators of terror attacks] are creations of the CIA, the Mossad, and Scotland Yard, and others who, when they wish to accomplish any objective worldwide in order to increase their profits and [promote] their interests, release this barbaric virus from their labs... It is no accident that the attacks in Paris took place just as Europe began implementing the sanction of marking [Israeli] settlement products and [just as] France was leading the European proposal to the Security Council promoting a two-state solution between Palestine and Israel - which the Israelis saw as heralding a danger from Europe, the birthplace of the occupying settlement Zionist endeavor.

"It doesn't matter who carried out these attacks, it matters who benefited from them... The French authorities would be wise to investigate who benefits - namely look for the latest place that the tentacles of the Mossad octopus have reached... It is clear that the Mossad will burn Beirut and Paris to achieve Netanyahu's goals. He who challenged [even] the master of the White House, Obama, is sufficiently evil to burn the entire world.

"It should be borne in mind that the ISIS [ members] can be heads of state, generals, ministers, and leaders of intelligence apparatuses. Before the world launches an all-out war against 'the savage tribe' [of ISIS], it must purge the terrorists among the heads of state and their security apparatuses, especially those of the superpowers, and destroy the factories and labs that created this [savage] tribe. [The world] must be just and pursue peace, and then the ISIS tribe will perish."[7]

Syrian Columnist: The Paris Attacks Were Perpetrated By Turkish Intelligence

Dr. Sayyah 'Azzam, a columnist for the Syrian daily Al-Watan, blamed Turkey for the attacks: "It would appear that it was Turkish intelligence, [acting under] the direct order of [Turkish President] Erdogan, who sent this message to Paris by means of ISIS. Just as [Turkish intelligence] sent the immigrant waves to Europe, it organized the terror attack in Paris." According to 'Azzam, Turkey believes that the terror attacks and immigration waves will convince the international community to let it establish a safe zone on its border with Syria that will allow it to target the Kurds. He added that "some believe" that Erdogan was also involved in downing the Russian plane over Sinai as a message to Russia that it would be punished for supporting the Syrian regime.[8]


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[2] On October 10, 2011, Al-Arabiya TV aired a segment in which the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Hassoun, threatened that "with the first shell dropping in Syria, the sons and daughters of Syria and Lebanon will set out to become suicide [attackers] in Europe and Palestine... I say to all European [countries] and to the U.S.: If you bomb Syria or Lebanon, we will prepare suicide [attackers], who are already in your midst, [for action]." 

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