April 9, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 492

Conservative Iranian Daily: Bush Jr. Would Outdo Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin

April 9, 2003
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 492

An editorial in the conservative Iranian English-language Kayhan International daily, as reported by IRNA[1]on April 5, 2003, attacked President George W. Bush and the U.S. The following are excerpts from the article:

"As the evil brain Frankenstein is battling with the hideous monster it had created decades ago to hold the Iraqi people in perpetual thrall and to haunt regional states into submitting to them, Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, is reeling under one of the most barbaric aggressions in its history."

"Not since the pagan hordes of Hulaku Khan sacked Baghdad in 1258 has such a grand destruction of civilization and humanitarian values descended upon the Land of the Two Rivers."

"The Tigris and the Euphrates are literally flaming as the coalition forces rain fire on the confluence of the waterways and beyond."

"Simultaneously, armed-to-the-teeth the Yankees pillage towns and cities, barging into the homes of respectable citizens, dragging Muslim women and children out into the streets and torturing and killing defenseless civilians."

"These events are brought about to satiate President George Bush's desire to impose his version of democracy on the land where Adam, the father of mankind lies buried, where Noah built his ark, and where Abraham was born."

"It must be noted that the scriptures speak of Pharaoh's misbehavior on earth when he trampled all norms of justice until the wrath of God swiftly overtook him."

"History abounds with examples of the unprincipled and the godless infidels and how they shed rivers of human blood in the insatiable greed to dominate other cultures and their rich natural resources."

"It was only in the last Christian century that the world saw such blood-sucking megalomaniacs as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin."

"Obviously Bush Jr. would outdo all those villains of yesteryears."

"Bush is obsessed in becoming a super terrorist and his penchant for dropping the most devastating explosives on disarmed people is greater than the lust for blood of the American protégé, Saddam Hussein, with whom he is contesting for the crown of 'state terrorist.'"

"The Bush administration growls like a baboon whenever the Zionist lobby tugs its tail to increase pressure on world nations."

"However, Washington should understand that it cannot escape the consequences of the crimes against humanity."

"It must be noted that almost all Iraqis believe that direct U.S. intervention in their affairs is yet another brutal attempt to delay representative rule in Iraq."

"The senseless war is also proof that Saddam and the Ba'athists have failed in their mission to perpetually enslave the Iraqis." "But all said and done, whatever be the course of the combat in the next few weeks and whether or not the adversaries resort to chemical weapons or atomic bombs, Bush, like Saddam, will end up like a damned devil."

[1]Kayhan International (Iran), in IRNA, April 5, 2003.

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