September 19, 2002 Special Dispatch No. 421

Columnist for Saudi Daily Al-Jazirah: Jews Use Blood for Baked Goods

September 19, 2002
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 421

In a recent article published in the Saudi state controlled daily Al-Jazirah, columnist Dr. Muhammad bin S'ad Al-Shwey'ir, a past advisor to former Saudi mufti Sheikh Abdallah bin Baz and editor-in-chief of the Islamic Research periodical published by the Islamic Clerics Association of Saudi Arabia, wrote that Jews use human blood for their holiday celebrations.[1] Al-Shwey'ir's article also incorporated several other antisemitic canards; among these are references to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and to the Nazi propaganda forgery of 1935 about a false speech given by Benjamin Franklin at the Constitutional Convention.

The following are excerpts from the article:

Jews Use Human Blood for Rituals
"Christian Europe showed enmity toward the Jews when it transpired that their rabbis craftily hunt anyone walking alone, [tempting] him to enter their house of worship. Then they take his blood to use for baked goods for their holidays, as part of their ritual. Often this deed was uncovered even in the Arab and Islamic countries that protected them - as Ahmad Abd Al-Ghafur wrote, pointing out the events geographically and historically, in his book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, because anyone hunted by them disappears forever. When these incidents proliferated, the security apparatuses began to follow them, until they caught their rabbis committing the crime." "Furthermore, they have played a significant role in toppling and corrupting many of the governments, to the point where this became known among the Arabs, the Germans, the Spanish, the Portuguese, and others."

The Jews Follow the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
"In the book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Precepts of the Talmud, by Shauqi Abd Al-Nasser, the 24th protocol appears; it represents the goal towards which the Jews strive with their tactics, their false media, and their treachery. The free world must take notice - primarily the West and America, where the intentions of the Jews have been revealed - as they gnaw away at the societies like the worm gnaws away at the wood until it is entirely consumed before signs [of the damage] are [visible]. [The West and America] must awaken, and must support the Muslims against them [i.e. the Jews] before it is too late." "The 24th protocol is signed by representatives of Zion of the 33rd rank - that is, the most loyal rank of the Jewish Masons. They are the senior leaders of the Masons in the world… [here the author quotes at length from the Protocols, pp. 205-207]." Americans Must Heed President (sic) Benjamin Franklin's Warning "Do the Americans - both rulers and ruled - realize that these are the thoughts and conspiracies [of the Jews] towards the human race? If not, they must take another look at what their president [sic] Benjamin Franklin said when he warned the American people of the danger posed by the Jews, in his speech at the conference convened to declare the American constitution in 1789…" [2]

The Rabbi's Advice
"In 1492, the chief rabbi of Spain, Shimu, wrote to the chief rabbi of Constantinople seeking his advice because his community was in danger of being expelled or persecuted. It is claimed that the following vengeful answer was found in the archives of Toledo, Spain: 'Dear Sons of Moses, we received your letter. Following is the advice of the rabbis and the beloved [sic]:'"

  1. "'With regard to your claim that the king of Spain compels you to convert to Christianity, do it as long as you cannot do anything else.
  2. With regard to the confiscation of your property, turn your sons into merchants so that they can by degrees strip the Christians of their property.
  3. With regard to the attempt to kill you, turn your sons into doctors and pharmacists, and perhaps they [will succeed] in killing the Christians.
  4. With regard to the destruction of your houses of worship, turn your sons into priests and members of the Church, and perhaps they [will succeed] in destroying their churches.
  5. With regard to the many harassments from which you suffer, you must ensure that your sons become lawyers; you must act to be connected to affairs of state and to always hold posts connected to [the state]. Thus you will keep the Christians under your control; you will control the world and wreak vengeance upon them.
  6. Do not deviate from this method that we present to you, because experience will show you that despite your humiliation, you will attain 'real power.' (From The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, p. 210).'" [3]

Allah Decreed that Jews be Turned into Apes and Pigs
Dr. Al-Shwey'ir writes frequently about the Jews and their "traits"; often, his articles include quotes from the Koran along with quotes from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[4] In another article, he wrote: "…Allah decreed that the Jews would be humiliated; he cursed them, and turned them into apes and pigs. Every time they ignite the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it. They disseminate corruption over the face of the earth, and fight the believers [i.e. the Muslims] only from fortified villages or from behind walls…"[5]

[1] For more on Saudi blood libels, Saudi Government Daily: Jews Use Teenagers' Blood for 'Purim' Pastries and Editor of Saudi Government Daily Al-Riyadh: Statement on 'Purim' Blood Libel Articles.

[2] Egyptian Government Weekly Reproduces Nazi Propaganda Forgery

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