April 17, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8006

Columnist For Mouthpiece Of Muslim Brotherhood In Jordan Calls For Armed Intifada To Thwart President Trump's 'Deal Of The Century,' Bring Down Palestinian Authority

April 17, 2019
Jordan, Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 8006

In his March 14, 2019 column in Al-Sabeel, the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan, Jamal Al-Shawahin urged the Palestinians to launch a new, armed intifada in order to remove the feeble, conciliatory rule of the Palestinian Authority (PA), to thwart U.S. President Donald Trump's Deal of the Century, and to prevent the Jews from actualizing their plot to Judaize Jerusalem. He added that "the discourse on declaring a new intifada is now stronger than ever among all the Palestinians, because it is known that the Jews understand only the language of resistance and intifada, and the language of stones and burning tires."

It should be noted that Al-Shawahin has written numerous antisemitic articles, in which he also denied that the Holocaust took place, and stated that Hitler was much more merciful than Israel's leaders.[1]

Jamal Al-Shawahin (source:, December 18, 2018)

The following are translated excerpts from Al-Shawahin's Al-Sabeel column:

"Long-distance races... and everything [connected to the Palestinian cause], are marathons. No one has yet reached the finish line... The rivalry between two sides is now [still] underway. One side [i.e. the Palestinians] is completely weakened, and the other [i.e. Israel] is in a better situation than ever, and is running hard to finalize the situation as soon as possible. Perhaps it will be able to, if the [Palestinian situation] continues to deteriorate.

"The Jewish plot in Jerusalem is now nearly complete. Al-Aqsa has become a place of continuous [Israeli] violations [of the status quo]. It has reached the point where [Muslim] worshippers are expelled from it and it is closed [to them], and the Israeli courts are examining the issue of Bab Al-Rahma[2] in order to list it as a synagogue.

"The expulsion of [Palestinian] Jerusalemites from their homes also continues, and the entire city is now being threatened with the complete erasure of its Islamic and Arab character. The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is preparing the ground for stepping up the Jewish effort to reach the finish line, now under the title of Trump's 'Deal of the Century,' [which] aims to finally eliminate the Palestinian cause.

"Obviously, it will not be easy or possible to close the books on the Palestinian issue, and it will remain open, whatever forces are included in the deal. To this end, it is enough for the resistance to continue being the main [weapon] of the Palestinians, and for Gaza to uphold its obligation to continue the resistance and continue harassing the occupation, never letting it rest.

"As for the Palestinian situation as a whole, the feebleness and the conciliation on the part of the Ramallah regime and its president [Mahmoud] Abbas will not help to grant a stamp of approval to the Zionist moves, since that regime has lost the base of its legitimacy – it barely represents itself, and represents the Palestinian people not at all. [This will continue to be the case] even if 'Abbas replaces his puppet government daily... and holds elections, as long as they are held in the shadow of the spears and rifles of the occupation.

"The discourse on declaring a new intifada is stronger than ever today among all the Palestinians, because it is known that the Jews understand only the language of resistance and intifada, and the language of stones and burning tires. It is clear that, in the current situation, there is no preventing the [resistance] from also being as armed as it can possibly be and carrying out quality operations. It is only by these means that the Trump deal will be brought down, along with the Ramallah regime."



[2] The reference is to a recent incident in which Palestinian worshippers entered a building in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa compound, near Bab Al-Rahma (the Golden Gate), that had been closed off by Israel in 2003 due to illegal activity by the Islamic Movement and elements identified with Hamas. Following the break-in an Israeli court issued an order extending the closure of the building.

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