July 28, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1219

Columnist (and Former Editor) of Al-Hayat: Israel's Leaders are the Grandsons of Nazi Killers who Assumed Jewish Identities and Fled to Israel

July 28, 2006
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 1219

In an article in the English-language edition of the London Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, columnist and former editor of the paper Jihad Al-Khazen claims that Israeli political military leaders are actually grandsons of Nazi killers who assumed Jewish identities and fled to Israel.

The following are excerpts from the article: [1]

"Is it Logical for the Survivors of the Holocaust and Their Descendants to Do What the Nazis had Done to Them?"

"Ehud Olmert's government perpetrates definite Nazi practices against the Palestinians and the Lebanese. He is a young F├╝hrer, and his generals, like Dan Halutz and Moshe Kaplinsky, are commando generals. The question now is: Is it logical for the survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants to do what the Nazis had done to them?

"There is a psychological explanation for this: the victim impersonates the torturer. However, I have another explanation.

"Historically, six million Jews died in the Holocaust, and 97.5 percent of the Polish Jews were killed in the gas chambers, and by other means. My explanation is that the number of the Jews who were killed might be higher. All the Polish Jews might have been killed, too, and the Nazi political and military leaders might have realized since 1944 that defeat was imminent and, therefore, assumed the identity of Jews and then fled to Palestine as Jews who had survived the Holocaust.

"If this explanation is true, Israel's present political and military leaders are the grandsons of Nazi killers rather than Jews persecuted for centuries at the hands of Western Christendom."

"I know that my explanation may be implausible, but I cannot find any other logical reason for Israel's Nazi-like practices. The phrase 'Israeli Nazism' is exactly an oxymoron, as if we say, for instance, 'Sharon is a man of peace.'"

Thousands of Lebanese Were Humiliated at the Syrian Border Checkpoints

"As the fighting continues, I have other ideas, as well. I criticize all the Arab governments, though, of course, not so much as I do the government of Israel...

"Thousands of Lebanese, other Arabs and foreigners, fled to Syria after the Israeli acts of barbarism began against Lebanon. Instead of giving the people the choice of leaving Lebanon and entering Syria, they were humiliated in the two border checkpoints, Al-Masnaa and Al-Jadida. Some of them spent seven or ten hours before they could enter Syria, time enough for taking the distance from Beirut to Damascus on foot.

"As if the Israeli air, ground and sea attacks were not enough for the people, they had to suffer from the stupidity of the Lebanese and Syrian governments...

"I do not ask them to crush Israel, nor do I expect them to. I only hoped that the two governments would not add to the sufferings of their people, who are facing Israel's brutal offensive.

"I do not accept the reply that these practices are security measures. Shame on you!..."

"Syria and Lebanon: Threatening the World?... Give Yourselves a Pat on the Back"

"The Israeli government is walking in the footsteps of our victorious governments by making strange pronouncements. Ehud Olmert informed the Israelis that he and they were 'victorious.' Then he said the fighting might last two weeks, and then he said it would last longer, without, of course, the return of the two captive soldiers. And he also said that the abduction of the two soldiers happened with the cooperation of Iran.

"Who told him that? Hassan Nasrallah or Ayatollah Khamenei? As for Israeli Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni, she told a press conference that the international community understands that the Syrian-Iranian axis is threatening the world.

"Syria and Lebanon threatening the whole world? If this were true, then I say what we say in Lebanon: give yourselves a pat on the back..."

"When the U.S. Supports Israel's Nazi-like Extremism, it Must Pay the Price"

"A recent public opinion poll in Britain showed that 77% no longer believe that the U.S. is a 'beacon of hope to the world.' In previous polls in Europe and elsewhere, it became clear that the U.S. is seen as a greater threat to global peace than Israel.

"The U.S. Congress supported the measures taken by Israel; in other words, it supports Israel to the point of becoming an accomplice in its crimes. When the U.S. supports Israel's Nazi-like extremism, it must pay the price by losing its credibility, the respect others have for it, and its popularity. 'If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.' The fleas of Israeli policy have damaged the reputation of a country whose democracy and sense of humanity I had at one time greatly admired more than most people."

[1] Al-Hayat (London), July 24, 2006 .

This article follows a previous article from July 6, 2006, in which Al-Khazen compared Israel to Nazi Germany and drew an analogy between the Palestinian attack on the Kerem Shalom and the Warsaw ghetto uprising. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1200, "Columnist & Former Editor of London Daily Al-Hayat: Israeli Leaders' Crimes are Like Nazis'," July 7, 2006, Columnist & Former Editor of London Daily Al-Hayat: Israeli Leaders' Crimes are Like Nazis'.

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