July 1, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11426

Chinese Professor Zhang Weiwei: There May Not Be Another General Election In Taiwan – Reunification With The Motherland Is Entering The Fast Lane, We Might Use Military Means

July 1, 2024
China | Special Dispatch No. 11426

On May 23, 2024, Chinese professor Zhang Weiwei shared a video on his Bilibili social media account in which he said that Taiwan may not have another general election in the future because "reunification with the motherland is entering the fast lane." He pointed out that Chinese Premier Li Qiang omitted the word "peaceful" from his recent policy speech during China's "Two Sessions,'" and he speculated that this omission indicates that China is increasingly prepared to use military means to achieve reunification with Taiwan. He also speculated that there will not be a "Ukrainian-style resistance" in Taiwan if China attacks it. As of June 18, the video had over 2.8 million views.

To view the clip of Chinese Professor Zhang Weiwei, click here or below:

Taiwan's 'Reunification With The Motherland' Is Entering The Fast Lane

Zhang Weiwei: "Have you considered another possibility? Perhaps Taiwan might not have another 'general election' in the future. The reunification with the Motherland is entering the fast lane. During this 'Two Sessions,' if you look at Premier Li Qiang's work report, there's an important change in the wording regarding the Taiwan issue. In the past, our last sentence was the final goal was to achieve 'peaceful reunification,' but this time it is to achieve 'the great cause of reunification,' without the word 'peaceful.' There is a significant change, indicating that we are preparing for various scenarios.


"I have been saying that regarding the pro-independence forces in Taiwan, they only recognize force, you know? Look, when our coast guard ships patrolled near Kinmen this time, they boarded a Taiwanese yacht, a large cruise ship. They went aboard to check documents and things like that. With just this action, the effect was very good. Immediately, Taiwan was trembling all over, knowing that we meant business.

"This will continue, with the ultimate goal of reunification with the Motherland entering the fast lane.

China Has Many Options For 'Non-Military Armed' Actions To Bring About Reunification, Which 'Fall Between Peaceful And Non-Peaceful Means'

"This is not something you can delay indefinitely. We will take real action. The further it goes, the less room you have to maneuver, right? Moreover, the concepts of peaceful reunification and military reunification are not always so complex. Between peace and force, there are various other means. For example, we could blockade Taiwan's ports and airports. If the United States sends someone like a House speaker to 'visit' Taiwan again, we will shut down Taipei Airport. We will shut down whichever airport they try to land at. Sorry, but your plane needs to report to the Civil Aviation Administration of China to land in Taipei.

"Which port do you bring your American weapons into? We will shut that port down for three to five days.

"There are many more methods like this, which belong to non-military armed reunification and also fall between peaceful and non-peaceful means. The mainland has too many methods it can use. The key is the support of 1.4 billion Chinese people. Taiwan should return, and this cannot be dragged out indefinitely. I think it will get faster and faster, it will definitely be like this, we are very optimistic.

"Look at our planning; even the high-speed rail to Taiwan has been planned. The underground tunnels for crossing are all planned out. We say it and we do it. The Chinese government is very powerful in this regard; all our planned projects are completed ahead of time, and it is always like this.


"The United States now knows. They hope to turn Taiwan into Ukraine, hoping that the people of Taiwan can 'bravely resist' like the Ukrainian people. But suddenly they discovered that Taiwanese people are unwilling to fight. They say, 'As soon as the Communist army comes, I will embroider a red flag and surrender.' So basically, that is the trend."

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