December 9, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9672

Chinese Military Expert Wang Yunfei: China Can Take Over Taiwan 'As Early As Tomorrow'

December 9, 2021
China | Special Dispatch No. 9672

In a talk show, posted on Kuaishou on October 31, 2021, a popular Chinese military expert, Wang Yunfei, said that Mainland China's Anti-secession Law made it clear that if Taiwan "crosses one of the three red lines" drawn by the Law, China can use force to "take back Taiwan as early as tomorrow." He also expressed belief that the deadline for the takeover won't go beyond 2050 because the Chinese Communist Party has made a pledge to the outside world to achieve the "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by the middle of the century."

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"China's Policy On The Use Of Force Against Taiwan Is Actually Very Clear"

Wang Yunfei: "China's policy on the use of force against Taiwan is actually very clear, because China has an Anti-secession Law, and this Anti-secession Law draws three red lines for the possible use of force against Taiwan in the future."

Interviewer: "Three red lines... Tell us about this."

Wang: "The three red lines are: The separation of Taiwan from China under any name or by any means, and this one is specifically aims at Taiwan independence separatists. This is the first red line. The second red line is that if major incidents take place in Taiwan – including it being taken over by a foreign country, and this is mainly aimed at foreign interference forces. The third red line is that when peaceful reunification cannot be achieved, and when there is no prospect of peaceful reunification. It is possible to use force if one of the red lines is crossed."

Interviewer: "These three clauses are in fact... The first one is aimed at the internal forces of Taiwan, at the Taiwan independence force."

Wang: "Correct."

Interviewer: "The second is for the external forces."

Wang: "Correct."

Interviewer: "The third one actually can be defined as we see fit."

Wang: "The third one is in our own hands.

"[China] Already Has A Timetable [For Taking Over Taiwan]; The Date Can Be As Early As Tomorrow"

Wang: "Then this goes back to the possible deadline when Taiwan is likely to be taken back. With these three red lines, we, in fact, already have a timetable. The date can be as early as tomorrow. If Taiwan crosses one of the three red lines, it will be taken back tomorrow.

Interviewer: "He predicted a later date."

Wang: "He predicted a later date, which is inaccurate. Second, it can't go beyond 2049, because the Chinese Communist Party has announced to the world that we want to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by the middle of this century. One hundred years have passed, if the country still hasn't taken Taiwan back, then it's possible that this declaration pledged by our Chinese Communist Party and by us to the outside world will not be realized, so it cannot go beyond 2050 at the latest."


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