January 28, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8529

Chairman Of Canadian White Supremacist Organization Who Says He Was Banned Over 100 Times From Facebook Is Currently Active On VK, Gab, Stormfront, Vanguard National News, And A Nationalist Canada-Based Social Network; States That With One Phone Call He Could Obtain Weapons, Hand Grenades, And A Missile Launcher

January 28, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8529

The chairman of a Canadian white supremacist organization maintains accounts on several social media platforms. In 2019 he made public on his VK account that he had been banned from Facebook over 100 times. These attempts, he added, are futile, since he repeatedly resurfaces on the site using an alias. He argued that bans only reinforce his cause, giving him hero or martyr status among his followers. He lists [redacted] as his current location. He has written about his legal battles online. For example, in 2019 he wrote that a human rights attorney and board member of a Canadian anti-hate organization had obtained a restraining order against him. He also posted a message inciting lone wolves to target media outlets and anti-racism organizations.

He frequently discusses his group’s ideology, his hatred for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his contempt for the Antifa group. It should be noted that his posts are largely identical across different platforms. On his Blogspot blog he details the activity of his organization.

The following report documents his presence on the social networks VK, Gab, and a Canada-based social network, as well as on the websites Stormfront and Vanguard News Network.


Selfies on VK.


On his profile for the social network VK, he lists his mobile number, email address, and the URL of the blog of his organization.


On January 1, 2020, he posted a link to a media article about efforts by a local mayor to rid the city of white nationalists, writing that "ignorant, foolish, and hysterical" hatemongers such as this mayor are incapable of realizing that no hatred was promoted and no law was broken and that the flyers in question represent the views of many.

In August 2019, he wrote that Facebook had finally banned him from using his real name on the platform. He added that he still uses a Facebook account under an alias, thanking Facebook for banning his name and adding that this enhances his "legend" and that he is now back to his activism and protests and building his network on the ground and on the front lines.

At this time, he maintains a Facebook account under a different name.

He posted an image of a court summons he received following a restraining order obtained against him by a board member of a Canadian anti-hate organization.

On April 8, he wrote that he has been banned from Facebook over 100 times in the past decade, although he had never "violated Facebook standards," and that he had always come back. All this does, he added, is make him and others like him "heroes" and increase the number of their followers across social media.

On June 13, he posted a YouTube clip from the film "Joker" and wrote that he needed "a machine gun."


On the popular neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, he has solicited donations to cover his legal costs for the legal case brought against him by the anti-hate organization. On June 16, 2019, he posted a screenshot of a Facebook profile he had created in his accuser's name on which he wrote about how easy it is to fake a profile on the platform, implying that the charges against him were likewise fake.

On July 7, he posted, on the neo-Nazi forum Vanguard News Network (VNN), a clip of his interview with two fellow white nationalists, in which he discussed his "persecution" and the attempted violation of his "civil liberties" by the anti-hate organization.

Media reported in August 2019 that the anti-hate organization official had won a peace bond against him. In online threats to the organization, he listed anti-racism groups and media outlets and instructed his readers to "do it right" if they were going to carry out "lone wolf actions."


On October 10, 2018, he wrote in a Gab post about criminals obtaining guns that with one phone call he could have any gun he wanted, along with hand grenades and a stinger missile launcher, if he had the cash.  

On Gab, he follows a number of extremist nationalist Canadian groups.

Canada-Based Social Network

On a far-right Canada-based social network, he runs a group for the organization that he heads. That group currently has 267 members. Also on that platform, he is a member of half a dozen other groups that are similar to the one he runs.

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