May 15, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1581

Cartoons in the Arab Press: Siding With the AKP Against the Secular Camp in Turkey

May 15, 2007
Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 1581

The struggle currently being waged in Turkey between the supporters of secularism and the Islamist AKP has attracted great interest from the Arab press, and has prompted reactions in the cartoon sections of Arab papers.

The following are some examples of cartoons that appeared in the Arab press.

Candidate Gul as a Victim of Military Aggression

Cartoon No. 1: The small figure is labeled "Abdullah Gul."

Al-Khaleej (UAE), May 1, 2007


Cartoon No. 2: "The Turkish Military Vs. [Presidential] Candidate [Abdullah] Gul"


Sign over entrance reads "The Presidency."

Al-Sharouq (Algeria), May 5, 2007

Cartoon No. 3: "Turkey"

Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), April 30, 2007


Cartoon No. 4:


Al-Dustour (Jordan), April 30, 3007

Cartoon No. 5: "Gul Withdraws His Presidential Candidacy"

The army officer defending the goal says, "No Gul."

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), May 7, 2007


Criticism of Military Intervention in the Democratic Process


Cartoon No. 6: Right to left: "Gul [vs.] Ghoul"

On the cap: "Turkish Army Member." On the club and ballot box: "Democracy."

Al-Dustour (Jordan), April 29, 2007

Cartoon No. 7:

Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt), May 3, 2007


Cartoon No. 8: "Turkish Army Topples Four Governments in Five Years"


On soldier's tunic: "Military." Above girl: "Democracy."

Al-Madina (Saudi Arabia), May 4, 2007

Cartoon No. 9: "The Turkish Military Threatens to Move"

On the figure in the noose: "The Political Process"

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), May 1, 2007


Cartoon No. 10: "Presidential Elections in Turkey."


On the figure: "Military." On the book from which he is emerging: "The Turkish Constitution."

Al-Ghad (Jordan), May 2, 2007

Cartoon No. 11: On the right-hand club: "Turkish Secularism" On the left-hand club: "Exported American Democracy"

Al-Dustour (Jordan), May 1, 2007


The Struggle Between the Secular Camp and the Islamist AKP


Cartoon No. 12: "Turkey Between Islam and Secularism"

Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, May 2, 2007

Cartoon No. 13: "Turkey"

Al-Watan (Qatar), May 1, 2007


Cartoon No. 14: "Turkey"


On the front of the glass case in which soldier is standing: "In Case of Threat to Secular Regime, Break Glass"

Al-Hayat (London), April 30, 2007

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