October 10, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 2075

Cartoons from the Arab Press Against Terrorism in Algeria

October 10, 2008
Algeria, North Africa | Special Dispatch No. 2075
Cartoons from the Arab Press Against Terrorism in Algeria

During the month of August 2008, Algeria was hit by several devastating terror bombings. On August 19, 43 people were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside a police academy in Isser, 60 km east of the capital Algiers. The next day, 12 civilians were killed and dozens were wounded in two bombings in Bouira, 120 km southeast of Algiers. Also, on August 21, 2008 the Islamist website Al-Ikhlas posted a communiqué by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claiming responsibility for several attacks in Algeria (click here to view post on MEMRI's Islamist Websites Monitor Project website ).

In the wake of the attacks, numerous Arab press outlets published cartoons condemning them. The following are some examples of these cartoons:


On beast: "Terrorism"
Cartoonist: Abdullah Darqawi
Al-Dustour (Jordan), August 21, 2008

"State Of Violence"

Cartoonist: Naser Jafery
Al-Arab Al-Yawm (Jordan), August 21, 2008

"Algeria: Serial Attacks Return"

Cartoonist: Stavro
Al-Jarida (Kuwait), August 21, 2008

Terrorism Breaks Through Algerian Flag

Cartoonist: Jihad 'Awartany
Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), August 21, 2008


Cartoonist: Yaser Ahmad
Syria News (Syria), August 21, 2008

Angel Of Death In Algeria

Angel of Death, labeled "Terrorism," swings from "Algeria"
Cartoonist: Eley Saleba
Al-Watan (Qatar), August 21, 2008

"Bloody Bombing in Boumerdes"

On terrorist’s mask: "Al-Qaeda"
On Sign: "Isser" (city where bombing took place)
El- Shorouq (Algeria), August 20, 2008

"Another Massacre in Algeria"

Cartoonist: Ali Dilem
Liberté (Algeria), August 20, 2008

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