February 1, 2008 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 417

Burning The Koran on YouTube: Islamophobia on Video-Sharing Websites(II)

February 1, 2008 | By R. Barducci*
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 417

Video-sharing websites, such as YouTube, contain a large amount of Islamophobic videos that defame Islam and incite against Muslims. This second MEMRI report on Islamophobia deals with Islamophobic videos posted on the U.S. website YouTube, owned by Google, Inc. The videos portray virulently offensive images denigrating the Prophet Muhammad and the concepts sacred to Islam, the burning of the Koran and incitement to nuke Mecca and the Ka'ba. These videos contain offensive language and invective aimed at Islam and Muslims, and stereotypical and hate-filled descriptions of Islam and Muslims which portray them, for example, as collectively "violent," "fanatical," or "backward." ...

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