August 9, 2005 Special Dispatch No. 953

British and French Al-Qaeda Terrorists Promise to Slit the Throats of Americans and Jews in a New Film Showing Military Activities in Afghanistan from Al-Arabiya

August 9, 2005
Afghanistan | Special Dispatch No. 953

The following are excerpts from a report about Al-Qaeda's anti-American military activities in Afghanistan. Al-Arabiya TV aired this report on August 5, 2005. To view this clip visit

Al-Arabiya reporter: "In a film by the Al-Qaeda organization, excerpts of which are shown here in an Al-Arabiya exclusive, Al-Qaeda presents an ambush followed by an attack on an American army base in Kunar District in Afghanistan.

"The film shows that the commander of the squad that carried out the operation is Abd Al-Hadi Al-Iraqi, who is also known as the Emir of the Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan. He prepares a plan, using special squads from a number of countries. It is noteworthy that Al-Qaeda fighters from Britain, Ireland, France, and Pakistan, in addition to Arabs, speak in the film before the military operation."

Jihad fighter #1: [English] "Oh people of the West, don't be fooled by the lies of Blair and Bush that you are free nations, for the only freedom that you have is the freedom to be slaves of your whims and desires."

Jihad fighter #2: [French] "We the mujahideen swear to all Muslims, the victims of unlimited and endless barbarism, that we will avenge their martyrs, and that we will slit the throats of the Americans and the Jews."

Jihad fighter #3: "Come and join us. Join this blessed jihad. Come for the sake of Allah. Join us in this blessed jihad, with Mullah Omar and Sheik Osama bin Laden."

Al-Arabiya reporter: "The film shows Al-Qaeda's military capabilities in producing explosives which were used in this operation. Then the Al-Qaeda fighters manage to break into the American army base, after American planes evacuated the wounded and the dead. The film shows documents the fighters took from a soldier's computer. In this computer were documents, military plans, and maps belonging to the military command of the American forces in Afghanistan.

"Bakr Atyani, Al-Arabiya, Islamabad."

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