November 28, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10984

Board Chairman Of Egyptian State Daily Al-Ahram: The U.S. Is 'The Arab World's No. 1 Enemy'; 'It Is More Nazi Than Hitler'; Arabs Should Sever Their Ties With It

November 28, 2023
Egypt, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10984

Against the backdrop of the war in Gaza, Abd Al-Mohsen Salama, the board chairman of the Egyptian state daily Al-Ahram, wrote a series of articles in which he harshly attacked the U.S. for its "blind" support for Israel, and stated that America's positions over the years show that it is "the  number one enemy of the Arab world." Salama urged the Arabs to realize that the U.S. is their main enemy, even more dangerous than Israel, and to consider severing their ties with it in order to pressure it to change its ways. The war in Gaza, he added, has "revealed America's ugly face" and belied its claim to champion human rights, demonstrating that it is "more Nazi than Hitler and spills more blood than Mussolini." He also directed his attack at U.S. President Joe Biden, calling him the "head murderer" of the people of Gaza and a major accomplice to the bloodshed there.

It should be mentioned that Al-Ahram and other state papers in Egypt also published other articles condemning the U.S.[1]  

Abd Al-Mohsen Salama (Image:, May 26, 2023)

The following are translated excerpts from Salama's series of articles.    

Arab States Should Consider Severing Ties With U.S.

In an article published on October 25, 2023, titled "Severing Arab-U.S. Ties," Salama called on the Arab states to reassess their ties with the U.S. and even consider cutting them. He wrote: "'Were there not an Israel the U.S. would have had to invent an Israel to protect its interests in the region' – that's what U.S. President Joe Biden said and then admitted: 'I am a Zionist,' in order to demonstrate very clearly that Israel is an American invention meant to serve America's interests, and that America sees its interests exclusively with Israel…

"The other side [i.e. the Arabs] cannot minimize the importance of the U.S. or say that it must be pushed into the sea, as some people hope, since this is unrefined talk that is dictated by emotions, which can perhaps serve as motivation, but are not an appropriate basis for decision-making, for developing capabilities, or for advancing countries and nations.

"I believe that the research and learning centers in the Arab world must study the American positions from the past 70-plus years and formulate a strategy for dealing with them in the future.

"I hope that a [united] Arab stance will take shape, aimed at severing the ties with the American side in the long run, for as long as its stance always places the Arab world in the list of enemies and for as long as it supports and aids Israel at every step. [America's] objective in doing this is to turn [Israel] into a 'cat's claw' in the region that creates anxiety and tension and disrupts the lives of the Arab nations, constantly waving the American stick so that the region continues to be plundered to the benefit of America, and in order to keep the Arab will shackled to [America's] hegemony and interests.

"What the U.S. is doing together with Israel since the latter's establishment – the frequent statements by Biden and his clearly [pro-Israel] positions, old and new – require a rational pause in order to examine the American memory tapes and understand whether the U.S. is indeed interested in establishing balanced relations with both the Arab and Israeli sides, or whether it is interested only in relations that serve the Israeli side and in helping it control the region's resources, consume its natural resources, and deliver shockwaves to its stability by dealing a death blow when necessary?!

"This must begin in the Arab research centers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, and all the Arab countries that have research centers that can study the history and future of U.S.-Arab relations and the way to sever them in the future and in the long run. This research may [in fact] lead to the conclusion that there is no need for Arab economic, political, or military cooperation with the U.S. in order to preserve Arab interests and the future of the region. At any rate, the studies and research suggested here would be like lights [guiding] the decision-makers in the Arab states, so that in the future they reassess their positions in a way that will cause the U.S. to change its policy from blind and absolute solidarity with Israel to a balanced [policy] and positive partnership beneficial for all sides."[2]

The U.S. Must Be Designated The No. 1 Enemy Of The Arab World

In a second article published on November 14, 2023, Salama called on the Arab world to designate the U.S. as its "number one enemy" and to reassess its relations with it. He wrote: "The repeated experience since the establishment of the State of Israel has proven that the U.S. is the number one enemy of the Arab world and that it is the one that supports the Israeli aggression and provides it with the weapons, money, and equipment that allow it to preserve its superiority over its Arab surroundings. Similarly, the U.S. defends Israel from international persecution and foils all the UN Security Council decisions with its veto, in order to thwart all the draft resolutions that demand justice and the end of the Israeli aggression, or those that demand an Israeli retreat from Palestinian lands in accordance with UN resolutions.

"The emergency meeting of the Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh [on November 11, 2023] put out several important decisions, but it ignored the most important decision – the one about the future of Arab-U.S. relations and the designation of the U.S. as the Arabs' main enemy, until Washington wakes up from its distractions, feels that its [shared] interests with the Arabs are threatened, and begins to reassess its future positions and policies [in the Middle East].

"The U.S. is a more dangerous enemy than Israel, since Israel 'can be overcome,' as they say. The [real] problem is with the official patron of the Israeli butcher, the one who assists it with all its might and without limit [i.e., the U.S.]…

"Without American support, Gaza would have won immediately, and Israel would have been humiliated and shamed in every way, as happened on October 7. But the problem is never with Israel, but with the U.S. I hoped that the Arab-Islamic summit would understand this and demand the reassessment of future relations with the U.S. so that American public opinion would realize the magnitude of the sense of injustice on the Arab side… There should have been an important clause [in the summit's statement] condemning the current hostile American stances and [calling] for a discussion about the future of Arab and Islamic relations with the American side as part of transparency, honesty, and mutual interests."[3]

America Is More Nazi Than Hitler, Spills More Blood Than Mussolini

In an article published on November 16, 2023, Salama wrote that the war in Gaza has "revealed the ugly face of the U.S.," its lies regarding defending human rights, and the fact that it is "more Nazi than Hitler." He wrote:

"Just like the lies about nuclear bombs [sic, the reference should be to weapons of mass destruction] in Iraq peddled by the American enemy, which served as an excuse for invading Iraq, killing millions of people, destroying a country and expelling its people – the Israeli enemy is [now] repeating these lies regarding Shifaa hospital in Gaza. Except this time it is peddling a lie about the presence of militants in the hospital, and claims that the resistance is waging its operations against the enemy army from within the hospital. What is worse is the fact that the American regime provides cover for these lies!... Unfortunately, the American regime has defended these empty and false claims, stating that there is intelligence to support them…

"The biggest benefit of the Gaza crisis is that it has revealed the ugly face of the U.S., which falsely claimed to defend liberty, human rights, and humane values when in practice it is more Nazi than Hitler and spills more blood than Mussolini. After all, it supports an aggressive terrorist army with a racist and sadistic ideology that operates according to Nazi principles [that demand] getting rid of anything Palestinian. The U.S. defends [this army] with money, weapons, and political and media backing. This is the tragedy!"[4]

President Biden Is The "Head Murderer" And "Main Accomplice To The Bloodshed In Gaza"

In a November 21 article Salama wrote: "U.S. President Joe Biden earned the title 'murderer of journalists' when the number of journalists and reporters killed in the events in Gaza reached 42. Biden is the main accomplice to the bloodshed in Gaza, because he is the one who attended  the Israeli war cabinet, the one who sent American experts to take part in murdering Palestinians, the one who extended unprecedented military aid to the aggressive Israeli army,  the one who defends Israel in the [UN] Security Council and the one who prevents the issuing of any decision condemning its terrorist crimes.

"In my opinion Biden is the head murderer and Netanyahu is just the tool for perpetrating the crimes. [Biden is] like someone who hires a thug to perpetrate a murder and provides him with money, weapons and every means of defense…  

"There may be one good thing about this filthy war that the Israeli Neo-Nazism is waging against Gaza: it has removed the mask from the ugly face of Biden and his administration, which is biased in favor of the Israeli enemy, and has belied [America's] claim [of defending] democracy and human rights, which it has repeatedly touted in order to serve its despicable goals…"[5]  


[1] See for example an article by Abdallah Abd Al-Salam titled "Goodbye, Lesser Evil of the Two," (Al-Ahram, November 15, 2023); an article by Mugahid Khalaf titled "Al-Aqsa Flood and the Rogue States" (Al-Gumhouriyya, November 16, 2023); and an article by Basyouni Al-Hilwani titled "The Raiding of the Gaza Hospitals – A Crime that Will Pursue the U.S. and Israel throughout History" (Al-Gumhouriyya, November 16, 2023).

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