April 8, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3753

Belgian Islamist Abu Imran on April 9 Demonstration in Paris: Plant the Black Flag of 'There is No God but Allah…' Over the Elysee Palace; Carla Bruni Should Divorce Sarkozy and Wear the Niqab

April 8, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 3753

Following are excerpts from a statement delivered by Sheik Abu Imran of the Sharia4Belgium group. The statement refers to an April 9 demonstration in Paris against the banning of the burqa. Jamaat Tawhid, the radical Islamist group that held the protest, and which calls for the implementation of shari'a law in France, invited prominent radical Islamist groups and figures from other European countries to attend the event. The statement was posted on the Internet on April 3, 2011.

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"We Call Upon Carla Bruni to Become a Muslim, to Repent, to Join Our Islamic Community, and to Wear the Niqab"

Sheik Abu Imran: "Allah's blessings upon you, my dear brothers and sisters in France. We respond to your call, Jama'at Al-Tawhit ['Group of Monotheism'].

"My dear brothers, you sent us an invitation to participate in the April 9 demonstration in Paris. We will be honored to come, and partake with you in the victory of our Islamic nation, with the grace of God.

"The demonstration was originally organized to [protest] the banning of the niqab. My dear brothers, I would like to tell you that we are coming with the goal of defending the niqab, and the honor of our sisters, as well as with another goal.

"We are coming to perform a da'wa. Our da'wa is directed toward Carla Bruni. We call upon Carla Bruni to become a Muslim, to repent, to join our Islamic community, and to wear the niqab. I ask Allah to guide Carla Bruni, to turn her into a niqab-wearing Muslim, and to make her divorce that unbeliever, Sarkozy, may Allah fight him. I pray to Allah for the family of that false idol Sarkozy to become Muslim, and to wear the niqab – so that this unbeliever Sarkozy will see the niqab in his very home, and in his very own family, Allah willing."

"Oh Sarkozy, Enemy of Allah, Dog of the Romans, Son of the Unbeliever, We are On Our Way… We are Coming, with Our Nuclear Bombs of 'Allah Akbar'"

"We are coming to say: Oh Sarkozy, enemy of Allah, dog of the Romans, son of the unbeliever, we are on our way. We are on our way with 'Allah Akbar,' 'Allah Akbar.' We are coming, with our nuclear bombs of 'Allah Akbar.' We are coming, with our black flags – the black flags of 'There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.'

"We are coming to take back what belongs to us, to regain our land and purify it of unbelief and of the unbelievers. We are coming with 'There is no god but Allah.' We are coming because we reject democracy. We do not accept democracy. We accept nothing but the tawhid of Allah. We accept nothing but: 'There is no god but Allah.' We accept nothing but the shari'a of Allah.

"Just as we ruled many European lands, we are coming to make you think about [the Battle of] Poitiers, to make you think about Andalusia, and to make you think about… By God, we are on our way. The day you will see the black flag flying over the Élysée us very near. I ask Allah to give us the power to plant the black flag over the Élysée. I say to all my brothers and sisters in France: We are coming from Belgium to support you, with our group, Sharia4Belgium. We are coming to support you.

"I ask all my brothers and sisters in France to come to the Place de la Nation in Paris. We will be there, with our brothers from Jama'at Al-Tawhid. May Allah accept their actions, and grant them a place in Paradise for their sacrifices and their activities, which aim to bring victory to this community. May Allah reward them with Paradise. Allah willing, we will meet next week in Paris. May Allah facilitate our path, and purify France of unbelief and the unbelievers. Allah willing, we will see you next week. Salaam Alyakum, and Allah's blessings upon you." […]

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