November 7, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6671

Bahraini Writer: Official U.S. Report On 9/11 Is Fraudulent, Manipulative, Reflects Habit Of Covering Up Evil American Plots

November 7, 2016
The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 6671

In an article in the London daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi, physician and writer Dr. 'Ali Muhammad Fakhro, formerly Bahrain's minister of education and culture, wrote that the official report issued by the U.S. on 9/11 was fraudulent and manipulative. Fakhro, who is a board member of the Arab Organization for Combating Corruption and a founding member of the Arab National Congress, accused the American media and civil society organizations of deliberately disregarding strong evidence of American involvement in the 9/11 attacks, adding that covering up U.S. crimes was a regular American habit. He mentioned a long list of affairs in which he claimed the American authorities were complicit and had been covered up, including the Kennedy assassination, ties with the Nazi regime, the lies about Saddam Hussein's WMDs, and the establishment of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

The following are excerpts from his article.[1]

'Ali Muhammad Fakhro (image:

"Every year on September 11, America goes into mourning and the American nation commemorates its innocent civilians who fell victim to insane barbaric violence. On these anniversaries, the American media discuss the terror attack of 15 years ago, and always blame the same elements whom they hold responsible for planning and carrying out [the attack]. So far everything seems normal.

"What is not normal is that the American media and civil society organizations insist on completely disregarding the dozens of non-American videos and public debates that presented solid evidence - scientific, logical and technical - to show that internal American elements may have been involved in carrying out this terrible action, and therefore that the official U.S. report issued regarding the details of this event may have been fabricated and manipulative. Why does the American media... disregard the comments, questions and doubts of hundreds of engineers, former senior intelligence officers, explosives experts and civilians who have stressed that the official report ignored important and complex events and discoveries, [and that it did so] for obscure reasons that may be political, intelligence-related, or [part of a] conspiracy? I do not think there is a full answer to this question.

"There are, however, additional questions. For example, why was American president John Kennedy assassinated in the 1960s? And why was his assassin [himself] murdered several days later in a crowded public place and in the presence of police officers who failed to protect him so he could disclose the identity of those who sent him? And why is it that, to this day, there are dozens of secrets that prevent the exposure of the clear and convincing truth [in this matter]?

"And what was the nature of the ties that certain American financial, industry and military elements maintained with the Nazi movement in Germany? Why is it that these elements were not prosecuted after the U.S. officially joined World War II shortly before it ended? And who were the people involved? What were their names, their positions, and their areas of responsibility?

"[Also,] today it is patently clear that American elements played a pivotal role in fabricating the lie regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and ignored the conclusions of the UN commission that found insufficient evidence to prove that Iraq had ever possessed such weapons. [These elements also played a pivotal role] in occupying Iraq without the consent of the Security Council - yet despite this nobody was prosecuted and the criminals who squandered two trillion dollars on this absurd farce [the Iraq war] were never punished. Who is it that prevents the uncovering of these secrets and the punishing of those responsible?

      "[In addition,] there are many suspicions regarding American involvement in creating Al-Qaeda, helping to bring it from Afghanistan to Iraq, and [then] dressing it up in [somewhat different] masks and garb to create ISIS, [Jabhat] Al-Nusra and their ilk - [all] in order to plunge Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries into the hell they are currently experiencing. There are also innumerable questions and many suspicions that America played a direct and indirect role in failing to defeat ISIS and leaving it [hanging] between life and death so as to exhaust the Arab societies and leave them [hanging] between life and death as well. Who are these elements that play with fire and keep the flames burning? Whom do they serve and with whom are they cooperating? And what is their true objective...?

"There are many other examples of large events and wicked conspiracies in which the U.S. played a prominent part, yet they remain hidden and it is impossible to expose them and hold [those responsible] to account. And this in a country that purports to be democratic and to have free media, an independent judiciary and an active and powerful civil society - namely transparency in public life. History and reality indeed confirm this. So wherein lies the problem? Here a heavy mist arises that obscures [our] vision. Statements by [American] politicians and writers confirm the existence of this mist... Hence every voice, statement and announcement issued by an official American authority must be examined in depth... and carefully analyzed [to determine] its objective, who lies behind it and who benefits from it...

"[Therefore,] we must take into account this shadowy obscurity that takes advantage of the American genius and the efforts of the [Americans] for its own selfish and ambitious ends in everything related to the financial and moral resources of others."




[1] Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), September 21, 2016.

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