October 20, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9599

Australian Islamic Scholar Sufyaan Khalifa: 'Squid Game' TV Show Is Freemason Propaganda For The New World Order; Popular South Korean Band BTS Are Freaks Who Promote Homosexuality, Sodomy

October 20, 2021
Special Dispatch No. 9599

In a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel on October 11, 2021, Australian Islamic scholar Sufyaan Khalifa said that the South Korean band BTS and the popular South Korean Netflix series, "Squid Game," are part of global conspiracies. He said that BTS are "freaks" who promote to Muslim youth a message of homosexuality and sodomy, and a culture that erases the "human nature of Man." He then said that "Squid Game," a hit South Korean TV series that is available on Netflix and revolves around a group of contestants who are forced to play a series of deadly games in order to win a monetary prize, is an "evil" TV show that it promotes a culture in which it is okay to kill people for profit. He said that the prize in the show, 45.6 billion Korean won, is a "coded" message and a "huge signal" of some sort, because "global Freemasonry" is behind "Squid Game," which he said is propaganda for the New World Order. He added that the Antichrist is behind such ideas. For more information about Sufyaan Khalifa, see MEMRI TV clip no 8506.

To view the clip of Australian Islamic scholar Sufyaan Khalifa on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

South Korean Music Group BTS Are "Freaks" Who Promote "Homosexuality, Sodomy, And A Culture That Erases The Human Nature Of Man"

Sufyaan Khalifa: "This [Korean] music group – BTS – has been promoted very widely, even in Arab countries. It became one of the most influential brands, introducing a new style, a mix of rock and roll and Korean music. It has succeeded in spreading worldwide in a very short period of time.

"At the same time, it promotes homosexuality, sodomy, and a culture that erases the human nature of Man, through the kind of songs that they sing. These freaks became stars in the eyes of many of our youth, I am sad to say. This way, Korean culture has managed to take the lead in penetrating our nations.


South Korean Netflix Show 'Squid Game' Is "Evil," Contains "Coded Messages" Of "Global Freemasonry," "Covert Propaganda For The New World Order"

"Today, they are exporting something new to us, this series called 'Squid Game.This evil game – this evil series – is meant to promote a culture of 'kill so that you can live,' and a culture of 'kill in order to profit,' and the idea that the best way to achieve this is by gambling, even if this leads to killing everybody on Earth.


"[In the show], the winner takes the entire sum of 45.6 [billion Korean won], 4-5-6. This number – 4-5-6 – is a code, or a certain signal, because this movie in itself is a huge signal for global Freemasonry.


"I have not seen all the nine episodes, but I have seen many segments of this film.


"I have seen coded messages in this film, and this would require many more episodes of this show. I call upon the brothers and sisters who specialize in the field of coded messages in such films, and those who specialize in sociology and social sciences to study this film carefully and bring to our attention hidden aspects of this film and hidden messaged from the producers of this film.

"I have come to the conclusion that this film is covert propaganda for the New World Order, propaganda that is supposed to pave the way for the new world that they want to establish by 2030 – promoting the culture of killing.


"This is the dangerous idea that is promoted by global Freemasonry. A sadistic gang is behind this idea. They do not mind killing everybody just so they can live. They even enjoy this.

"Be warned! Global Freemasonry is behind the promotion of such films, and the accursed Antichrist is the main instigator of such ideas."

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