June 14, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10018

Articles In Syrian Press: Monkeypox Is The Last In A Series Of Viruses And Plagues That The U.S. Created And Spread Around The World

June 14, 2022
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 10018

Russia's propaganda campaign against the U.S. as part of the war in Ukraine is fully endorsed by the Syrian regime, which repeats the Russian conspiracy theories, including the claim that the U.S. creates deadly viruses in biolabs in Ukraine and elsewhere and then spreads them in various countries of the world.[1] As part of  this, Syrian regime officials and journalists in the Syrian state press have accused the U.S. of manufacturing plagues as a weapon against its rivals.[2] Recently, articles in Syrian papers claimed that the U.S. is responsible for the outbreak of the monkeypox virus in various countries. Columnists in the state daily Al-Thawra wrote that monkeypox is the last in a series of pathogens that the U.S. developed in its labs and spread with the aim of harming or even exterminating peoples around the world. One of these articles claimed that "experience and current events prove that the American serpent will only spew deadly poison, even if sheds its skin hundreds or thousands of times."

The following are translated excerpts from these articles.

Syrian Journalist: The Peoples Of The World Will Not Be Surprised To Discover That The U.S. Created And Spread The Monkeypox Virus

'Abd Al-Rahim Ahmad , the former director of Syria's official news agency SANA and currently a columnist for the state daily Al-Thawra, claimed that the U.S. attacks the peoples of the world by means of the terror organizations it has established, such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, by causing poverty and hunger, and by creating deadly diseases and spreading them around the world,  the last of these diseases being monkeypox. He wrote:      

"I believe that most of the peoples of the world won't be surprised when it emerges that  the U.S. is the one responsible for creating and disseminating the monkeypox virus, whose spread in several countries is becoming a cause of global concern. After all, the criminal American hand has not and will not stop threatening the future of the world's peoples and causing destruction, poverty and starvation, whether by means of wars and blockades or by creating and disseminating diseases.

"It has been proved that the monster of terrorism was manufactured in the laboratories of U.S. intelligence and released in Afghanistan in the 1980s in the form of the Al-Qaeda organization, so it would fight America's rival at the time, the Soviet Union. Unsatisfied with that brand, which is registered under its name, the U.S. designed many improved versions of it, in the form of ISIS, [Jabhat] Al-Nusra and the Nazi Azov Regiment [in Ukraine]. Furthermore, the U.S. is also responsible for the monstrous [phenomenon] of the fatal viruses, which were created in its biolabs and spread around the world. Recently the world has begun to fear the spread of the monkeypox virus, after several cases were recorded outside Africa – where it originated – [namely] in Europe, Asia and America. Several days later we discovered that, according to a report published by the World Health Organization, the U.S. manages several biological laboratories in Nigeria, where the first cases of monkeypox were recorded. What can be concluded from this? Does the U.S. establish these laboratories to serve the people of the African continent? I doubt this, and believe that these labs are involved in the dissemination of this disease…

"When I blame the U.S. for spreading monkeypox, I am not making a false allegation. For the recent revelations regarding secret American biolabs in Ukraine that produce viruses and pathogens, and the documents that prove that the U.S. uses birds as weapons to transmit disease-causing viruses, give rise to a firm belief that most of the recent diseases that have afflicted humanity, such as the Coronavirus, were made in American biolabs. The [American] aim is to use them as a weapon against rival countries and peoples, so as to destroy their economy, reap tremendous profits and even exterminate entire peoples.

"Whoever survives America's military wars is attacked by its terrorist tools or by means of economic blockades, and whoever survives all of this is ambushed by the deadly American viruses. Therefore, today more than ever the world must stand united against the barbaric American behavior which causes suffering to many countries in the world…"[3]

Syrian Journalist: American Biolabs Are The Source Of Many Deadly Diseases Around The World

Another Al-Thawra columnist, Rim Salah, also accused the U.S. of spreading deadly epidemics around the world. She wrote: "From Ebola and anthrax, through swine flu, avian flu and covid to monkeypox – the deadly diseases and plagues are proliferating, but we can nevertheless determine that their source is one. It turns out that the source is American biolabs that operate in over 26 countries around the world, and are directly funded and supervised by the American war ministry, the Pentagon.

"These are uncontestable  facts that Russia has proven again and again, especially after it gained hold of important secret documents during its special military operation in Ukraine. The Russian defense ministry has confirmed that ten American projects have been uncovered in Ukraine, which were working to spread the most dangerous diseases and plagues. The main [body] in charge of these projects is the Walter Reed [Army] Institute of Research in Maryland, which is subordinate to the U.S. Army. It was established by the Pentagon in 1997 and includes laboratories of the ground and naval forces, as well as military bases in various parts of the world.[4]

"In this context it is also possible to quote Igor Kirillov, the head of the radiological, chemical and biological protection forces of the Russian Army, who said that the place in Nigeria where the monkeypox virus recently appeared was under the oversight of the U.S. and its biolabs, because at least four American biolabs operate there.[5]

"It is also necessary to mention the statements that implicate the U.S. and convict it of using biological weapons and spreading deadly diseases and plagues. They use numbered birds to carry the plagues manufactured by the U.S., and take advantage of the birds' annual migration to cause outbreaks of these plagues in various countries that oppose the aggressive U.S. policy. These claims are made not only by Russia but also by many [other] countries, chief of them China, who continue to insistently demand that the U.S. provide clarifications about its military biological activity. They stressed that the biological activity of the U.S. and its allies at over 200 labs outside the U.S. poses immense danger to Russia's and China's security. 

"It is clear to all of us that, no matter how much the U.S. tries to present itself as humane and pretends to weep over people who are exterminated by the million in various places, it will not be able to fool anyone or convince anyone that its hands are not stained with every drop of spilled blood. For experience, and facts about the current events, prove that the American serpent will only spew deadly poison, even if sheds its skin hundreds or thousands of times."[6]



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