June 13, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3908

Articles in Hamas Media on How Jews Gained From Holocaust: 'The Holocaust Is One of the Widest Doorways Through Which Jews Entered the Western World'

June 13, 2011
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 3908

On January 19, 2011, the website, which is associated with Hamas, published an antisemitic article by columnist 'Abd Al-'Aziz Kahil. The following day, the Gaza-based Hamas publication Falastin published another antisemitic article by Huda Baroud. The articles, which question the scope of the Holocaust and the existence of the gas chambers, claim that Jews cynically exploit the story of the Holocaust to sow guilt in the West, as a way to achieve their national and economic goals.

Following are excerpts from both articles:

Kahil: "The Holocaust Is One of the Widest Doorways Through Which Jews Entered the Western World"

'Abd Al-'Aziz Kahil wrote: "The Holocaust is one of the widest doorways through which Jews entered the Western world. Thanks to it, they have enjoyed support, triggered emotions, shaped ideas, prevented [people] from using their brains, and accumulated a massive fortune. In its name, they committed and still commit [various] forms of mental/ideological terror and political and media takeover. They have transformed the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis – regardless of its veracity, scope, and secrets – into a sin that the entire world carries on its back... [presenting it not as] a historical event but more as a scientific truth that can never be reassessed... but only confirmed and reinforced – so much so that in Western Europe, examining it has become a shameful crime, which causes [doubters] to be placed on trial, even if they rely on official documents, living testimony, journalistic research, or academic writing.

"In this way, the Jews have created a serious, ugly accusation that they called 'antisemitism,' and they use it to smear anyone who dares criticize the Zionist entity, or any Jewish organization or body for any reason, regardless of whether or not they are right and whether or nor their evidence is conclusive.

"Thus, the Jews have succeeded in creating a dangerous [mechanism], whereby the hangman takes on the identity of the victim and allows himself to commit every ugly transgression and crime – since the media never allows the face of the despicable hangman to be shown, but rather shows the image of an victim under attack who is constantly defending himself, and is even tolerant and forbearing toward the Arab and Muslim hangmen...

"Using a sustained media assault since the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine, and especially since June, 1967, the Jews have succeeded in imposing on Western public opinion their view of what they call 'the Holocaust,' as well as the struggle in the Middle East, and [to portray their view] as solid facts that cannot be debated. This intense media [effort] affected [even] the Arab political and cultural arena, and found sympathy among some of the influential elements there. Those [elements] did not settle for merely becoming convinced [of the correctness of this view], but adopted it and began to preach it as justified and inescapable.

"This shift was a primary opening to overt and clandestine normalization with the Zionist enemy, and [created] a clear rift in the Arab mental fabric, which was once united in its view of Jews as aggressors who stole the land and committed many massacres, and who should never be treated with anything but words of repulsion and hate, until our rights are restored."

The West is Losing Its Holocaust Complex

"One of the paradoxes that characterize the period of normalization – nay, of official Arab groveling – is that Western [public opinion], both official and popular, is gradually sobering up from its total support of the Hebrew state, and from its surrender to Jewish haggling. There is more and more evidence of this [even] in the U.S. – the chief guardian of the Zionist entity, and possibly even its servant – as well as in Western Europe.

"An example is the book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by the American historian and political science expert Norman Finkelstein. This book was published 10 years ago, but did not resonate strongly with the Arab public, despite its great importance, which is manifested in fieldwork based on intensive studies. [The book determines] that the Jews exploit the issue of the Holocaust to gather a massive fortune for private and sectoral purposes, and in order to achieve aggressive, tyrannical control in the global arena, and that the Holocaust – without addressing the ponderous question of its historical veracity – is nothing but a public relations campaign taking place in the West in general and the U.S. in particular. This is meant to grant the Jews – as individuals, as an entity, and as an idea – a strong financial and political infrastructure, which gives them immunity and grants them access to all fields in every place, as well as protection from criticism and even from prosecution...

"It hasn't escaped anyone's notice that the Jews have achieved control – or at the very least, a lobby – in governments and organizations. This is a fact that nobody denies... The Jews have achieved this by cultivating a sense of 'victimhood,' along with feelings of guilt that were planted in [the minds of] the German people and other Western peoples, which have become a guilt complex due to the exile and many crimes inflicted upon the Jews by the Nazis in the first half of the 20th century in many European countries.

"It should be mentioned that some researchers believe that Europeans do not suffer from this complex, and that their support of the Zionist state and of the Jews is [simply] a way to keep them [i.e. the Jews] far away [from them], after the bitter experience of living alongside them for hundreds of years."

Jews Have Cynically Exploited Their Religion

"Finkelstein details different methods that Jewish elements used in order to gather an illegal fortune, while promoting false claims about the suffering of the Jews. He points to three important issues, which are:

- The number of Holocaust survivors in 1998 was greater than it was in 1945.

- In their propaganda on the Holocaust and against Nazism, the Jews ignored non-Jewish groups who suffered from Hitler's regime, like Gypsies and Slavs. They covered them with dirt, so that only [the Jews'] personal suffering remain in people's memory.

- Many American Jews have no connection to religion, but they use it for their political and material purposes. This fact is also true of their secular, atheist brethren in occupied Palestine.

"While [some] great American scholars, chiefly Noam Chomsky, greeted Finkelstein's book with respect, others condemned him and launched a harsh media campaign against him, accusing him of antisemitism, even though he is a Jew.

"Because the book made such a great impression on them, they mockingly called it 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion of the Twenty-First Century,' and sued [its author] and its publisher in France for spreading racist hatred.

"As I've stated, the official and popular circles in the West are slowly breaking free of Jewish control, and have begun to dare criticize the Jews in general, and the Zionist entity in particular, for their plots, hostility, and arrogance. Public opinion polls have shown that more than half of Europeans believe that the Jews are a threat to world peace.

"One of America's most prominent businessmen, Mel Rockefeller, told an Arab newspaper in early December 2010 [that the entity] called the State of Israel is the source of terrorism in the world, and has blackened the face of the U.S. because of the pact between them. A few years ago we wouldn't have imagined that such opinions would be expressed.

"This is a golden opportunity for free Arab media to launch a campaign to expose the [true face] of the Zionist enemy using figures and pictures, to present the real image of our struggle against it, and to once again raise the question of the wrongs that the West, acting on Jewish orders, has done to Palestine, the Arabs, and the Muslims.

"There is another associated and complimentary mission that awaits us: Garnering support in Western media and cultural circles that have broken free of the Jewish ideological terrorism, and which support our cause and write the truth about the Jews in the past and the present. This is our new campaign against the Jews. We should devote the necessary efforts to it, and focus our interests on it..."[2]

Baroud: The Holocaust – A Jewish Invention

Huda Baroud wrote: "Every year the Jews make various speeches about their people who were 'killed' in what they called the massacre or the Holocaust committed by 'Hitler the Nazi' and Germany in World War II, while demanding that the world feel compassion and mercy for them. According to these false claims, '[the victims of the Holocaust] were peaceloving people, whom Hitler and his soldiers gathered into gas chambers that turned their skin and flesh into dust, merely because they were Jews.'

"The story of the Holocaust was told... in a way that convinced everyone that only a few Jews managed to escape it, especially by means of exhibitions that featured testimonials of people who escaped and others who miraculously avoided death, as well as various photographs that confirm the involvement of Hitler's soldiers [in the massacre].

"A few qualified historians who focus on world history have disproven many details [related] to the Holocaust, while Israel [invented] imaginary details that forced Germany to compensate it, and at the same time killed Palestinians in events far more cruel and violent than the Holocaust. And, unlike Germany, [it did this] without apologizing or paying restitution and promising to never repeat the massacres.

"Well, what is the truth about the Jewish Holocaust, that some deny and others believe? Is it really worthy of commemoration, while hundreds of massacres committed against the rights of the Palestinians fall by the wayside? How does the Arab citizen regard this massacre? This, and other questions are answered by [the newspaper] Filastin in the following analysis:

"In one of his studies, Islamic historian Muhammad Al-Sayyad defined the Holocaust as 'a religious Jewish term that indicates a sacrifice to God that was entirely burned away at the altar.' [According to him], the Jews used this term to describe their false claims of the mass killing they endured. In his study, published by Al-Azhar University in Cairo in 2008, he adds that the expression 'Holocaust' is religious in itself, but when [the Jews] used it in their false claims of mass killing, they took it out of its historic and cultural context, [thus] divesting it of [religious] sanctity...

"...Many foreign researchers and experts, who could not find any trace of the gas that the Jews claim was used to kill them, have denied the Holocaust. The German chemist Germar Rudolf has proven in his study – whose publication caused him to be imprisoned – that no trace of the gas that was supposedly used to kill the Jews could be found in any of the detention camps. It would be natural for traces [of this gas] to remain in the soil for hundreds of years, but none were actually found.

"Further confirmation [comes from] the French physicist and researcher Robert Faurisson, who wrote that 'no one from the Auschwitz camp – that was supposedly the largest death camp for Jews – or from anywhere else, can show us a single model of these chemical slaughterhouses. No one can describe their appearance or mode of operation exactly. There hasn't been a single remnant or hint of their existence, not one plan or blueprint. Nothing. Nothing but 'proof' on display, that often evokes sympathy, like the rebuilt gas chamber at the Auschwitz camp, that historians and even the Auschwitz museum administration know is a fake.'"

The Holocaust – A Goose that Lays Golden Eggs

"On an episode of 'the Opposite Direction' on Al-Jazeera TV on the Israeli Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel, political activist and writer Dr. Ibrahim 'Aloush, who was a guest on the show, disproved the myth of the Holocaust... He stated that this lie had passed from the historic [dimension] to the political and media [dimension], and said: '[This false claim] justifies the need for [the state of Israel]... as well as the Zionist movement's disregard for U.N. resolutions... It is also a means of political and financial extortion of public opinion, by [exploiting] the West's collective guilt complex over the fictional Holocaust.' [By that] he meant the financial restitution of $10 million a year that Israel received for 12 years starting in 1952.

"On that same program, French historian Robert Faurisson said: 'We have proven... that there was no Jewish Holocaust, there were no gas chambers for Jews, and that the figure of six million victims is inflated.'

"Arab historian D. Fares Al-Hajj Jum'a quoted [former] Israeli Knesset Member Uri Avneri in a study he published in 2006 regarding the heroes of the Jewish Holocaust...: 'The Zionist interest in the Holocaust stemmed more [from the desire] to exploit it politically in order to establish a Jewish state in Palestine than from compassion for the Jews.' Dr. Jum'a adds that 'the Holocaust is an Israeli invention... and moreover, is a magical goose that lays golden [eggs]...'

Adolph Eichmann, who was called 'The Engineer of the Holocaust'... admitted, upon his capture and trial as a war criminal, that there was a secret agreement between him and the Gestapo – the German secret police – according to which the Nazis guaranteed the safety of several hundred Jewish sites in return for maintaining order in the detention camps. Not even the admission of the 'Engineer of the Holocaust' mentioned the Holocaust...

"This affirms the suspicion regarding the involvement of the Jews themselves in harming their own people..."[2]


[1], January 19, 2011.

[2] Falastin (Gaza), January 20, 2011.

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