July 2, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11429

Articles In Egyptian Government Press: Hamas Operatives In Gaza Are Heroes Who Don't Fear Death; Israel's Demise Is Certain

July 2, 2024
Egypt, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11429

Articles published in the Egyptian government press in the last few weeks praise Hamas' conduct in the Gaza war and predict the demise of Israel and of the U.S. as a world power. Titled "The End of Israel," "Israel Has No Future," "Israel Self-Destructs," "A World Without America," and more, the articles describe Hamas' fighters as "brave" and as "heroes" who are unafraid of death, and as "wise" men who created "the most important and influential juncture in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict." Meanwhile, IDF soldiers are described as helpless cowards who are "weaker than a spider's web." The describe Israel as a constant threat to the Arabs that must perish if the Arabs are to survive, and predict that its end is indeed near. They also claim that the war in Gaza has brought an end to America's global hegemony.

It should be mentioned that the position expressed in these articles – praise for Hamas and justification of its October 7, 2023 attack, alongside gloating over Israel's woes – has been taken by the  Egyptian government press since the attack itself and the outbreak of the Gaza war.[1]

Cartoon in Egyptian daily: "Palestine – the cause that will never die" (Al-Yawm Al-Sabi', Egypt, Mat 11, 2024)

The following is a review of the articles published in the Egyptian government press in the Last several weeks:

Column In Al-Ahram Daily: "Congratulations For The Wisdom Of The Resistance And The Stupidity Of The Zionists;" Hamas Operatives Are Heroes Who Don't Fear Death

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Baha, a columnist for the Egyptian state daily Al-Ahram, lauded the conduct of "the Palestinian resistance" in Gaza (i.e., Hamas) and contrasted its "brave and heroic" operatives with the Israeli soldiers, who, he said, are "weaker than a spider's web." He wrote in a June 20, 2024 column: "Who would have thought that the Palestinian resistance would endure so mightily and for so long? This war, the worst the world has ever known, has been going on for eight and a half months, and the two sides are incomparable. On one side is the Israeli army, supported by the U.S. and Europe, and on the other side are the brave forces of the Palestinian resistance.

"At the beginning of this unequal war, the Israeli discourse was dominated by arrogance and conceit. But over time, the occupation soldiers realized that they were weaker than a spider's web in the face of the heroes of the Palestinian resistance. When the occupation soldiers felt that they were weaker than the resistance – especially when they met them at zero range – they had a mental breakdown. That was the point at which the strength of [the resistance] became apparent. The Israeli soldier, despite the powerful weapon in his hand, turned out to be a coward, helpless in the face of the heroic Palestinian warrior, who is not afraid of death and fights with determination,  thinking only of victory or martyrdom.

"The Palestinian resistance is clearly endowed with wisdom and a keen perception, which allows it to impose its will on the Zionist entity... None of Israel's goals in its war on Gaza have been attained, and the Israeli government is now rife with disagreements and resignations.

"I congratulate the resistance for its wisdom and the Zionists for their stupidity, which has turned the Israeli army into the laughingstock of the entire world and into an object of rage and invective due to its inability to achieve its goals. All it has managed to do in nearly nine months [of war] is kill civilians, women and children."[2]

Column In Akhbar Al-Yawm Daily: Operation Al-Aqsa Flood Is The Most Important Juncture In The History Of The Palestinian Conflict; Israel Is Doomed To Disintegrate And Cease To Exist

In a June 22, 2024 column in the state daily Akhbar Al-Yawm, Atef Zaidan praised Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel and claimed that the fate of "the Zionist occupation state" is to disintegrate and cease to exist. He wrote: "The Al-Aqsa Flood caused an earthquake whose repercussions are still rocking the very foundations of the loathsome occupation state. Despite the piercing pain we feel over the victims of the Gaza war, [which is a war of] collective extermination, I am convinced that the Al-Aqsa Flood will be the most important and influential juncture in the history of the Palestinian struggle… [for] it has turned the dream of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital into something much more attainable than it was in the past.

"The Palestinian resistance has proved that the spirit of the struggle has not died, that the dream of national liberation has not dissipated and that the dream of an independent Palestinian state is close [to being realized]. As for the Zionist occupation state, its fate is to disintegrate and cease to exist."[3]

Al-Ahram Columnist: Israel's Demise Is Certain; A New World Is Forming Without America

Farouk Gouida, a poet and a columnist for the Al-Ahram daily, published several articles this spring claiming that the Gaza war is accelerating the disintegration and demise of both Israel and the U.S. In a May 28, 2024 column titled "Israel Has No Future," he called to end normalization with Israel and contended that this country constitutes a constant threat to the Arabs, so the choice is between it and them. He wrote: "I don't believe that the Zionist entity has any future in Palestine. What has happened in Palestine has put an end to this piracy. A new future and reality will sweep the Arab world. Israel went too far in its barbarity when it destroyed Gaza and took revenge on civilians in Rafah. Whether Netanyahu remains in power or not, Israel's demise has become a certain fact. It makes no sense to normalize [relations] with Israel in light of these ongoing crimes.

"America has lost [the support of] millions of Arabs [around the world] and of millions of Arabs and Muslims in its own territory… Israel tried to force the Palestinians to emigrate from their land, but the ones to emigrate will be millions of Israelis who will not want to stay there and will seek other places [to live]…

"As for America, it needs to rethink its considerations vis-à-vis the Chinese giant, the Russian danger, and Iran, which is waiting for the demise of the tyrant. But even more importantly, there is a new Arab world that has decided to create a better world and a safer and more stable life [for itself]. Israel's continued existence will be a constant threat, so either the Arabs survive or Israel does – there is no other option."[4]

In another article, from June 24, 2024, Gouida claimed that the war in Gaza is "the beginning of the end" of Israel. He wrote: "The resistance has managed to rock Israel to the core, despite the American support. This war may be the beginning of the end, especially since the Palestinian people, as well as the Arab street, support Hamas, the only force that has managed to put the Palestinian cause back on the right track. The story is not yet complete, since the future will be even worse [for Israel]."[5] 

In another article, titled "A World Without America," Gouida wrote that the Gaza war will bring about the end of the U.S. as a global superpower, and criticized the Arab countries for failing to capitalize on "the victory and achievement" of Hamas: "America is no longer what it was, and the strange thing is that Gaza – with just a few million people – is the one that put an end to this superpower that controlled the world for decades. Superpowers have always met their end with the rise of new forces that emerged following large wars, or due to unprecedented achievements. America, which defeated all the forces in World War II and grew strong over the ruins of Germany, Japan, Britain, and France, became the leader of the Western camp, facing Russia, which was also growing [strong]. The strange thing is that history is repeating itself and creating new events so that America will fall in the Gaza war and be involved in an escapade in which it is losing. Facing it are new forces, such as China and India, and old forces like Russia, [while] other countries, like Iran, are looking for a role and a place. The Arab world is outside the racetrack and outside the race, when it should be at the forefront, backing the Palestinian resistance that has given the Arabs a victory and an achievement they were not [even] involved in.

"America has clearly lost many cards, which could force it into a historical [state of] isolation within its borders. It must either accept the emergence of other leaderships such as China, or else honorably give up steering the ship of the world, which sank in Gaza. As for Israel, it will not have a greater role than to examine the reasons for its defeat… A new world is emerging today, in which some countries will vanish and others will rise after America steps off the stage. There may be more rounds of war and peace, but the certain fact is that it is America that suffered the greatest defeat in the Gaza war."[6]

Cartoon in Egyptian daily: "The Global Union of Massacres" (Al-Yawm Al-Sabi', Egypt, May 30, 2024)


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