August 3, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6122

Articles In Egypt: Turkey, Qatar Fund Terror, Are Responsible For Bloodshed In Arab World

August 3, 2015
Egypt, Qatar, Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 6122

Following the assassination of Egypt's prosecutor-general, Hisham Barakat, on July 29, 2015, and ISIS's terror attack in Sinai two days later, in which some 70 Egyptian soldiers were killed, the Egyptian press directed harsh criticism at Qatar and Turkey, accusing them of financing terror in Egypt and other Middle East countries. Articles stated that Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Qatar under Sheikh Tamim Aal Thani, support the extremist terrorist organizations in the region and fund them, and thus "sow destruction in the Middle East" and "turn Arab countries into hell for their citizens." They called to expand the war on terror to include drying up its sources of funding, and to take legal measures against the leaders of Qatar and Turkey, who were described as responsible for the bloodshed in the Arab world and as dancing over the bodies of innocent victims.

It should be noted that claims of this kind against Qatar and Turkey have been heard in Egypt since the ouster of president Muhammad Mursi in July 2013. These countries, which support the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), hold that Mursi's rule was toppled in a military coup, and therefore regard President Al-Sisi's rule as illegitimate. Egypt, for its part, accuses the two countries of supporting the MB, which is outlawed in the country, as well as jihad organizations like ISIS. These mutual accusations caused Egypt's relations with Turkey and Qatar to deteriorate, to the extent that in November 2013 Egypt expelled the Turkish ambassador and recalled its own ambassador from Ankara.[1] In January 2014 it also recalled its ambassador from Doha,[2] and the latter, in turn, recalled its ambassador from Cairo in February 2015. Saudi Arabia's efforts to broker a reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar, which began in late 2014 as part of its attempts to form a broad Sunni coalition against Iran, did not bear fruit.

The following are excerpts from Egyptian articles accusing Qatar and Turkey of sponsoring terror and calling for a diplomatic campaign against them.

Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Aal Thani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and (image:

'Al-Ahram' Editor: President Erdogan, Sheikh Tamim Turn Arab Countries Into Hell, Dance Over The Bodies Of The Innocent

Following the Qatari Emir's July 13, 2015 visit to Turkey, during which he met with Erdogan and discussed, among other topics, the war on terror, the editor of the government Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, Muhammad 'Abd Al-Hadi Allam, wondered how the leaders of two  countries that are known for sponsoring terror can discuss the war against terror. He wrote in a July 17 article: "Sponsoring the armed organizations in the Arab world has become an ideology for certain governments that sow destruction across the Middle East. In the absence of any regional or international element to deter them, some of them imagine that their money is enough to protect them from [these] terror organizations, but they are surely deluding themselves. In the recent days, in the latest scene of this tragedy, the media reported that the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim, visited Ankara and discussed various issues with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Ergodan, among them 'the war on terror.' This is surprising, for we have no idea what terror is referred to by [these] official announcements that came out of the Qatari-Turkish summit, especially considering that the two governments [of Qatar and Turkey] insist on funding and arming these [terror] organizations out of their own narrow interests, and pay no heed to the voices that oppose their interference, which ignites more and more fires in the Middle East...

"The dubious Qatari-Turkish coordination peaked recently with the announcement that Qatar will host a large Turkish military base, the first [Turkish base to be built] outside Turkey, as part of agreements that were signed between the [two] countries. This will even further serve their interest to support terror, and fuel the policy of 'absolute evil' that they are employing towards the peace-loving peoples of the Middle East, namely [the policy of] hatching conspiracies in closed rooms and then coming out to face the cameras with false smiles and dance over the severed limbs of the innocent. The day will come when all the despicable cards [of Qatar and Turkey] will be revealed, [those states] that have turned the Arab countries into hell for their citizens..."[3] 

Al-Ahram cartoon: "Erdogan's Schizophrenia": on the one hand he calls to "help ISIS" and on the other to "fight ISIS" (July 6, 2015)

'Al-Ahram' Editorial: Even Europe Understands That Qatar Finances Terror; A Joint International Struggle Needed Against Terror-Sponsoring States

A July 6, 2015 editorial in Al-Ahram stated that today, even France, Spain and Britain understand that certain states, including Qatar, are transferring funds to radical terrorist organizations. The article urged the West and the Arab states to work together to stem the funding of terror and to fight countries that support it: "France, Spain and Britain have not only begun taking firm measures against those who travel [to join] ISIS and those who have returned from Syria and Iraq. They have also initiated a serious investigation into the role of states such as Qatar, which transfer funds to radical terrorist groups. The Spanish newspaper El-Mundo reported that the Spanish police has identified six Islamist Salafist organizations that receive funds from Arab states, chiefly from Qatar The Egyptian military establishment [also] understands the magnitude of the terrorist threat against Egypt This obligates Europe, Egypt and [other] Arab states to cooperate and launch a coordinated war not only against the armed terrorists but also against their international sources of funding and dry them up"[4]

'Al-Ahram' Editorial: Qatari Emir And His Mother Are Responsible For Blood Spilled In The Arab World

Several days later, following a July 10, 2015 interview that Sheikha Mozah, the wife of the former Qatari emir and the mother of the present ruler, gave to the Financial Times, an Al-Ahram editorial again accused Qatar and the ruling Aal Thani family of financing terror in the Arab world. The Financial Times interview stated that it is "widely assumed the Sheikha shared, if not encouraged, her husband's enthusiasm for the Arab revolutions of 2011, particularly his backing for Islamists in Egypt, where she grew up, and Libya where her father worked," but that "she insists she had no say in his policies." However, the Al-Ahram editorial, published three days after the interview, misrepresented what was said in it, claiming that Sheikha Moza had admitted supporting her husband's efforts to aid the Islamists with the outbreak of the Arab Spring, especially in Egypt, and that this constituted proof that Qatar supports terrorist organizations in the Arab world.

The editorial stated: "Now nobody can rebuke Egypt [any longer] for accusing Qatar of being behind the terror that is plaguing the country. Sheikha Mozah, the mother of  Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim, revealed in an interview with the British Financial Times that when the Arab Spring revolutions erupted, she supported with all her might the efforts of her husband, the former Qatari ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Aal Thani, to help the Islamists, particularly in Egypt. Her confessions are proof for all those who refused to believe that Qatar is complicit [in encouraging terror], including for the Iranians [and for everyone else] who stubbornly refuse to accept that a small country like Qatar is capable of harming countries in the Arab world, especially Egypt. In fact, the complaint regarding Qatar's grave offenses has been repeatedly made not only by Egypt but by additional countries, such as Libya, Tunisia, Syria, etc.

"It is amazing that [Sheikha Mozah], the strong woman in the Qatari corridors of power, insists on being bothered by the criticism directed at her country! It must be asked: should others applaud Qatar while it extends financial, political and diplomatic assistance to the terror organizations, and should Egypt cheer [Qatar's] brazen  media incitement and its constant justification of acts of violence and terror? It is ironic that the Al-Jazeera network, the media mouthpiece of terror and terrorists, accuses [Egypt of employing] excessive force against the terrorists of the ISIS organizationÔǪ In the current situation, Sheikha Mozah and her husband Hamad must understand that they are responsible for the blood that flowed and continues to flow in the Arab streets".[5]

Egyptian Columnist: The Turkish And Qatari Regimes Should Be Prosecuted In International Courts

Yousuf 'Ayyoub, a columnist for the Egyptian daily Al-Yawm Al-Sabi', also accused Qatar and Turkey of financing and supporting terror. He wrote that there was no point in seeking reconciliation with these countries, which are hostile to the Egyptian people, and that they should be prosecuted in international tribunals. He wrote: "Today, the Egyptian government must find new ways to contend with the repeated violation of [Egypt's sovereignty] by Qatar and Turkey. The recalling of ambassadors, a measure which [Egypt] has employed with these two countries, and which is the most severe of diplomatic measures, is effective only with regimes that understand the importance and severity of this step in terms of their foreign relations. But the Erdogan regime in Turkey and the Tamim [bin Hamad Aal Thani regime] in Qatar are aware of nothing but their consistent hostility towards Egypt and the Egyptian people.

"The government must think outside the box when it contends with regimes that are concerned only with their own interests and with stabilizing their failed rule, [and who pursue these interests] over the corpses and remnants of the victims, who are felled every day, one after the other, by terrorist groups that receive assistance, support and military and civil financing from Doha and Ankara [for their activity] in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and additional Arab capitals. These countries suffer from the [effects of the] loathsome Qatari funds that are stained with the blood of the dead and the victims.

"The [Egyptian] government, represented by the foreign ministry, may have to seek a legal mechanism to bring the Turkish and Qatari governments before the International Criminal Court or before [other] European and American courts, on charges of supporting and assisting terror in the region, especially in Egypt. [This,] especially since we have copious proof and evidence to tie the two countries to the terror that the Muslim Brotherhood is currently waging in Egypt with their support. The hospitality that Qatar and Turkey extend to the leaders of this terrorist group [the MB] is evident and does not require [further] proof, nor does these leaders' incitement to sow death and destruction in Egypt All we need is to pick up the reins of initiative and take legal measures against Tamim and Erdogan, and the members of these two regimes, in all European countries, until each and every one of them is punished.

"What we need at this stage is bold action, especially since the policy of reconciliation has been ineffective and will remain ineffective against those who view terror as their ideal tool for toppling regimes and replacing them with regimes loyal to them and their money. Along with this boldness, we must seek experienced attorneys to pursue the Tamim and Erdogan regimes"[6]





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