March 22, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11211

Article In Urdu-Language Daily Criticizes Egyptian Court For Sentencing Muslim Brotherhood Chief Mohammed Badie To Death: 'Pharaohs Used To Kill Jewish Children; Today's Pharaohs, Under The Leadership Of Christian Rulers And Jews, Do Not Tire Of Shedding The Blood Of The Believers For The Pleasure Of The Jews'

March 22, 2024
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 11211

In a recent article, Pakistani columnist Munir Mansoori criticized Egyptian military courts for sentencing several Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including Mohammed Badie, who has led the organization since 2010, to death and others to prison and criticized the Pakistani media for not even reporting such major news stories. In the article, titled "The Nile No Longer Sinks The Pharaohs," Munir Mansoori accuses the Egyptian military rulers of acting in the interests of Jews in collaboration with Christians.

Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"Even Today, The Pharaonic Descendants Nurtured In The Modern Lair Of Gamal Abdel Nasser Are Drinking The Blood Of The Brothers, Disciples, And Heirs Of [Islamist Theologian And Founder Of Muslim Brother] Hassan Al-Banna"

"The land of Egypt, which gave birth to the Pharaohs and raised Qarun and Haman, did not become barren. Even today, it is giving birth to the Pharaohs. Yes, however, the old Nile has become oblivious of its duty of drowning the Pharaohs.

"Even today, the Pharaonic descendants nurtured in the modern lair of Gamal Abdel Nasser are drinking the blood of the brothers, disciples, and heirs of [Islamist theologian and founder of Muslim Brother] Hassan al-Banna. The secular ruler of modern Egypt, Gamal Nasser, proudly proclaimed in a loud voice that, 'We are the sons of the Pharaohs.' The modern-day Pharaoh was absolutely correct in saying so. Even centuries later, the Pharaohs' new generation is confidently following in the Pharaoh's footsteps.

"Thousands of years ago, Pharaohs used to kill Jewish children. Today's Pharaohs, under the leadership of Christian rulers and Jews, do not tire of shedding the blood of the believers for the pleasure of the Jews. For the last sixty years, these Pharaohs have been, with the aid of judicial courtiers, reddening their jaws with the blood of the innocent Brothers [members of the Muslim Brotherhood], the heirs of Ashab al-Ukhdud."

"After The Overthrow Of The Government Of President [Mohamed] Morsi By The Army In Egypt, The Leaders Of The Muslim Brotherhood Are Facing Punishments From The Criminal Courts; In Egypt, The Organization Was Also Declared A Terrorist Organization In 2013"

"Neither the sons of the Pharaohs are being satisfied by drinking blood nor is there a decrease in the number of blood-giving people of Tawheed [Islamic monotheism]. In the jungles of Egypt, there is no shortage of either bloodshed or bloodthirsty beasts. The cycle of drinking blood and offering blood [i.e., sacrifice by the mujahideen] in the land of Egypt has been ongoing for centuries, and who knows how long it will continue.

"The news is that the criminal court in Egypt sentenced eight leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to death. According to international news agencies, 80-year-old Mohammed Badie, who has been in prison for a long time, is among the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Earlier, Mohammad Badie's death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, but now he has been sentenced to death again.

"The criminal court sentenced eight leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie and the deputy head, Mahmoud Ezzat, while some of the other people have been sentenced to life imprisonment, six people to 15 years in prison and seven people for 10 years in prison with hard labor. It should be noted that after the overthrow of the government of President [Mohamed] Morsi by the army in Egypt, the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are facing punishments from the criminal courts. In Egypt, the organization was also declared a terrorist organization in 2013.

"After the overthrow of President Morsi's government until now, several leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death, including 79-year-old Mahmoud Ezzat. He was sentenced to death after being arrested in 2020. In addition, other leaders including Muhammad al-Baltaji, Amr Mohamed Zaki, Osama Yassin, Safwat Hegazy, Assem Abdel Majid, and Muhammad Abdel Maqsoud have also been sentenced to death."

"The Nile Drowns The Rebellious Pharaoh, But It Does Not Drown The Pharoahs' Children, The Slaves Of The Jews!"

"In 2013, the Egyptian army overturned the elected president of the country, Mohamed Morsi, who was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and seized power. Since then, cases have been filed against numerous leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and hundreds have been imprisoned and sentenced. Several leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death, while the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, also passed away during imprisonment.

"The 'military court' in Egypt has sentenced eight central leaders of the majority party, including the head, to death. In Egypt, this oppression against the Muslim Brotherhood has been ongoing for more than 70 years. The latest news is another stark example of this ongoing injustice.

"The mission of the Muslim Brotherhood is a message of death to the Pharaohs. Whether they are the ancient Pharaohs who enslaved the servants of Allah or the modern-day ones, how can they tolerate someone saying to their faces... 'Allah is our Lord, Muhammad is our Prophet, Islam is our way of life, and the Quran is our constitution.'

"The news of the death penalty being announced for the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood by the military court was such that it could not even meet the standards of breaking news for any newspaper or TV channel of my country's free, yellow, let alone black journalism. Because the Muslim Brotherhood is convinced of the slavery of the Lord of the Universe instead of being the tributary of the Pharaohs. The money-minded, slave Pakistani media's standards of journalism also revolve around money. Neither are the oppressed people of Bangladesh, who were hanged 50 years later in the love of Pakistan, nor the people of Egypt, on their standard!"

"The Nile drowns the rebellious Pharaoh, but it does not drown the Pharoahs' children, the slaves of the Jews!"


[1] Roznama Jasarat (Pakistan), March 7, 2024.

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