September 1, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6596

Article In Urdu Daily On Pakistan's Independence Day: '[Pakistan's Founder M.A. Jinnah Said We Wanted] A Laboratory Where We Can Test Islamic Principles'

September 1, 2016
Special Dispatch No. 6596

On August 14, 2016 - Pakistan's Independence Day, an Urdu-language daily examined the role of Islam in the Pakistan Movement, which led to the creation of Pakistan on August 14-15, 1947.

The article, published by Islamist daily Roznama Islam, is titled "Religion, the basis of independence - [we] saw the consequence of abandoning it" and was written by Professor Abdul Wahid Sajjad. It quoted many statements by Pakistan's founder M.A. Jinnah to prove that the motivation behind the establishment of Pakistan was to create a laboratory for Islam.

Following are excerpts from the article:

Pakistan's Creation Is Based On The Slogan: "What Is The Meaning Of Pakistan -La Ilaha Illalah [There Is No God But Allah]"

"A theory, thought, or imagined life is called ideology. It is meant to denote such a principle and guideline whose basis rests on philosophy and thought. And it contains in it the solution of upcoming problems associated with different aspects of life, whether political, economic, cultural or civilizational. The ideology on which the establishment of Pakistan in based is Islam. Islam is the natural and revealed religion which guides Muslims in every sphere of life. It will not be wrong to describe the ideology as a soul.

"In the 20th century, the only state that was established on the basis of ideology is Pakistan. Its clear proof is the slogan: 'What is the meaning of Pakistan - La Ilaha Illalah ["there is no god but Allah"].' Standing at the mountain of Faran, the Prophet Muhammad said: 'If you say La Ilaha Illalah, you will be successful, and welfare in this world and in the Hereafter will be your fate...' It is in the context of this message and blessing that La Ilaha Illalah is considered as the objective of Pakistan's founding due to which fate turned downside up and the scattered Muslims joined on one platform and achieved Independence.

"The prescription presented in clear words by the founding leader of this country, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, at the conference of Muslim League [party] in 1943 to sail the boat of the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent was this: 'What was the relationship by way of which all Muslims are like a single body and the anchor that secures the boat of the Ummah? That relationship, that rock, that anchor, is Allah's book, the Koran.' And then addressing students, he said: 'Our leader is Islam, and is the complete guideline for our life.'

"In March 1944, explaining the demand for the establishment of Pakistan, he said: 'Pakistan's demand was not made to gain a piece of territory. Rather, we want a laboratory where we can test Islamic principles.' Regarding the Two-Nation Theory in the Subcontinent [that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together as they are two separate nations], the Quaed-e-Azam [Great Leader M. A. Jinnah] said: 'The foundation of this theory was laid down on the day when [in 712CE, Arab Islamic invader] Muhammad bin Qasim set foot on this land.'

"And about the establishment of Pakistan, he said: 'It was established when the first Hindu in the Subcontinent converted to Islam.' After the [formal] establishment of Pakistan, addressing the parliament in August 1947, Quaed-e-Azam said: 'We will write such a constitution which will provide us the shade of benevolence in the light of the Koran and Sunnah [sayings of the Prophet Muhammad], will show everyone the path for living and progress, and will guarantee peace and development.'"

"Addressing Students At The Aligarh Muslim University, Quaed-e-Azam Said That The Aligarh University Is The Ammunition Depot Of The Pakistan Movement"

"Addressing an important meeting of the government of the newly-created Pakistan on October 11, 1947, he said: 'The creation of the state for which we were struggling for the past ten years has become a reality with the blessings of God. For now, the meaning of Pakistan for us is only that we live in it as free individuals, and adopt the collective system of Islam while [helping in] the flourishing of our culture and civilization.' With regard to the ideological personality [of the Pakistani state], do these statements by the founder of Pakistan leave any doubt...? In the activities marking Independence Day in the month of August at the government and political level, do we see any glimpse that shows that the ideological leadership of the nation is being exercised...?"

"Rather, in the name of Independence Day, we see demonstration of fireworks, colorful flags, singing and dancing, and lessons of obscenity, vulgarity, mixed [gender] events, and lecherous conduct taught to our new generation - [do we think] these will sharpen the ideological personality of the country or darken it...?"

"Our secular and liberal class exaggerates a speech made on August 11, 1947 by Quad-e-Azam and tries to use it prove that the founding of Pakistan was based on the following statement: 'In Pakistan, the way Muslims will be free to go to mosque, Hindus and Christians will similarly be free to go to [temples and] churches.' The claim that it clarifies the fact that this country will be governed by [atheistic] secularism is not proven from the said excerpt... These words of Quaed-e-Azam are based on the spirit of Islamic system and ideology, which determine that in Pakistan there will be freedom of belief. This has always been the practice in an Islamic system whether it be the period of the Righteous Caliphs [the first four Islamic caliphs], or later..."

"Secularism rejects religion, whereas the domination of religion over the Pakistan Movement [that led to creation of Pakistan] proves that the blood of 600,000 Muslims [who died during the Partition] was shed in the name of La Ilaha Illalah."

In another article titled "Independent Pakistan and Students" published in Roznama Islam on August 14, 2016, Pakistani academic Professor Shamim Akhtar wrote: "Addressing students at the Aligarh Muslim University, Quaed-e-Azam said that the Aligarh university is the ammunition depot of the Pakistan Movement."

Source: Roznama Islam (Pakistan), August 14, 2016.

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