March 31, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9268

Article In Urdu Daily: The Establishment Of 'Association Of Gulf Jewish Communities' Contradicts Prophet Muhammad's Orders To Expel Jews From Arab Lands

March 31, 2021
Special Dispatch No. 9268

An article in a leading Urdu newspaper in Pakistan castigated the establishment of the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC) as contrary to Muhammad's orders to expel the Jews from the Arabian Peninsula.

The article, titled "The Arrival of Jews on the Arab Lands," is written by Fahad Khan. It was published in the Urdu daily Roznama Jasarat, a publication of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, the country's largest religious organization, which has branches in India and Bangladesh.

The author cites hadiths (sayings and deeds of Muhammad) saying that Muhammad and his successors expelled Jews from Arab lands and warns that their arrival in Islamic countries will lead to war.

The AGJC is set up for Jewish communities in the Gulf

Following is the text of the article:

"The Lowest [Jewish] Court Is Called The Beth Din, Which Is A Requirement For An Area Or Town Where Up To 120 Jews Are Inhabited, Without Doubt Even If The Area Is Part Of Another Country"

"In the Arabic language, this court is called the department of Hakhamia [sages/jurists]. Hakham is the Arabic translation of Jewish rabbi. This court is called the Beth Din in Hebrew, the revealed language of Torah, Talmud, and Zabur. This is a Jewish shari'i court set up under the leadership of a Jewish Hakham, which has two assistant judges who are experts in Jewish shari'a and shari'a laws. All shari'a courts of the Jews come into the existence based on this clear order of Moses's shari'a: 'And establish courts on your doors and elect rulers' – (Chapter Istisna, 16:18).

"A similar order for the implementation of shari'a has also come three times in Islam, with a serious warning in Chapter Al-Maeda [of the Koran]: 'The unbelievers are those who do not judge according to what Allah has revealed' – (Al-Maeda: 44). In the subsequent two verses, such Muslims have also been called zalim [cruel] and fasiq [violators of law].

"Under the Jewish shari'a, whose details are discussed extensively in the Talmud, there are three tiers of the court. The highest court is the Sanhedrin, which should be established in the area of the Temple Mount. In fact, this court is meant to govern the Jewish rulers according to Moses' shari'a. This is some kind of a constitutional supreme court. This issues rules to be implemented by Jewish populations across the world, and also reviews the activities of the rulers.

"This [the constitutional supreme] court existed continuously until 358 AD. But the Byzantine rulers abolished it. From then until now, the Jews have been trying to re-establish this court. In 2004, 56 years after the establishment of Israel, 71 Jewish rabbis gathered in the city of Tiberias where this supreme court was abolished [again] in 1648. And these 71 Jewish rabbis announced the establishment of the Sanhedrin.

"In the establishment of this court, the most active group of Jews is the one who follows the shari'a of Moses bin Maimon, the famous jurist of the 12th century AD, and are known as Maimonides. Yusuf bin Ifrahim Karo carried out the juristic classification and codification of the Jewish shari'a laws in the 13th century AD. The juristic codification by him was enforced as law in March 2010 in the newly established [supreme] court.

"Under this court, the second-tier court is known as the Sanhedrin Ketana. According to the Jewish shari'a, such a court must be established in any village whose population climbs to 230 individuals. This court hears both civil and criminal cases, and can also order death verdicts. Such courts are established today in Israel. The lowest court is called the Beth Din, which is a requirement for an area or town where up to 120 Jews are inhabited, without doubt even if the area is part of another country. The Beth Din courts decide financial and civil matters disputed between Jews."

Muhammad Said: "If I Remain Alive, Then, Allah Willing, Will Expel The Jews And Christians From The Arabian Peninsula"

"The calamitous news is that the Beth Din courts are being established on Muslims' pious Arab lands. However, such Jewish shari'a courts have been working in Muslim countries, in Iran, for a long time. And in Tehran, a Beth Din court is working even today under the Jewish rabbi Yunus Hamas Lalazar. But the Arabian Peninsula is a territory the protection of whose piety and honor was ordered by Prophet Muhammad himself: 'If I remain alive, then, Allah willing, Allah will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula'– (Tirmizi: Kitab-ul-Jihad).

"In another place and in clear words, [Muhammad] ordered the Jews directly. It is narrated by [Muhammad's companion] Syedna Abu Huraira, we were sitting in the mosque when Allah's Prophet came from outside and said: 'Let's go to the Jews.' We went along with him and reached the Jews. Allah's Prophet stood, called them, and said: 'O the People of the Jews, Become Muslims.' They said, O Abu Qasim, you gave your message. He [the Prophet] said, 'I too want this [that you got the message].' He uttered this three times and said: 'Know that the earth is of Allah and his prophet alone, and I want to expel you from the country. So whichever individual can sell, sell your property. Otherwise, understand that the earth is of Allah and his prophet alone' – (Muslim: Kitab-ul-Jihad).

"In another hadith, Christians are included with the Jews. Syedna Jabir bin Abdullah told [the second Caliph] Syedna Umar ibn Khattab that he heard the prophet as saying: 'I will rest after expelling the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and in it will not leave anyone except the Muslims' – (Abu Daud: Kitabul Kharaj wa al-Fai' al-Amara). Practising the prophet's orders in these hadiths, [the second Caliph] Syedna Umar had expelled the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula.

"It is narrated on the authority of Ibn Sarh, that [the 8th century theologian] Imam Malik has said that Syedna Umar had expelled the Jews of Najran and Fadak – (Abu Daud). Syedna Umar expelled the [Jewish] inhabitants of Najran, but they were not removed from Tayma because these were not in the Arab limits – (Abu Daud)."

Muhammad: "Two Religions Cannot Live Together In The Arabian Peninsula"

"In addition to all these hadiths, there is a clear order in this hadith: Allah's prophet said: 'Two religions cannot live together in the Arabian Peninsula' – (Tirmizi). As per this hadith, Hindus, Buddhists, and [other] polytheists, rather any individual adopting a way of living other than Islam, has no right to live in the Arabian Peninsula.

"The geography of the Arabian Peninsula mentioned in the books of hadiths is this: 'The part of earth bounded by the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Sea of Syria, and the Tigris and the Euphrates [rivers]. Or, as per the length, the territory from the Gulf of Aden to the region around Syria. And as per the breadth, the territory from Jeddah to the region surrounding Iraq.'

A screenshot of the article in Roznama Jasarat

"Now, the Jews of the six countries of this pious territory of the Arabian Peninsula – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirate, and Saudi Arabia – announced on February 15 [the establishment of] their regional organization which will be led by a Jewish Hakham, or rabbi. This organization has been named as the Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC). The president of this organization will be Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo, the Jewish member of the Parliament of Bahrain.

"[Rabbi] Elie Abadie is nowadays resident in New York. He is urgently moving to the United Arab Emirates for this purpose [to work as part of the AGJC]. He was born in Beirut, raised in Mexico, and is now living in New York as an important Jewish scholar. At the time of departing for the United Arab Emirates, he said: 'It seems that I am returning to my home, the region in which I was born, the language which I first spoke, and the traditions in which I grew.'

"Along with the announcement of the setting-up of this regional Jewish organization, an announcement has also been made about the establishment of the third tier of the Jewish shari'a court Beth Din in the United Arab Emirates whose head will be the Jewish rabbi Elie Abadie. Along with this rabbi, two Jewish jurists are also immigrating for this court to the United Arab Emirates. This Jewish shari'a court will make decisions about the civil and financial matters of the Jews. In the wake of these changing situations, the news of the fierce battle that is to occur in this region was given 1,400 years ago by Prophet Muhammad."

Source: Roznama Jasarat (Pakistan), March 18, 2021.

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