December 10, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9080

Article In Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Magazine Blames Jews For Coronavirus, Says It Was 'Hidden So That It Could Be Used Like An Atom Bomb, Especially Against Muslims'

December 10, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 9080

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An article in the latest issue of the Urdu-language jihadi magazine Mujalla Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ("Journal Of The Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan"), published by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (the Movement of the Pakistan Taliban, TTP) – blames "the Jews and their puppets" for the coronavirus epidemic and for harassing Muslims during the pandemic.[1] The author of the article writes that COVID-19 has been kept hidden since the 1960s in order to be used against Muslims.

A screenshot of the article on Coronavirus

Articles in Issue Eight of Mujalla Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan are titled: "To The Mujahideen Practically Engaged In The Jihad Of Pakistan"; "The Only Means Of Change In The Country Is Jihad"; "Jihad Etiquette"; "The Media Of The Current Era And Islamic Scholars"; "The Coronavirus And The Background Realities"; "Islam And Nationalism"; "The Blasphemy Against The Prophet, Alas!" [2]

In the article titled "The Coronavirus And The Background Realities," Mufti Abu Misbah, the author, writes that the Jews are behind the coronavirus in order to take over the world. In Islam, a mufti is a scholar qualified to issue fatwas ("religious decrees"). Mufti Misbah writes: "The agents of the Jews advanced so far in the enmity of Islam that, in addition to bombing madrassas and mosques, not only did they order the closure of all religious centres [in Pakistan and elsewhere] but also jailed Tablighi [Jamaat] preachers and Islamic scholars who opened the mosques." Tablighi Jamaat is a revivalist Islamic movement with mass followers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other countries.

"Whereas on such occasions [like the period of the Coronavirus pandemic], Allah has ordered, 'We sent calamities and difficulties on previous nations [such as the Jews] so that they will be obedient before Allah.' But the present-era puppets of the Jews are harassing at gunpoint worshippers and those running religious centers [i.e., Islamic clerics] so that they can turn those kneeling before Allah toward Satan," Mufti Misbah says, adding that one must understand the drivers working behind the coronavirus globally.

The writer says that while U.S. President Donald Trump blamed the coronavirus on China, the Chinese government has demanded an international inquiry to disprove this allegation by Trump. "On the other hand, experts researching this have declared pangolins[3] to be the culprit behind the birth of the Coronavirus, while others blamed this on bats; and there is also one narrative that it is the work of some magicians sitting in David's cave in Israel, who are patronized by a woman called Ashaveli [unclear]," he says.

The magazine's coverpage.

Mufti Misbah writes that no matter how many explanations are offered about the coronavirus, one is left wanting more. "And it is in this perspective that some questions arise as to whether the Coronavirus is from among natural calamities or is the upshot of the work of those dreaming of establishing a kufri [relating to unbelief] enemy, or a Jewish superpower government. Because, like the coronavirus, hundreds of such dangerous diseases are found in the world which, in addition to being fatal, are of relevance to a shameless historical perspective. For example, a disease like AIDS, which comes from the sexual relationship between men and women of the market kind, Hepatitis, cancer, tuberculosis, etc. Such common diseases have destroyed numerous happy families. But at the international level, no propaganda against these diseases is run on such a scale as it is done against polio and the coronavirus globally," he observes.

After having set this context, Mufti Misbah writes: "In order to find satisfactory answers to such questions, one will have to, first of all, examine the statements of some individuals and personalities, secret hands at the international level, and some institutions on [explaining] how the enemies of Islam have resolved to limit the natural human power of Muslims [i.e., their population growth]." He cites how the United Nations has adopted, since 1973, a policy on population control, and family planning institutions were established and billions of dollars were spent on contraceptives as part of the efforts of the World Health Organization.

The writer then blames Bill Gates for the polio vaccination program, which some view as a conspiracy to sterilize Muslim men. "At the governmental level regarding the acceptance of the polio vaccination, at the Bill and Melinda [Gates Foundation] conference, the founder of Microsoft and secret-keeper of Jews billionaire Bill Gates especially mentioned two points. First, it is extremely necessary to control the world population. Second, he would deposit 40 million dollars with a Japanese firm for the polio campaign," Mufti Misbah says.

The magazine has a series of articles on jihad

He writes that "as per Islamic ideological doctors" polio vaccines contain ingredients that make the children grow up unable to have children of their own. "Although, the Japanese firm that produced the polio vaccine is not ready to accept, like in the case of other such conspiracies, these realities, yet the truth is only this that the use of polio vaccine to control the population is no more a secret," Mufti Misbah declares.

Coming to the background of the Coronavirus, Mufti Misbah notes: "If one analyzes the historical perspective of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, it appears clearly that this too is a series in the same conspiracy. Because, this is not a new microbial disease." He writes that June Almeida, a female doctor in the 1960s in Scotland, discovered this virus at St. Thomas Laboratory and had also released pictures of it.

"This leads one to find that, after its discovery, the COVID-19 virus was kept in a safe place and appropriately hidden [since the 1960s] so that it could be used like an atom bomb, especially against Muslims," Mufti Misbah writes and adds that Bill Gates, in a speech in 2015, had warned that humanity faces the biggest threat from a virus, not from a nuclear war. The writer points out that Bill Gates warned again in 2018 that a deadly virus would soon come and affect the world.

In the writer's mind, the coronavirus is a conspiracy against the Muslims: "Keeping in view the Kufri world's matured enmity against Muslims, we can say this with certainty that if the objective of this virus was not to harm Muslims, then why was not a medicine readied to protect against COVID-19 or to cure it?" he observes. Mufti Misbah adds: "As per my assertion, this point is being proven that COVID-19 was kept safe for the past several years with the intention of using it against Muslims."


[1] nashir_um1_bot, December 6, 2020.

[3] Pangolins are a kind of scaly anteater.

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