June 11, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8792

Article In Syrian Government Daily: The Coronavirus Is An American-Zionist Plot Aimed At Saving The U.S. Economy And Restoring The Rothschilds' Global Control

June 11, 2020
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 8792

In a May 18, 2020 article in the Syrian government daily Al-Thawra, Dr. 'Abd Al-Rahman Dashti, an attorney and former member of the Kuwaiti parliament who is known to be a supporter of the resistance axis, set out an antisemitism-tinged conspiracy theory. He stated that the coronavirus, which is artificial, was deliberately developed by the U.S. in order to save its economy from collapse, in light of the booming Chinese economy. He added that the U.S.'s development and spread of the virus – its "great, barbaric manipulation against humanity" – was according to a plan by "the Zionist Freemasons, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers" who control the American empire and seek to prevent its fall and to renew their global control. After attributing the coronavirus's severe blow to Italy to U.S. vengeance against it for its increased trade with China and its refusal to allow U.S. missiles to be deployed on its soil, he concluded by stating that a new world war is inevitable.[1]

Dashti served in the Kuwaiti armed forces from 1974 to 1982, first as a pilot and then in other air force positions. He later was an MP, but in 2016 his parliamentary immunity was rescinded after he tweeted messages against the Kuwaiti and Saudi regimes. He fled to an unknown location and was sentenced in absentia in Kuwait to 20 years in prison, and over the years his sentence has been extended to 55 years.

'Abd Al-Hamid Dashti (Source:

The following are translated excerpts of Dashti's article in Al-Thawra: [2]

"While COVID-19 has taken the lives of thousands of people worldwide, and continues its wild slaughter, the campaign of [mutual] accusations between the U.S./Europe and China/Russia about who is responsible for spreading the deadly virus and what their motives are in doing so is [likewise] escalating. This means that these countries have skipped over the possibility that it is a natural occurrence that emerged following the consumption of bats or because of some mistake in a laboratory, and have recognized that it is an artificial virus planned and created premeditatively as a preventative solution to the [imminent] mighty explosion in all areas of human and animal life on the planet. This [explosion would be] the result of the expected economic collapses and the massive growth in the [world] population, two-thirds of which would become a burden to some Western countries.

"Who is benefiting from this?

"In the past decade, the world has been following America's covert threats against China aimed at slowing the pace of its scientific and economic development, after it became a global power that the array of the Freemasons and the Jewish tycoons do not control. But China did not give in to these threats – on the contrary, it revived the operation of the natural gas pipeline and inaugurated it, starting the flow of gas from the Russian [gas] fields directly to Chinese factories. As a result, China's industrial output doubled within a few months, and [its products] are strong competitors to American products – bringing the American economy to the brink of collapse. The U.S. is expending some $2 million every day, transferring funds from third-world countries to Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Virgin Islands to cover its budget deficit.  That is, most of the U.S.'s money has evaporated into thin air and what remains is [now] on the way to evaporating...

"The only solution for the American economic collapse caused by the spread of China's [global economy] was this virus, by means of which the U.S. began its great, barbaric manipulation against humanity, according to a plan prepared by experts from the Zionist Freemasons, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. They will never allow their American empire to fall, and if this happens then [as far as they are concerned] the whole world can  go down together with them – they already have secret safe shelters.

"It should be noted that the country most harshly punished was Italy, which had signed $5 million in contracts with China and opposed the deployment of advanced American missiles on its soil. This led the Americans to [ultimately] deploy them in Poland.

"[In this context,] let us not forget the great enmity between Iran and the U.S., that reached the borders of its [i.e. the U.S.'s] Zionist protégé; or the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the global scheme, the Deal of the Century, that has been buried alive again; nor the Russian presence that emerged following this, as an alternative to the American presence in the Middle East, nor the Russian economic development in the areas of science, medicine, and military industry, and Russia's billions of dollars in weapons sales contracts.

"The aim of this biological war is to restore the Rothschilds' global control by giving massive loans to the aged European continent so that it will be rejuvenated and will return to the straight path, and so that it will understand that the economic game continues to be in the hands of the U.S. But all this will not prevent a direct world war. Tomorrow will come soon enough."


[1] It should be noted that two months ago, Dr. ‘Abd Al-Rahman Dashti published a similar article on the Iraqi website. In that one, he claimed, inter alia, that Russia and China accused "Trump the madman" of stopping at nothing to save his country's collapsing economy and wrote that, according to China, it was 67 American troops coming from Afghanistan to attend a military exhibition in China who had brought the coronavirus to the food market in Wuhan. He added that the U.S. has already proven, by massacring the Indians and by dropping the atom bomb, that it has no restraint when it comes to achieving its goals, and that it will not hesitate to launch biological war even if half of humanity is destroyed., March 26, 2020.

[2] Al-Thawra (Syria), May 18, 2020.

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