August 19, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5823

Article In Saudi Gazette: Global Rise In Antisemitism An 'Understandable Reaction' To Gaza War

August 19, 2014
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 5823

In the opinion section of the English-language daily Saudi Gazette, UK-based Pakistani journalist Ali Ashraf Khan wrote that the rise of antisemitic sentiment throughout the world – exemplified by statements such as "all Jews should be gassed,"[1] is an "understandable reaction" to the "barbaric war" waged by Israel in Gaza – just as the rise of anti-American feeling in the Arab and Muslim world is a reaction to "the mess the US has created in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria." He also commented that social media campaigns calling to boycott " Jewish items or services related to or tainted with Jewish money" are likely to be effective.

The following is his article:[2]

"Jews in Europe and around the world are complaining that what is called anti-Semitic feelings are growing in the different countries and are expressed in an openly violent manner. This is, of course, in reaction to the barbaric war Israel is fighting against the civilian population in Gaza and Palestine. Not only in Germany, where one is especially sensitive to this kind of sentiment, but also in France and other European countries where there are anti-Israel demonstrations often voicing anti-Jewish sentiments such as 'all Jews should be gassed'. Jewish people residing in Europe are reportedly worried and thinking about leaving the countries where they have resided for a long time or are publicly opposing Israel's stand.

"How come they don’t realize or nobody has explained to them that this is an understandable reaction of people who feel helpless in the face of the barbarity that Israel is committing against helpless civilians in Gaza, and nobody, neither the the United Nations, the European Union nor any human-rights organizations, is able to stop this ongoing genocide. In the same way as anti-American feelings have been on the rise in the Arab and Muslim world after the mess the US has created in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, there is a backlash on Israel and on Jews by association. Twitter and social media are running a boycott campaign telling people not to buy any Jewish items or services related to or tainted with Jewish money. The fallout of such a campaign could outlast the Gaza war for years or even decades as some countries have started to stop importing fruits and vegetables from Israel.

"Politicians who are in charge of such campaign[s] in their country should start considering the side effects of their actions as well. The world has changed; it is interconnected and is going to feel the impact of such campaign[s]. The ceasefire in Gaza has ended and Israel is attacking Gaza once again. No lessons were learnt and the anti-Semitic propaganda war is on and so is the war started by US and Israel. This is the defeat of so-called Western values, of the pretension of human rights and reason. It is the fall of the Western civilization."


[1] Apparently an allusion to a recent rally in the Netherlands, where Muslim supporters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) chanted "Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas,", July 28, 2014.

[2] Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia), August 12, 2014.

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