July 7, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8832

Article In Qatari Daily: The Rothschild Family Is An Example Of The Jews' Takeover Of The World’s Power-Centers And Economies Since Medieval Times

July 7, 2020
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 8832

On June 3, 2020 the Qatari daily Al-Raya published an antisemitic article by journalist Khalifa Aal Mahmoud, titled “The Rothschild Family or Rothschild State,” which was later removed from the daily’s website. In the article Aal Mahmoud claimed that, over the course of history, the Jews developed manipulative financial abilities by means of which they gained power and took over the world. This began, he says, when Medieval Jewish traders traveling between countries created the banking system to keep their wealth safe from highway robbers. This enabled them to infiltrate the main power centers in various countries for generations, and to shape the decision-making in accordance with their own interests; they were also  involved in numerous regime overthrows.   

Aal Mahmoud presents the Rothschild family as an example of this. He explains that the members of this family initially spread throughout Europe’s strongest countries, took over their economies and profited from the wars among them, for example by spreading false rumors to destabilize their stock markets and profiting from this instability. The Rothschilds also took advantage of various countries that needed their loans, using this to increase their grip on these countries. This power, he claims, also enabled the family – which he says controls the price of gold, the media and the important banks to this day – to play a key role in realizing the Jews’ dream to establish their state.

The following are translated excerpts from the article.[1]

The article as it appeared in the Al-Raya daily (Source:, June 3, 2020)

"As a minority in the Middle Ages, the Jews had to create solutions to ensure their survival. During that period the merchants known as "Radhanites"[2] were prominent. These were Jewish merchants who settled in the big and important cities in the Islamic East, in Europe and in Asia, especially in China. [Residing] in these locations facilitated the Jewish merchants’ mobility and their trade activity.

“The Jewish merchants traveled among the different countries without having to worry about highway robbers, at a time when travelers rarely escaped such attacks. This was because they [the Jews] had invented a new mechanism which had hitherto been unknown, namely the banking system. After the merchant sold his merchandise and realized his large financial profit, instead of traveling long distances with all that money, he would deposit it with one of the local Jewish Radhanite merchants and receive a document noting the amount of money or gold he had deposited. Thus, if a highway robber attacked him, he would find nothing to steal. Upon reaching his city, this Jewish merchant would go to all the Radhanite merchants in the area, hand over the document and receive the full sum of money. By means of this financial network the Jews managed to amass gold, and in time, they gained great economic power and [thus] had ‘soft-power’ political influence over many political entities… and the Jewish economic experience grew.

“To a considerable extent, the [Jews’] minority status helped them to maintain their great commercial influence and their ability to excel, [for] the governments [of the world] viewed them as devoid of political ambitions and as unable to wield political influence. This was an [excessively] narrow view, from a long-term strategic perspective. Over several generations, step by step, the Jews penetrated the main power centers of the countries and began to direct the decision-making [within them] in accordance with their interests. Through their money, they were involved in many political coups and took care to secure a foothold in every empire or important political entity. This is what they did, for example, in the Ottoman state when they convinced the Sultan Suleiman [the Magnificent, reigned 1520-1566] to open the first bank in the sultanate, called the Mendes Bank.

“The appearance of the Jewish Rothschild family in the modern era reflects the financial maturity which [the Jews] had attained… Mayer Amschel Rothschild, considered to be the founder of the family, senא his five sons to five different countries: Austria, France, Germany, England and Italy, to found financial centers [in them]. By collaborating with each other, they managed to take over these strong countries. Proof of this man’s cunning is the important social instruction he gave his sons: to marry the young men of the family with women from the [extended] family, so that the wealth would not be transferred to others and disperse through inheritance.

“During the wars between these countries the Rothschilds had no problem supporting rival sides, each in his place of residence, for this war filled their coffers with profits. They also used false rumors to increase their assets. For example, they spread a rumor that England had lost in the Battle of Waterloo, while quickly selling their bonds and shares. This caused other investors to rid themselves of these bonds and shares before the anticipated collapse, so as to save their investments, and then [the Rothschilds’] agents bought up all these bonds and shares at a low price. Later, when the real news, of England’s victory, arrived and the [false] rumors evaporated, the bonds and shares resumed their true high value, but by then they were in the hands of the Rothschilds.  

“Loans are one of the means by which they control many countries. For example, they took advantage of the fact that Egypt had trouble paying off its loans due to government corruption. Their financial bodies in Europe bought Suez Canal shares, and immediately later, in 1882, Egypt lost control [of the Canal].

“The family [also] became the spearhead of the Jews’ dream of establishing their state, which caused the head [of the family], Lionel de Rothschild, to obtain, in November 1917, the letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour containing his famous declaration about establishing a national homeland [for the Jews] in Palestine…

“This family controls the price of gold, as well as media platforms and the world’s most important banks, to this very day. The strange thing is that its members only rarely appear in public. For control from behind the scenes is a strict law they all observe.”



[1] Al-Raya (Qatar), June 3, 2020.

[2] The Radhanites were a union of merchants, many of whom were Jews, who played an important role in the commerce between the Muslim Empire and the Christian countries in the Middle Ages. They were active across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of India and China.

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