March 16, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10526

Article In Qatari Daily Incites To Terror Attacks Against Israelis: Surround Them, Pursue Them, 'Make It So That They Will Never Be Safe – Not In Jerusalem, Not In Tel Aviv'

March 16, 2023
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 10526

In his March 12, 2023 column in Qatar's Al-Watan daily, titled "The Time Has Come For You To Get Out," Palestinian journalist Samir Al-Barghouti, who frequently writes in favor of armed struggle against Israel, stated that it was time to expel the Israelis "from Huwara to Tel Aviv...  from the river to the sea," and to fight them in brigades and with lone attackers.

Stressing that "people who sacrifice themselves are about to emerge from all the villages and the cities and from every neighborhood and street," he wrote: "Make it so that they will never be safe not in Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv, and not in their settlements."

In conclusion, he addressed the Israelis, saying: "We will fight [you] as long as we live, and you will never enjoy a good life on land that rejects you."

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The following are translated excerpts from Al-Barghouti's column:

"From Nablus to Jerusalem, from Jenin to Bethlehem, from Hawara to Tel Aviv, from all the cities and villages, from the mountain and from the plain, from the river to the sea, in the brooks and in the streams, from Palestine to Palestine surround them, pursue them, terrify them!

"This is the time to return to the homeland. This is the time for them to get out. Victory lies in patience alone. We have been patient since the accursed British [Balfour] declaration that granted them our homeland – our land, our country, our soil from which [Allah] created us – as [their] homeland, so that Europe could be rid of them, after it had suffered from their maliciousness and the disasters of the wars they ignited, from their schemes and their treachery.

"Ever since Allah has put us to the test through them, we have suffered from their disasters, [including] civil wars and brother ruling over brother. The Arabic language no longer unites us, religion no longer unites us, and [our] customs do not unite our hearts.

"After a century has passed since the Islamic caliphate left, the time has come to oppose their schemes and to return to our book [the Quran] and to our tradition. The deeds of the martyrs of Jenin, Hawara, and Jerusalem is the path that we wish for, ever since the [Palestinian] Authority became negligent [in its role], coordinated with the enemy, and handed over [to them] the jihad fighters, and arrested them. Furthermore, it [the Palestinian Authority] even arrested those who thought about attacking the settlers – who had permitted the blood of innocent, unarmed [Palestinians], [harmed] their sources of income, burned their fields, and cut down their trees.

"The time has come for a final response, for indeed they [the Israelis] are now exhausted, worn out from horror and fear... Make it so that they will never be safe not in Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv and not in their settlements. Our people has vowed to continue the revolution, as brigades, as lone lions[1] and as groups. The people of self-sacrifice are about to emerge from all the cities and the villages and from every neighborhood and street and will bring back the song of revenge, 'Oh my enemy, I come forth to you from every house, neighborhood and street.'[2]

"Let the foreigners leave! This land does not look like them, and they do not look like it. They have no connection to its sage, its hyssop... or its lotus... We will fight [you] as long as we live, and you will never enjoy a good life on land that rejects you."[3]


[1] The reference is apparently to "lone wolf" attacks; the choice of the word "lions" may refer to the Lion's Den terrorist group in the West Bank.

[2] The quote is from a popular Palestinian song by Mohammad Hasib Alkadi

[3] Al-Watan (Qatar), March 12, 2023.

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