May 22, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10620

Article In Qatari Daily Incites Palestinians To Carry Out Terror Attacks Throughout Israel

May 22, 2023
Qatar, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10620

Against the backdrop of the latest round of fighting between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza, Palestinian journalist Samir Al-Barghouti, a columnist for the Qatari daily Al-Watan, called on the Palestinians of all factions to carry out terror attacks throughout Israel, from the north to the south, in order to inflict blows on the Israelis and terrify them. He also urged the Arab countries to open up the fronts against Israel and expel the Israeli ambassadors from their territory, lest it become too late for them to repent. "The historical and religious promise regarding Palestine will soon be realized," he stated, and therefore it is necessary to keep up the attacks on Israel.

It should be noted that Al-Barghouti often calls for armed struggle against Israel. In fact, only two months ago he published a similar article inciting to besiege, pursue and attack the Israelis in Tel Aviv and in every part of Palestine, from the river to the sea.[1]

The following are translated excerpts from his recent article:[2]

"Hit [them] in the depth of the Jerusalem settlements, in Tel Aviv and in all parts of the land they stole and whose people they expelled, from Ras Al-Naqoura [in the north] to Rafah [in the south]. Hit [them], and may your hands be blessed. Even if you do not hurt a single one of them, it is enough to terrify them and sow fear among them.  Had there been someone to hit [them] inside the 1948 territories,  the Apartheid State [i.e., Israel] would not have continued to exist on our soil to this very day. Had it not been for the Camp David Accords and the Oslo Accords, not a single Zionist would have remained in Palestine [today]…

"Oh members of Saraya Al-Quds [the PIJ's military wing], of the Al-Qassam [Brigades, Hamas' military wing], of the Al-Aqsa [Martyrs Brigade, Fatah's military wing], and of the joint operations room [that oversaw] the Revenge of the Free Campaign [i.e., the latest round of fighting in Gaza]! Hit [them], for the historical and religious promise regarding Palestine will soon be realized.[3] The empty lie of [Theodor] Herzl evaporated as the pure souls [of the PIJ operatives killed by Israel] rose to meet their Creator, weeping over the Islamic and Arab [nation's] neglect of [Al-Aqsa], the destination of the Night Journey of Allah's Messenger and the place from which he ascended to heaven… Oh members of the Al-Quds and Al-Qassam [Brigades], of the Popular [Front for the Liberation of Palestine] and the Democratic [Front for the Liberation of Palestine], of Fatah and of Al-'Asifa [the former name of Fatah's military wing], do not weaken and do not grieve, and you shall have the upper hand, Allah willing [Quran 3:139]. The promise will soon be realized. Set forth, O followers and supporters of Allah! Let [all] the fronts – from Lebanon to the Golan, the [Jordan] Valley and Sinai – be opened up, and let the ambassadors of the [Zionist] entity be expelled from the Arab countries – lest the day come when the repentance of the sinners [i.e., the Arab countries] will no longer be accepted."


[2] Al-Watan (Qatar), May 14, 2023.

[3] The reference is apparently to Allah's promise in the Quran that the Muslims will ultimately vanquish the infidels, which some Palestinian and Muslim circles tend to interpret as a promise that Palestine will be restored to Islamic rule.

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