December 6, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10360

Article In Pakistan's Islamist Newspaper 'Roznama Islam' Examines Arabs' Hatred Of Israel At FIFA World Cup Tournament In Qatar

December 6, 2022
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 10360

In recent weeks, reports and articles in Urdu-language dailies in Pakistan have generally approved of the hatred against Israel and Jews seen at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Roznama Islam is one of the major Islamist newspapers in Pakistan. Recently, it published an article titled "FIFA Football World Cup – The Expression Of Arabs' Love And Brotherhood, Israel Caught In Fear" written by Mansur Adil.

In the article, the author cites instances of hatred and revulsion against Israelis, particularly Israeli journalists, at the World Cup.

A screenshot of the article.

Following is the text of the article.

"A Glimpse Of Arabs' Hatred For The Occupier Of Arab Lands – Zionist Israel – And The International Powers Standing Behind It Was Also Seen And Shown; The FIFA World Cup Has So Far Caused The Biggest Difficulty For Israel"

"Discussion is taking place on the positive and negative aspects of the FIFA World Cup being hosted by Qatar. Some experts are describing it as an important event for the Arab world, while others talk about its negative consequences. After analysing the situations and events as well as news and debates on social and mainstream media, it is not difficult to assess that this event has engendered strong ties and Islamic brotherhood among Arabs to an extraordinary level.

"The matter is not limited to the expression of shared sympathies among Arabs; rather, a glimpse of Arabs' hatred for the occupier of Arab lands – Zionist Israel – and the international powers standing behind it was also seen and shown. The FIFA World Cup has so far caused the biggest difficulty for Israel, which the Israeli media has admitted and discussed.

"Israel has so far been successful in establishing diplomatic relations with six Arab countries. After establishing relations with Egypt and Jordan in the 1990s, Israel achieved its second success in 2019 in the form of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan. Subsequently, the Israeli media launched evil-mongering propaganda about the other countries of the Arab world.

"According to experts who observe developments in the Middle East, Israel is extremely worried about the diplomatic boycott by the Islamic countries, especially its Arab neighbors. After this boycott, Israel is forced to take a long detour for air and sea routes adding huge expenses for Israeli inhabitants and the government. It is extremely difficult to get fruits, vegetables, and other vital necessities in Israel due to which the rich European Jews who are brought to Israel remain unhappy and head toward America and other Western countries."

"Israel Is Dreaming Of Establishing A Great Jewish Sultanate By Bringing Jews From Around The World, But The Local Diplomatic Boycott, The Retrenching Perimeter Of Land [Around It]..."

"Israel is dreaming of establishing a Great Jewish Sultanate by bringing Jews from around the world, but the local diplomatic boycott, the retrenching perimeter of land [around it], unconcern of the Arab neighbors are becoming the biggest obstacle in the realization of this dream. Israeli institutions – with the above-mentioned four countries and through the mediation of Western media – spun a web of hope and fear at the international level.

"Israel had begun impressing upon international institutions that Israel is no longer acceptable to the Arabs now. It should be borne in mind that for the past few years a campaign has been underway against Israel in European countries and Africa. The European countries have boycotted Israeli products, which is due to the Palestinian reservations.

"Israel is extremely worried over this boycott. And to minimize its consequences, the Zionist state made extreme efforts to bring the Arabs closer [to Israel]. Yet, on the occasion of Hajj this year, an Israeli journalist [Gil Tamary] coming to Saudi Arabia pretending to be a citizen of another country by secretly forging [his identity] forced Israel to become aware of how hatred for Israel is even today present in the Arab and Islamic world.

"The second demonstration of this hatred and revulsion occurred in the FIFA World Cup. Two Israeli journalists, changing their identity, headed on a journey for Qatar on an Ecuadorian passport. But after reaching Qatar, there was no limit to their amazement when Arab [soccer] fans present there badly rejected them. Israel's biggest journal, Yediot Ahronot, reserved its special pages on Sunday [November 27] for the diaries of these two journalists.

"In its special edition, the Israeli journal published the FIFA diaries of Raz Shechnik and Uzooul Mu'allam [sic., Oz Muallem]. The two journalists described their journey to Qatar as extremely disturbing. According to the reports of the two journalists, they were hopeful of normal coverage [of the tournament] after reaching Qatar. But their hopes were doused when they began conversations in the neighborhoods of stadiums and event [centers] with Arab fans who had arrived from other countries."

"Israel's Efforts [For Normalization With The Islamic World] Have Been Faced With Failure – Arabs Do Not Tolerate Israeli Existence In Any Way"

"During their contacts to know the fans' views, it became apparent that Arab fans possess extraordinary hatred, loathing, and negative opinion about them [i.e., about Israelis]. The Arab fans did not delay in recognizing them and those who had been pretending to be of Lebanese origin were exposed totally.

"Their amazement reached its extreme when a Qatari inhabitant told them that he can say marhaba [hello] to them because this is a tenet and tradition of a host, but their presence here will not be acceptable and likeable in any form. Therefore, they should consider it their wellbeing in leaving.

 "The Israel journalists have openly written in their diaries that hatred for Israel among Arabs is or is not in the governments and institutions, but it is a reality that at the public level the hatred present for Israel is extreme. In this regard, Israel's efforts [for normalization with Islamic world] have been faced with failure. Arabs do not tolerate Israeli existence in any way.

"On the contrary, Palestine is present everywhere in the FIFA World Cup. For expressing solidarity with the Palestinians, banners and glimpses of different types of steps can be seen. According to the Israeli journalists, inhabitants of almost all Arab countries, including Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Sudan expressed their hate for Israel in their own ways.

"On Morocco's victory [in a FIFA match], the neighboring Algerian people expressed unusual happiness. Diplomatic relations between the two countries are cut off for the past one year. Despite that, after the victory of Morocco on Saturday, Algerians and Moroccans gathered on their countryies' border and greeted each other."

Source: Roznama Islam (Pakistan), November 30, 2022.

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