December 1, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9063

Article In New Pro-Al-Qaeda Magazine Urges 'Lone Wolves' In The West To Exploit Coronavirus Pandemic By Handing Out Poisoned Masks, Burning Cars Of 'Crusaders'

December 1, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 9063

On November 26, 2020 the pro-Al-Qaeda media outlet Jaysh Al-Malahem Al-Electroni released the first issue of a new magazine called Wolves of Manhattan, aimed at "instructing jihadis who live among the unbelievers" to carry out various kinds of attacks.[1] The issue, titled "Defeaters of the Cross" and posted on the group's Telegram and Twitter accounts, included an Arabic-language article offering ways to exploit the coronavirus pandemic by handing out poisoned masks to passersby or burning the cars of "Crusaders" on the streets.


The article, titled "Ways And Means Of Exploiting the Corona Pandemic Against The Powers Of Global Unbelief," began by reminding lone wolves living in the West that the pandemic offered them many opportunities that they should not miss.

The article urged mujahideen lone wolves to use masks for killing, plundering, and spreading terror. It reminded them that masks will help them avert surveillance cameras, which in the past were a significant impediment to lone wolf attacks and led to the arrest of many mujahideen. The article noted that since people are required to wear masks during the pandemic, Allah's "soldiers" should seize the opportunity and wear masks and gloves to carry out attacks without arousing suspicion.

"Remember to support your religion, retaliate for your brothers in the beloved Palestine, and fulfill the promise of your imam Osama [bin Laden] that the Crusaders will never dream of security unless we have it in reality in Palestine."

The article listed five methods to use for various types of attacks. These included "killing with bladed weapons (a knife or something similar); killing by striking with stones or heavy weights (above the neck); killing with firearms; setting off explosions with handmade bombs (Molotov cocktails); setting stores and companies ablaze."

The article also urged lone wolves not to be limited to these ideas, reminding them that the "Manhattan raids" [the September 11 terrorist attacks] benefited from numerous previous operations: "Do not think that the aforementioned is your only way to perform jihad."

Offering additional examples of attacks, the article urged lone wolves to use poisoned masks to kill the "Crusaders." It also called on "the wolves of Islam" to hand out poisoned masks in streets or 'stations" and reminded them not to wear any clothing that could arouse suspicion or to insist that passersby take the masks.

The article then asked the "soldiers of Islam" not to limit themselves to this idea, noting that there are dozens of methods and ideas they can exploit during the pandemic.

The article stated that "your target is every Crusader, since every Crusader is a criminal. The greatest crime which he committed is his unbelief in Allah." It offered a list of key targets, including retired officers and intelligence officials, soldiers and policemen, businessmen who pay hefty taxes to "Crusader governments," "Crusaders who are hostile and belligerent towards Islam in their speeches," and "Crusaders in general who are collaborating by paying taxes."

The article concluded by urging lone wolves to burn "the cars of the Crusaders" using lighters, matches, and two liters of oil, since streets are empty because of the pandemic as per the list of key targets. The article reminded the lone wolves to wear masks and extra clothing that can be easily removed and thrown away in a remote place, far from surveillance cameras.

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