March 13, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4568

Article in Kuwaiti Daily: There Is a Global Zionist Plot against Syria and Its Allies

March 13, 2012
Kuwait | Special Dispatch No. 4568

In a March 3, 2012 article published in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, columnist Mustafa Al-Sarraf claimed that global Zionism had launched a campaign against Syria as part of a joint Zionist-American-NATO plan to weaken the Syria-Hizbullah-Iran-Russia-China axis, with the aim of ensuring Israel's security and taking over regional oil resources. He said that, due to its inability to launch a military campaign, global Zionism had recruited the media, the UN and its various institutions, and the Arab countries – especially the oil states – to effect this plan.

Al-Sarraf accused the countries and bodies that had attended the Friends of Syria conference, which convened in Tunisia on February 24, 2012, of arming the remnants of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and other extremist Islamist groups, as well as the mercenaries who had formerly been employed by Blackwater – a U.S. defense contractor active in Iraq during the American military presence there – and sending them to fight the Assad regime in Syria. This, he said, proved that these countries and bodies had no real interest in ending the war in Syria. Al-Sarraf said further that the Arab peoples have finally begun to comprehend the scope of the plot being carried out against Syria, and that they would never forgive the Arab regimes for their involvement in it.

Following is a translation of the article:[1]

"Israel, whether alone or [aided by] NATO, was unable to launch a military campaign against Syria in a way that would realize its goals – [namely] ousting the regime [in Syria] so as to ensure its own security, disarming Hizbullah, and perpetuating the conflict with Iran – the [only] oil-producing country in the region that remains outside of Western colonialist influence, unlike in the days of the Shah. This inability to launch a military campaign stems from the difficult economic situation of the U.S. and the NATO countries, versus the military strength of Syria and its allies – Iran, Russia, and China – Syria being the first line of defense for this axis. Based on the global Zionist plot presented by [former U.S. Secretary of State Henry] Kissinger and other Western officials, one can assume that, after the fall of Syria, the U.S. will increase its presence in its military bases in the Gulf [in order to] wage a long war of attrition against Iran, while, [at the same time], the countries in which global Zionism resides will fund the presence of its forces there, until the [Iranian] regime is ousted. Then [global Zionism] will then take over all the sources of energy in the region, and will move on to confront Russia and China, with the expense being paid by the oil-producing countries which will by then be under its control.

"[Due to its military weakness,] global Zionism launched its war on Syria using the media, as well as the UN and its organizations, such as the Human Rights [Council] and the International Court[s]. It recruited all the countries under its influence, including Arab countries, and especially oil-producing ones, to form a front that includes the Israelis, the Islamists, the secularists, and the liberals, as well as countries with [various] dictatorships, monarchies, police [states], and non-constitutional [regimes]...

"This became apparent during a conference these countries held in Tunisia, under the name 'Friends of Syria.' They all chanted the slogan of preventing the spilling of the Syrian people's blood, contrary to the truth and reality – because those who [truly] wish to prevent bloodshed would not arm the mercenaries formerly employed by the [U.S.] defense contractor Blackwater, which operated in Iraq, the remnants of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and [other] extremist Islamist groups, and then send them to Syrian cities near the Lebanese, Jordanian, Turkish, and Iraqi borders. [These mercenaries] have infiltrated neighborhoods and areas [of Syrian cities], occupied homes, using the citizens as human shields. And when the security forces of the Syrian regime began to rout them, they responded by setting off bombs among the people, and in [various] installations and infrastructure [facilities].

"The Arab peoples have come to realize the lies and the media campaign being waged by the satellite channels and official Arab media, and have begun to understand the scope of the plot and the war that they are waging against Syria in order to achieve the Zionists' goals. The Arab peoples will [yet] see how skilled the Arab regime is in deceiving and desecrating its own Arabness, and there will be popular response whose scope will match the scope of the deception, if not exceed it. How will the Arab regime, embodied by the Arab League, face the wrath of the Arab peoples in the coming days, and following the failure of this campaign, which [is already] portended?"


[1] Al-Qabas (Kuwait), March 3, 2012.

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