January 7, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5122

Article On Jordanian Website: The Jews Are A Disease That Spreads Throughout The World

January 7, 2013
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 5122

In an article posted on the Jordanian news website, journalist 'Adnan Al-Rousan compared the Jews to a malignant disease that spreads throughout the world and must be excised from the root. According to Al-Rousan, the Jews are contemptible terrorists who intentionally harm Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, commit many acts of slaughter, and do not desire peace with anyone.

The following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"The Jews are behind the disasters [afflicting] all peoples of this world. The Jews are behind all the troubles of the Arab and Islamic nation. The Jews are those who encourage rivalry between Christians and Muslims, because only by [causing] such rivalry can they gain control over the world's resources. The Jews are a disease that spreads throughout the global body, and the world cannot rest until it removes this disease from the root.

"The Jews are those who funded the film [Innocence of Muslims] that harmed the Prophet, and several Americans, in their extreme foolishness, produced this film, which caused Muslim resentment and led to the killing of the American ambassador to Benghazi... The Jews know that Muslims cannot respond to harm against the Prophet Muhammad by harming the Christian or Jewish faith, or by cursing another prophet, since Muslim morals are not the morals of the Jews or the extremist Crusaders in the U.S., and Islam is a mighty religion that will not stoop to that level in this dialogue. Mighty Islam built cities, countries, and cultures, and did not carry out acts of slaughter like the Jews, who were cruel to children in [Kafr] Qana, Jenin, Hebron, Jerusalem, and Gaza. The Jews are cowards in war; we remember the South Lebanon war [of 2006] and the pictures of Israeli soldiers weeping and packing their diapers out of 'bravery and courage.'

"Nobody likes the Jews and nobody ever liked them. They are usurers, crooks, and cheats, they make false promises, and they are thieves. I will not ask anyone to read the Koran in order to know the traits of the Jews; [instead] I will present the testimony of one of them. Read Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice and behold how the Jew acts and thinks; observe the Jewish behavior to Christians. Then the Crusaders in the U.S. and in some European countries come to teach us a lesson on Semitism and Judaism, when we know the Jews better than anyone.

"What benefit did the Jews gain by cursing the Prophet Muhammad, them and the remnants of the new Crusaders in the U.S.? Who is responsible for the crime of [spilling] the blood of the American ambassador in Benghazi and the consequences that could arise from it? Who can alleviate the suffering of the Muslims, who cannot ignore an attack on their beliefs and religion? Who is the terrorist now? Isn't it the Jews who are the lowly terrorists, this despicable people that does not want peace with anyone in the world? Aren't they the terrorists who attack the beliefs of people and nations for no reason other than [their love of] aggression, condemnation, and maligning?

"One day they will leave here, humiliated and banished. We will banish them from Palestine, from all of Palestine... The Jew cannot live unless he is facing women and children with his finger on the trigger... They will leave our country sooner or later. They will leave because they are foreigners, they will leave because Allah promised it, and they will leave because they are also stupid."


[1], September 12, 2012.

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