October 15, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8970

Article In Jordanian Daily: The Rothschilds Were Behind Assassinations Of Lincoln, Kennedy

October 15, 2020
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 8970

In his July 11, 2020 column in the Jordanian Al-Dustour daily, 'Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hamshari, who is a member of Jordanian human rights organizations,[1] wrote that "Jewish families" took over the global economy in order to subordinate the countries of the world to the agenda of the Zionist movement, and that the Rothschild family even ordered the assassinations of American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy because they threatened its economic interests.

'Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hamshari (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from his column:[2]

"Jewish families helped shape the Jewish identity and establish the Hebrew state through their hegemony in the domains of finance, the media, the hotel business and the weapons trade and industry. For hundreds of years, the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Baruch, Murdoch and Pritzker families[3]  imposed their hegemony on Europe and the U.S. by taking over most of the funds of the banks – especially the central banks – in their countries and also by taking over the oil and weapons industries, the hotel business and the media. These families all made steady progress, each in its own field of expertise, especially those involved in finance.   

"By promoting their investment ventures, they shackled the peoples of these countries. The banks they owned provided [people] with funds to invest in the stock market that were supposed to yield [the lenders] millions [in profit]. In return, people mortgaged their lands to the banks, 90% of whose shares were owned by these [Jewish] families. Later, Jewish [brokers] employed by these families in the stock market would play their dirty game and disappoint the lenders, for they would lose the lenders' money after speculating with it and stealing it. [The lenders] would thus be unable to pay back the loans or the interest on them, and would face the threat of eviction from their homes as the banks persecuted them to return their debts.

"The Jewish Rothschild family, which owns a financial empire and was a pioneer of global banking, was one of the richest families in the time of Napoleon I, and many believe that it encourages and sponsors most wars. Its founder, Amschel Mayer Rothschild… managed to build a vast international banking empire in the 1760s. His banking activity was spread throughout the world by his five sons, each of whom settled in one of the large economic centers of Europe at the time: in Germany's Frankfurt, England's London, Italy's Naples, Austria's Vienna and France's Paris.

"In the early 19th century the family's [dominance] in finance and banking peaked, and it became the world's leading finance and banking empire. It is worth close to $500 trillion, namely seven times the budgets of all the world's countries. This has allowed the Rothschilds to control the decision-making in Europe and the U.S. and change the positions and outlook of these countries, [who went from] opposing the Jews to supporting them and promoting the Jewish movements, especially the Zionist movement. The [Rothschilds'] involvement in realizing the colonialist objectives of Europe and the U.S., and of the Zionist settlers… allowed it to take over the world banks and over the Arab and Islamic regions and to plant a Jewish entity in the soil of Palestine… so as to preserve this hegemony.

"When [the Rothchild family] senses a threat to its financial interests and to the Jewish state, it does not hesitate to eliminate this threat from the root, even if it is posed by those who sponsor its plans. So much so that, when it learned that the American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy meant to nationalize the U.S. Federal Bank [sic], it did not hesitate to instruct its apparatuses – and there is decisive proof of this – to assassinate them, for it controls most of the shares of this bank, as well as a sizable portion of the shares of the central banks in the developed countries of Europe. This family was also behind the Balfour Declaration, which was issued at the demand of Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann, [who was] the first president of the Zionist occupation state and was in charge of the Jewish funds in Britain."  


[2] Al-Dustour (Jordan), July 11, 2020.

[3] The Morgan, Rockefeller and Murdoch families are not in fact Jewish.

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