April 22, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3781

Article in Jordanian Daily: Israel Replicating the Deeds and Laws of the Nazis

April 22, 2011
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 3781

In an article titled "[Israel] Inherited Nazism and Outdid It,"[1] Husni 'Ayesh, a columnist for the Jordanian government daily Al-Rai, claimed that Israel is emulating the laws and actions of the Nazis, and attacked the West for supporting it.

Following are excerpts from the article:

The West's Support for Israel Exposes Its Hypocritical Stance on Human Rights

"It is clear to all that the Arab information efforts and the Arab media flinch from exposing Israel's laws to the world, and the Nazi deeds it commits on a daily basis against the Palestinian people. [At the same time,] they [merely] observe and perhaps even turn a blind eye to the Zionist-Israeli information efforts, which sully the image of the Arab ummah in the world every time an Arab government, group, or individual commits some dastardly or inhumane deed – such as the public flogging of the Sudanese girl [on the orders of] Al-Bashir's unenlightened government – depicting such incidental occurrences as if they happen every day, in every Arab or Muslim place.

"Arab diplomacy and the Arab information efforts, especially the official ones, fail to exploit the documents that attest to Israel's laws and to its numerous Nazi deeds against the Palestinian people, [which can be used] to arouse the conscience of the West... Nor do they demonstrate [to the West] that whoever supports Israel's laws and Nazi deeds – in his heart, words, or actions – is supporting Nazism. The West's silence over these laws and deeds – from Israel's [very] existence, to its imperialism, its settlements, its racist [security] fence, its checkpoints, its humiliating daily body searches,... the tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens killed and injured, the destruction of homes, and the [law demanding that prospective Israeli citizens] swear allegiance to the Jewish state – render [the West] itself Nazi and terrorist, and expose its discriminatory policy and its deceit and hypocrisy regarding everything that has to do with human rights. [It also proves] that the West was never against Germany's Nazism, as it claims, but [only] against [its policy of] lebensraum, or Germany's spreading across all of Europe...

"If the West were sincere in its hatred of Nazism... it would condemn, or at least oppose as firmly, Israel's laws and deeds against the Palestinian people, which are copied word for word from Germany's Nazi laws and its deeds against the Jews, as has been claimed by Jewish intellectuals both within Israel and outside it.

"The explanation for this replication is that Nazism... is in fact a Jewish religious outlook anchored in the belief that [the Jews are] 'God's chosen people.' Hitler [simply] turned this outlook into his own Nazi belief by making the Germans the chosen people instead of the Jews, as manifest in his slogan 'Deutschland über Alles.'"

The West United against Hitler's Nazism but Is Ignoring Israel's Nazism

"O Arabs, the situation being what it is, what is the difference between Herzl, Weizmann, Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Yizhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Avigdor Lieberman, Netanyahu, and Hitler and his helpers? What is the difference? Maybe the only difference between them is the disparity in the West's stance, since the same West – Europe and the U.S. – that united against Hitler and his Nazism united or formed an alliance with Netanyahu and his Nazism, that is with Israel, against the innocent Palestinian people, who never had any part in the oppression of the Jews.

"For the record, [let me say that] the bombings against Jewish citizens carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad (over which Israel so greatly rejoiced!!!); the bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda in the U.S. in September 2001; the subsequent bombings in London, Paris, and Madrid; the bombings against Christians citizens of Arab countries, especially in Iraq and Egypt; and all the bombings up until now that were carried out in the name of Islam, along with the fact that some of the Arabs and Muslims applauded them – distracted the public from Israel's Nazism and [also] made it a sought-after [source of expertise] thanks to its experience in fighting the bombings of Hamas and [Islamic] Jihad. This [only] deepened the alliance between the West and Israel, since the latter is [perceived as] a 'victim' of 'Islamist terror'...

"Were it not for [these bombings], the West would be forced to alter its position [on Israel], even if only slightly, the Arab and Muslim immigrants in the West would continue to live in peace [with the West], and Islam would continue to spread speedily [westward, where] it would be welcomed. For prior to these bombings, there was no hostility between the peoples of the West and the Arab and Muslim immigrants [living there] and Islam. On the contrary, people in Europe and the U.S. converted to Islam in droves, [while] mosques and Islamic centers were built in every city. The spread of Islam in Europe and the West – which 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ghafiqi failed to achieve when he was defeated in the Battle of Balat Al-Shahada [the Battle of Tours] in 732[2] – was [gradually] being achieved through democracy and the principles of human rights. These bombings force the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims into a defensive state, which gets worse with each bombing of civilians [carried out] in the name of Islam. Perhaps this in part explains why the Arab information effort and diplomacy flinch from counterattacking [Israel]. It would seem that they are asleep and are comfortable with this situation."


[1] Al-Rai (Jordan), April 12, 2011.

[2] 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ghafiqi, Emir of Al-Andalus under the Umayyad Caliphate, was killed in 732 in the Battle of Tours while leading his troops in a campaign to conquer France, which ended in his defeat by Frankish forces.

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