July 1, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10056

Article In Issue Eight Of ISIS Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Accuses Afghan Taliban Of Abandoning Jihad: 'Matters, Which Are A Hundred Percent Against Islam, Have Been Accepted By The Hashish-Addicted Soldiers Of Taliban As Shari'a'

July 1, 2022
Special Dispatch No. 10056

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An article in the latest issue of the magazine "Voice of Khurasan," which is published by the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K), accuses the Islamic Emirate (the Afghan Taliban jihadi organization) of deviating from the path of Islamic shari'a at the behest of the unbeliever nations. The article, titled "Deceitful Paths And Faces," appears in Issue Eight of the magazine, which was released on social media. The English-language monthly magazine is published by Al-Azaim Foundation, the official media wing of ISIS-K. Issues Seven and Eight were both dated Dhul Qadah 1443, the Islamic calendar month that began May 31, 2022. This may be the first time the ISIS-K published two issues of the magazine in a single month.

A screenshot of the article.

Accusing the Afghan Taliban leaders of deviating from path of shari'a and jihad, the article says: "When the methodology and paths are not upon Tawheed [Islamic monotheism], jihad, and that of Prophet [Muhammad], surely many movements and resistances in the name of jihad will fall into the trap of kufri [unbeliever] intelligence organizations." Citing Islamic traditions, the article further says that those who turn away from jihad become apostates.

Following is the text of the article:

"It Has Been Proven To Us In Khurasan [i.e., Afghanistan] That The Movements And Resistances That Evolved With The Intentions To Fight Against The Kuffar Through Countless Sacrifices Of The Muslims, Ultimately, Have Fallen Into The Trap Of Kuffar"

"When the methodology and paths are not upon Tawheed [Islamic monotheism], jihad, and that of Prophet [Muhammad], surely many movements and resistances in the name of jihad will fall into the trap of kufri [concerning unbelief] intelligence organizations, provided that these movements and resistances are either prey of deceitful beliefs of nationalism or directly or indirectly those work for the Kuffar [unbelievers].

"Many times, it has been proven to us in Khurasan [i.e., Afghanistan] that the movements and resistances that evolved with the intentions to fight against the Kuffar through countless sacrifices of the Muslims, ultimately, have fallen into the trap of Kuffar, and the reason for that is these people sacrificed in the name of Islam but never learned or acquired understanding of Islam properly; and that is why they have been betrayed and sold repeatedly.

"Until today, many people of different ethnicities joined Afghans to fight against the Russian invaders [in the 1980s], but it was completely under the control of the Western intelligence organizations through intermediary of ISI (intelligence agency of Pakistan). And therefore, there was only the aqeedah [creed] of jihad, excluding that of al-Wala and al-Bara [loyalty and disavowal for the sake of Allah] or other obligations.

"We say it is the drama... The producers and directors are the old ISI, CIA, and KGB generals, but the only changes have been brought in the casts. Last drama's actors were [Gulbuddin] Hekmatyar, [Abdulrab Rasul] Sayyaf, [Burhanuddin] Rabbani, [Ahmad Shah] Massoud, and other leaders. But today's cast consists of [Sher Muhammad Abbas] Stanikzai, Mullah Baradar, Mullah [Amir Khan] Muttaqi, and other leaders of the Taliban who were nurtured in the theatres of ISI.

"Before the drama began and broadcast, these leaders of the Taliban had performed their roles in many hotels of Qatar and Moscow to convince their masters and get great marks in their test of apostasy. The drama has so many episodes.

"The first episode was the surrendering Taliban's militia to America, first part of the script was to show great image of the Taliban that they are conquerors and defeated the democratic government forces and seized large number of weapons by force. They purported to the people that Taliban militia took over everything within a month peacefully and it was just a natural event. They achieved everything by using their guns and efforts, but they hid the reality of all these little fights and surrendering of the government to them on order to implement democracy in the name of shari'a as part of the episode of their ongoing drama.

"The Taliban actors performed well in the first episode which featured an idiotic display of thousands of rented Taliban fighters, riding on American armored vehicles, entering the Kabul city, and then the appearance of them as the champions of independence and conquerors onboard in military airplanes from the U.S. intelligence headquarters of Qatar.

"These paper-made tigers walk in such a way that they are the true heroes of freedom, but the people of intellect know that they are just dolls and handy toys to play with."

"These Wised Politicians Of The Taliban Are Trying To ... Establish A Government Which Will Be Accepted By The Kuffar"; "Taliban Are On The Blacklists Of USA, But They Are Free To Travel Anywhere And Welcomed In The Airports"

"Now, the second episode of drama has begun. In this episode, the Taliban leaders are being displayed as foresightful and wise politicians. The world has imposed financial sanctions on them, not officially recognizing them. All kufri [unbeliever] and taghuti [tyrant] governments are against the so-called Muslims and mujahideen of the Taliban regime. The whole world is hostile toward the Taliban because they want to establish Islamic shari'a which is not acceptable by the Kuffar.

"So, these wised politicians of the Taliban are trying to take Afghanistan out from such a situation and then establish a government which will be accepted by the Kuffar and their followers who fought for 20 years for the implementation of shari'a without even knowing what shari'a means and what are its rulings. This part of drama is also going well.

The magazine also published infographics on ISIS attacks during May 2022

"There are sanctions on them, but billions of dollars are coming too. They are not given the chair [seat of Afghanistan] at the United Nations, but the UN chief is urging the foreign countries for cooperating with the Taliban and releasing their frozen assets. They are not being officially recognized but ambassadors, diplomats are coming in groups and being warmly hosted by Taliban regime day and night in Kabul.

"World is not interacting officially with them but they have been given passports and free visas to travel and participate in international seminars, but actually [they are] participating in confidential meetings behind the closed doors.

"Taliban are on the blacklists of USA, but they are free to travel anywhere and welcomed in the airports. [The] Taliban leaders have established new version of democracy, in the name of shari'a, based on Doha Agreement but they have termed it as progress.

"Taliban's democracy in the name of shari'a has an obstacle which is their soldiers, that they have only heard the name of shari'a but do not know anything about it and its rulings. Taliban have convinced their soldiers that expelling muhajireen [i.e., immigrant jihadis] is permissible for shari'i [based on shari'a] expediency and friendship with the Kuffar and giving them assurance of peace are also permissible by shari'a."

Prophet Muhammad: "Whoever Dies While He Has Neither Fought In The Way Of Allah Nor Prepared Himself For It (Had No Intention), Then He Has Died On A Branch Of Hypocrisy"

"All taghuti governments, embassies, diplomats, and different agents of intelligence were considered as Kuffar by them during the reign of [then Afghan President] Ashraf Ghani, but now they are allowing their presence according to their so-called shari'i expediency or Hikmah [wisdom].

"America and all taghuti governments' aids to Ashraf Ghani government were in the hand of Kuffar and were mainly used for intelligence services, but now their aids are aimed at empowering and strengthening the so-called shari'a-based government of Taliban.

"Russian, the murderers of millions of Muslims, and Chinese, the destroyer of chastity of million Uyghur Muslims, are not the battling Kuffar! But they are their neighboring countries and maintaining good relations with the neighboring countries has been commanded in shari'a!

"Many other matters, which are a hundred percent against Islam, have been accepted by the hashish-addicted soldiers of Taliban as shari'a; as a result, when these soldiers see no shari'a in passing of months of Taliban reign, they complain and criticize their leaders. Then their leaders calm them down with an announcement on Facebook about mandatory beard and hijab. When Taliban leaders calmed down their soldiers, then in order to remove the worries of their masters they put another announcement that they are not forcing any one and it is not obligatory on anyone to keep beard and wear hijab.

"From the beginning, they are not against secular education of females, but they act some of part of their drama well in order to convince and prepare their followers mentally; and if they were against the secular education, then why their daughters are studying together with boys in other taghuti countries. They cleverly establish new democracy to convince both their foreign masters and sensitive followers. They appoint females as directors along with men.

"Yes! Masters and slaves are working together in a drama series to introduce themselves with different names, positions, and shapes. National and international media together call them heroes of freedom, conquerors of world, and wise politicians, but only the people of the intellect know what the purpose their drama is. So, take warning from them:

"'O People having sight! Narration: 'On the Day of Judgment a man will be holding his neighbor tightly, and he will be saying, This is the one who took away me from my door and wealth.'

The coverpage of the magazine's latest issue

"Forsaking jihad means breaking pledges and a death of ignorance. The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: 'Whoever sees something bad from his emir, let him be patient, because whoever separates himself, even the gap of one hand span, from the jama'ah [congregation] of Muslims and dies in that state, he dies the death of ignorance.'

"Abandoning jihad is the sign of hypocrisy. The Prophet... said: 'Whoever dies while he has neither fought in the way of Allah nor prepared himself for it (had no intention), then he has died on a branch of hypocrisy.' This means that whoever did this became like the hypocrites who remained away from jihad, because leaving the jihad is a branch of hypocrisy."

"An Apostate Does Not Necessarily Mean A Literal Apostate, But A Linguistic Apostate Who Turns Away From Jihad And Becomes A Shepherd"

"Leaving jihad increases corruption on earth, as corrupt people such as infidels, apostates, rebels, and dacoits increase, so does the corruption. Allah says: 'Had it not been for Allah repelling the people some of them by the others, the earth would have been in a state-of disorder; but Allah is full grace to the worlds' – (Chapter Baqarah: 251).

"Without Islamic shari’a and jihad, the religion will change day by day to the extent that people will become unfamiliar with it. Allah says: 'And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah. But if they desist then there is no punishment except against the unjust' – (Chapter Baqarah: 193).

"Today, we can see that the people do not understand the importance of the Islamic shari'a; they have not seen justice, peace, Hudud [limits] of the Islamic [criminal justice] system; rather they have seen only the humiliation of the system of slavery. So, there is no difference between a republic and Islam because for this secular system they are wasting their precious lives and wealth. No one knows the creed of monotheism, the values of a system based on Tawheed and shari'a. And polytheism has reached its peak, so Allah, the Lord of the worlds, has ordered the fight to end these polytheisms and establish the religion.

"The greatest condemnation is that in the hadith [saying or deed of Muhammad], the one who abandons jihad has been called an apostate. Here, an apostate does not necessarily mean a literal apostate, but a linguistic apostate who turns away from jihad and becomes a shepherd. Abdullah ibn Mas'ud said: 'Allah has cursed the one who consumes usury, its client, its witness, and its recorder, the woman who puts gap between teeth looking more beautiful, those who turn away from jihad.'

"Warning: There is a difference of opinion in this narration. In this narration, there is a weak narrator named Harith Al-Aur, and it has been narrated from Ibn Khazima through Musawq. Some scholars have referred this hadith as weak and some say that there is strong evidence for part of this narration, but there is no evidence regarding the last section of this narration. However, some scholars termed this narration as hasan [good] or sahih [correct]."

Source:, June 19, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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