November 24, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9055

Article In Issue 10 Of ISIS Magazine 'Sawt Al-Hind': 'Islam Doesn't Mean Peace'; 'Salam [Peace] Is Not The Basis Of The Word Islam'

November 24, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 9055

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An article in the latest issue of "Sawt Al-Hind" ("The Voice of India") denounces moderate Islamic scholars for trying to please the West. The article appeared in Issue 10 of the magazine, which is published by Ansarul Khilafah in Hind ("Aiders of the Islamic State in India"). In jihadi imagination, the word "Hind" – meaning India – covers a wide territory, from Pakistan and Kashmir to India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.[1]

The articles in this issue – for Rabi' Al-Thani, the Islamic month that began November 16, 2020 – incite Muslims to join armed jihad and include titles such as "Will You Not Prepare Yourselves While Allah Prepares His Land?"; "We Are Doomed If We Don't Defend Our Prophet (PBUH)"; "Islam Doesn't Mean Peace..."; and "The Flag Of Tawheed [Islamic monotheism] Fluttering In The Sky."

"Islam Doesn't Mean Peace..." discusses Koranic interpretations by Islamic scholars of the past, along with hadiths (i.e., sayings and deeds of Muhammad) of Prophet Muhammad, to support its central argument: that Islam does not mean peace, but rather, submitting to Allah by following jihad.

Sawt Al-Hind article: "Islam Doesn't Mean Peace"

Following is the text of the article:

"The Slogan 'Islam Is The Religion Of Peace,' Repeated Continuously By Apologetic Du'at [Islamic Preachers] While Trying To Appease The West And Their Cronies, Is One Of The Efforts To Water Down And Change The Meaning Of Islam"

"All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. May peace and blessings be upon his messenger Muhammad, and his family and companions. The slogan, 'Islam is the religion of peace,' repeated continuously by apologetic du'at [Islamic preachers] while trying to appease the West and their cronies, is one of the efforts to water down and change the meaning of Islam. The slogan is repeated under the pretext of pacifism, so much so that they allege that Islam calls for permanent peace with the disbelievers. How far is their claim from the truth! Verily, Allah has sent the messenger Muhammad with the sword in mercy to all mankind, and the evidence for this is so profuse that only a zindiq [heretic] would argue otherwise.

"Ali ibn Abi Talib said, 'Allah's messenger was sent with four swords: i) a sword for the mushrikeen [polytheists] (And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the mushrikeen wherever you find them) – Chapter At-Tawbah: 5; ii) a sword for Ahlul Kitab (Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and his messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Book – [fight them] until they give the jizyah [tax on non-Muslims] willingly while they are humbled) – Chapter At-Tawbah: 29; iii) a sword for the munafiqeen [hypocrite Muslims] (Oh Prophet, fight against the kuffar [unbelievers] and the munafiqeen ) – Chapter At-Tawbah: 73; and iv) a sword for the bughat [rebellious aggressors] (Then fight against the group that commits baghy [aggression] until it returns to the ordinance of Allah) – Chapter Al-Hujurat: 9 (cited in Tafsir Ibn Kathir).

"He also revealed the sword against the apostates (Oh you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion – Allah will bring forth a people he will love and who will love him, who are humble towards the believers, mighty against the disbelievers; they strive in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic) – Chapter Al-Maidah: 54. This verse is a fundamental basis for the obligation to fight against the apostate parties. [Ninth-century Islamic scholar Muhammad ibn Jarir] At-Tabari reported in his tafsir [interpretation of the Koran] that amongst the salaf [i.e., the first three generations of Muslims, or simply as early Muslims], 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, Qatada [ibn al-Numan], al-Hasan al-Basri, ad-Dahhak, and Ibn Jurayj said this verse encompassed Abu Bakr (Allah's sword against apostasy), his companions, and their war against the apostates – the followers of Musaylamah al-Kadhdhab and those who resisted the obligation of zakah [alms].

"Allah Almighty also sent down iron alongside the revelation to consolidate his religion by the sword forged with iron. He Almighty said, 'We have sent our messengers with clear evidence and sent down with them the scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. And we sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those believing in the unseen who support him and his messengers. Indeed, Allah is powerful and exalted in might' – Al-Hadid 25.

"Allah Almighty also described what should be struck with the sword. He Almighty said, 'Remember when your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed; I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip – Al-Anfal 12. He Almighty also said, 'So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens' – Chapter Muhammad: 4."

"War Booty Is More Lawful Than Other Income For A Number Of Reasons; It Is Seized From One Who Does Not Deserve It, Because He Uses It To Aid Himself In Disobeying Allah"

"His messenger [Muhammad] also described the sword as the salvation from evil and fitnah [strife]. He also described the sword as being the key to jannah [paradise] (reported by Ibn Abi Shaybah on the authority of Abu Musa). He also said: 'My provision was placed for me under the shade of my spear.' The hadith was reported by Imam Ahmad and others on the authority of Ibn Umar, and it is sahih [authentic]. Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, while commenting on the hadith in the book titled Al-Hikam al-Jadirah bil-Idha'ah, said: 'This hadith indicates that Allah did not send his messenger to endeavor to seek the dunya [worldly life], nor to gather the dunya and its treasures, nor to strive to seek its causes; rather, he sent him as a caller to his tawhid [Islamic monotheism] with the sword.'

"What is implied by this is that he kills Allah's enemies who refuse to accept tawhid, legitimizes the spilling of their blood and the taking of their wealth, and enslaves their women and children, and thereby his provision becomes what Allah has given him of spoils from the property of his enemy. This is because wealth was created by Allah for the children of Adam only to assist them in obeying and worshipping him. So whoever uses it to assist himself in kufr [unbelief] of Allah and shirk [polytheism] with him, then Allah will give mastery to his messenger and his followers over him, so that they seize it from him and return it back to one who is more worthy than him from the people who worship Allah, practice tawhid of him, and submit obediently towards him.

"For this reason, their wealth is called fay' (the root of the word means to restore or return), because it returns to one who is more deserving of it and it returns to the usage for which it was created. From amongst the abrogated verses of the Koran (in recitation, not in legislation) was the verse: 'We only sent down wealth so that prayer would be established and zakah would be given. So, the people of tawhid and obedience to Allah are more deserving of wealth than the people of kufr in Allah and shirk. Therefore, they seized their wealth.' He also made the provision of his messenger from that wealth, because it is the purest of wealth, as he almighty said: 'So consume what you have taken of war booty [as being] lawful and good' – Chapter Al-Anfal: 69. This was a matter through which Allah favored Muhammad and his ummah, for he legalized war booty for them.

"It has also been claimed that the ummah was favored with the legality of ghanimah [war booty] taken through fighting, not fay'; and that what is taken without fighting [fay'] was halal [permissible] and mubah [lawful] for those nations before us. He made the provision of his messenger from the latter (the fay'). War booty is more lawful than other income for a number of reasons. It is seized from one who does not deserve it, because he uses it to aid himself in disobeying Allah and associating others with him. So, if it is taken from one who uses it contrary to obedience to Allah, the practice of tawhid and the dawah [preaching, invitation] to worship him, then such wealth becomes the most beloved of wealth to Allah and the purest form of income in his sight."

"[Muhammad] Would Not Perform Jihad Except So That Allah's Word Would Be The Highest And His Religion The Most Manifest; He Did Not Perform Jihad For The Sake Of Ghanimah"

"Also, he [Muhammad] would not perform jihad except so that Allah's word would be the highest and his religion the most manifest. He did not perform jihad for the sake of ghanimah. So, provision would come to him pursuant to his worship and jihad fi sabeelillah [jihad in the path of Allah]. Therefore, he did not dedicate any of his time solely towards seeking provision. Rather he would worship Allah in all his time, and practice tawhid of Allah and be sincere to him. So, Allah made his provision easy during such worship, without him intending to seek it or endeavoring to pursue it.

"It was reported in the mursal narration – i.e., reported with no mention of a sahabi [companion of Muhammad] in the isnad [sources] – that he [Muhammad] said, 'I am the messenger of mercy. I am the messenger of the malhamah [bloody battle]. Allah sent me with jihad and he did not send me with agriculture' (reported by Ibn Sa'd in At-Tabaqat). [The 11th-century Islamic scholar Abu Muhammad] Al-Baghawi reported in his Mu'jam a marfu hadith – i.e., a hadith whose words are conveyed as the Prophet's – that the Prophet said: 'Indeed Allah has sent me with guidance and the religion of truth. He did not make me a farmer, or a merchant, nor a shouter in the markets. And he placed my provision in my spear.'

Cover page of
Sawt Al-Hind, Issue No. 10

"He mentioned the spear rather than the sword so that it is not understood that he got provision from the ghanimah wealth. Rather, his provision was from the fay' that Allah granted him from [the battles at] Khaybar and Fadak. Fay' is what the enemy leaves behind after fearfully fleeing, contrary to ghanimah, which is taken through fighting with the sword.

"Therefore, mention of the spear more clearly indicates the acquisition of fay', because the spear is seen by the enemy from a distance, so he flees, and thus he flees from the spear's shade, by which fay' is taken. The provision of the Prophet was from fay', not ghanimah, which is taken by fighting with a sword. And Allah knows best. Umar Ibn Abdil-Aziz said, 'Allah sent Muhammad as a guide and did not send him as a money collector.' So the Prophet spent his time with obedience to Allah and dawah to his tawhid, and whatever is acquired through that of wealth from fay' and ghanimah, is acquired consequently, and not with the fundamental intention of pursuing it.

"For these reasons, one who abandons jihad and instead busies himself with making money has been censured. The statement of Allah almighty, 'And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction' – Chapter Al-Baqarah: 195 – was revealed regarding such a situation, when the Ansar [who aided the Prophet in Medina] resolved to abandon jihad and work to improve their wealth and land. And in the hadith that was reported by Abu Dawud and others: 'If you deal in 'inah, a form of riba [usury], follow after the tails of cattle, and abandon jihad, then Allah will give humiliation mastery over you and He will not remove it from you until you review your religion' (Sahih: reported by Imam Ahmad and Abu Dawud)."

"[The Prophet's Companions]... Disliked Entering The Land Of Kharaj [Taxed Land] For The Sake Of Agriculture Because It [Farming] Distracts From Jihad"; "[Caliph] Sent Someone To The Crops After They Became Ripe And Burned Them With Fire"

"For this reason, the Sahabah [the Prophet's companions]... disliked entering the land of kharaj [taxed land] for the sake of agriculture because it [farming] distracts from jihad. Makhul said, 'When the Muslims entered Sham [Syria], the plants of Al-Hulah were mentioned to them, so they planted crops. This news reached [second Islamic caliph] Umar Ibn al-Khattab. So he sent someone to the crops after they became ripe and burned them with fire. He then sent a letter to them saying: 'Indeed Allah placed the provision of this ummah in its spearheads and beneath its spear tails. If they farm, they become like other people.'

"This was reported by Asad ibn Musa. He also reported through an isnad of his that Umar wrote: 'Whoever farms, follows after the tails of cattle, is pleased with such, and admits to it, I will enforce jizyah upon him.' It was said to one of them: 'Why don't you keep a farm for the family?' So, he responded: 'Wallahi [By the name of Allah], we did not come as farmers, rather we came to kill the farmers and eat their crops.' (This is a form of tarhib [warning against sin, disliked matters, or wasteful actions]. They are not to be taken literally, as farming is a mubah [permissible] form of work.)

"So, the best condition for the believer is that his time be spent in obedience to Allah, jihad fi sabeelillah, and dawah to his obedience. He should not seek the dunya [the material world]. And he should take from the wealth of fay' and from other sources of wealth what is merely sufficient, as the Prophet would take food which would suffice his family for a year. He would take it from the fay' and divide the rest.

"And sometimes he might see someone needy thereafter and then give him his family's food, and so his family would remain without anything. And likewise is the case for one who is busy with knowledge, because it is from the two forms of jihad, so his dedication to knowledge is like jihad fi sabeelillah and dawah to him [Allah]. If he takes from the money of fay' or waqf [mortmain property], he should take only what suffices him to strengthen himself in his jihad. He should not take more than his need from it. [Islamic jurist] Imam Ahmad has specifically mentioned that one should not take more than his need from the wealth in Bayt-ul-Mal [the government treasury] such as the kharaj [land tax]. And the money from waqf is even stricter.

"And whoever is busy with his duties towards Allah, then Allah will oversee his provision, as is mentioned in the hadith on the authority of Zayd ibn Thabit, that Allah's messenger Muhammad said: 'Whoever's concern is the dunya, Allah will scatter his affairs and place his poverty before his eyes. Nothing will come to him of the dunya except what has been decreed for him. And whoever's intent is the hereafter, Allah will gather for him his affairs and will place his prosperity in his heart. The dunya will come to him against its will.' It was reported by Imam Ahmad and Ibn Majah (with a sahih isnad)."

"So How Can The Zanadiqah [Heretics] Or Even Those Who Blindly Follow The Ones Who Obstinately Claim That 'Islam Is A Religion Of Peace,' Meaning Pacifism?"

"(The book of hadiths) At-Tirmidhi reported from the marfu' narration of Anas [that Allah's messenger said]: 'Allah says: "Oh son of Adam, devote yourself to my worship and I will fill your heart with prosperity. If you do not do such, I will fill your hands with work and will not settle your poverty"' (Sahih: Reported by Imam Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, and others on the authority of Abu Hurairah). Ibn Majah reported from the marfu' hadith of Ibn Masud [that Allah's messenger said]: 'Whoever makes his concerns one concern – for his hereafter – Allah will cover the concern for his dunya. And whoever's heart is split by many concerns for the matters of the dunya, then Allah will not care in whichever valley he is destroyed' (Hasan: reported by Ibn Majah on the authority of Ibn Umar and Ibn Masud).

"It was also reported in some Isra'Ili narrations that Allah said: 'Oh dunya, serve whoever serves me, and exhaust whoever serves you.' (End of the commentary on hadith by Ibn Rajab al Hanbali). So how can the zanadiqah [Heretics] or even those who blindly follow the ones who obstinately claim that 'Islam is a religion of peace,' meaning pacifism?

"Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

"'I mentioned before in previously discussed principles that Islam – the religion of Allah with which he revealed his books and sent his messengers – is that the slave yuslim [submits] to Allah, the Lord of the creation, and thus, he yastaslim [submits] to Allah alone without giving him partners, and that he be salim [purely] for him, in that he worships him while not worshipping other than him, as is made clear by the best word and the head of Islam: La ilaha illallah [There is no deity but Allah]. And it has two opposites: kibr [arrogance] and shirk.

"'For this reason, it was reported that Nuh [Noah] ordered his children with la ilaha illallaha and subhan Allah and forbade them from kibr and shirk (reported by Imam Ahmad on the authority of Abdullah ibn Amr), as in a hadith I mentioned elsewhere. Indeed, the one who abstains due to arrogance from worshipping Allah does not worship him, so he is not mustaslim [submitting] to him, and he who worships him and worships others with him is a mushrik [idolater] towards him, so he is not salim for him, rather he has shirk towards him. The word "Islam" includes the two meanings, istislam [submission] and salamah, which is sincerity. And it is known that all the messengers were sent with the general Islam consisting of this' – Al-Iman al-Awsat [i.e., the title of the book by Ibn Taymiyyah from which the article is quoting].

"He also said: 'The word "Islam" can be used in two ways, transitively, as in His statement, (and who is better in religion than one who aslama [submits] himself to Allah while being a doer of good) – Chapter An-Nisa: 125; and His statement (I have aslamtu [submitted] myself to Allah, and so have those who follow me. And say to those who were given the scripture and to the unlearned, "Have you aslamtum [submitted]?" And if they aslamu (submit), they are rightly guided; but if they turn away – then upon you is only the duty of notification. And Allah is seeing of the servants) – Chapter Al Imran: 20; and in the statement of his messenger [Muhammad] in the dua [prayer] before sleep, "I aslamtu [have submitted] myself to You"' – Reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of al-Bara ibn Azib]."

"The Sword Will Continue To Be Drawn, Raised, And Swung Until Isa [Jesus] Kills The Dajjal[2]... Thereafter, Kufr And Its Tyranny Will Be Destroyed"

"It is also used intransitively, as in His statement (when his Lord said to him: 'Aslim [submit],' he said: 'I aslamtu [have submitted] to the Lord of the worlds') – Chapter Al-Baqarah: 131). And it encompasses two meanings: the first is obedience and submission; the second is dedicating that sincerely to Him alone, as in His statement (Allah presents an example: a slave owned by quarreling partners and another salam [purely] for one man – are they equal in comparison? Praise be to Allah! But most of them do not know) – Chapter Az-Zumar: 29. Its incarnation is the statement: La ilaha illallaha – Al-iman al-awsat.

A page from
Sawt Al-Hind

"He also said: 'Rather Islam is istislam [submission] to Allah alone. The word "Islam" entails istislam and dedicating such sincerely to Allah. More than one scholar has mentioned this, including the specialists in Arabic such as Abu Bakr ibn al-Anbari and others. Some of the commentators have considered these two meanings to be two different interpretations, as a group of them, including al-Baghawi said: 'The Muslim is the mustaslim [submitter] to Allah. It has also been said he is the mukhlis [sincere one].' The reality is that the Muslim is he who gathers both meanings in himself, for whoever does not yastaslim [submit] to him is not a Muslim, and whoever istaslam [submitted] to other than him as he does for him, is not a Muslim. Whoever istaslam [submitted] to him alone is a Muslim, as in the Koran. (Yes, whoever aslama [submits] his face to Allah while being a doer of good will have his reward with his Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve) – Chapter Al-Baqarah: 112 (An-Nubuwat).

"It is clear then that salam [peace] is not the basis of the word 'Islam,' although it shares the same consonant root [s-l-m] and is one of the outcomes of the religion's sword, as the sword will continue to be drawn, raised, and swung until Isa [Jesus] kills the dajjal and abolishes the jizyah. Thereafter, kufr and its tyranny will be destroyed; Islam and its justice will prevail on the entire Earth.

"'Then, it will be said to the earth: "Let your fruits grow and yield your blessings." On that day, a group will eat from a single pomegranate and take shade under its bowl-shaped peel. Milk will be blessed so much so that the young female camel will suffice for a very large group of people, and a young female cow will suffice for a tribe of people, and a young female sheep will suffice for a clan of people' – Reported by Muslim on the authority of An-Nawwas ibn Sam'an. The sky will be permitted to pour out its rain and the land to yield its plants, so even if you were to plant a seed on a stone, it would sprout. There will be no rivalries, no envy, no hatred, to the point that a man will pass by a lion, yet it won't harm him, and step on a snake, yet it won't harm him' – Reported by Ad-Diya' and Ad-Daylami on the authority of Abu Hurairah.

"'And the venom of every venomous creature will be removed to the point that a newborn boy will place his hand in the mouth of a snake and it will not harm him. A newborn girl will make a lion flee and it will not harm her. The wolf will be amongst sheep like their guard dog. The earth will be filled with peace, just as a jar is filled with water. The word will be one – no one will be worshipped but Allah. And war will lay down its burdens' – Reported by Ibn Majah on the authority of Abu Umamah. Thereafter, swords will rest from war only to be used as sickles – Reported by Imam Ahmad on the authority of Abu Hurairah. But until then, parties of kafireen [unbelievers] will continue to be struck down by the unsheathed sword of Islam – except for those who enter into iman [Islamic faith] or aman [protection] – for there will always be a party of Muslims fighting parties of kafireen [unbelievers] until there is no more fitnah and the religion is completely for Allah alone."


[1], November 20, 2020. The original English of the quoted text has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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