November 15, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 5050

Article On Egyptian Website: The Jewish-American Plan For World Domination

November 15, 2012
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 5050

In an article posted on the Egyptian news website, journalist Majdi Saqer wrote that the U.S. and the Jews wish to take over the world. He explains that they plan to achieve this by undermining traditional values in various countries and replacing them with Western ones, and also by replacing the traditional sources of authority with the authority of the state. Another component of the plan is to cultivate organizations loyal to the Jews and the U.S. in various countries, which will eventually come to power – and this will be" tantamount to an indirect Jewish-American occupation."

The following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"After the Catholic Church earned itself [a bad reputation] by oppressing the people, and after Europe became ideologically and spiritually divided, a close partnership formed between the Jews and the British,[2] based on their [mutual] hatred for the [Catholic] Church and their wish to take over the world. Subsequently, the U.S. also joined this partnership.

"Researchers put together several plans and protocols for dominating [the world], whose main [principles] are:

1. Destroying [the values and forces] that rule societies, and replacing them with the rule of the state.

2. Limiting the control of the state in favor of control by the UN.

3. Subjecting the UN to the control of the five permanent members of the Security Council.

By gaining control over the governments of these countries, the Jews will gain control over the world, and any regime that frees itself of this control will be destroyed on some pretext [or other].

"[The values and forces] ruling societies will be destroyed by the [following] steps:

1. Spreading the culture of equality between the sexes; legitimizing relations between women and men other than their husbands, so that the men lose their hold over their families, banish their wives and raise their children in shelter-like centers.

2. Destroying marital and family relations, and transforming men and women into baby-producing machines so that the state can take custody of the children and prevent them from developing an individual identity other than the identity determined by the state.

3. Legitimizing prostitution.

4. Drafting laws for the protection of children with the aim of limiting the control of the family [over them], inciting them to disrespect the authority of the father, mother and family, and freeing them of all social bonds.

5. Humiliating and degrading religious clerics and presenting them as hypocrites, [so as to] incite the youth to disobey them.

6. Prohibiting corporal punishment and all [other] means of disciplining children at home and in school, so that teachers lose their prestige and authority and children learn to respect nobody.

7. Stripping sheikhs and tribal leaders of all material and moral authority, so that nobody competes with the power [of the state] over the people's minds and mentality.

8. Rejecting traditional costumes in favor of new fashions, so that people lose their cultural values and identity.

9. Eradicating from people's consciousness the instructive stories and parables of their ancient heritage, [and replacing them with] Western stories and movies.

10. Rewriting history with the aim of [re]shaping the peoples' cultures, inter alia by fighting the traditions of the early generations of Muslims and the Prophet's hadiths.

11. Establishing parties and political-religious groups loyal to the Jews and the U.S., and helping them to come to power [in various countries], which is tantamount to an indirect Jewish-American occupation."


[1], September 9, 2012.

[2] The author is presumably alluding to the fact that the Anglican church is independent of the Vatican.

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