March 19, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 7949

Article On Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Party's Website: Arab Leaders Are Promoting The Jewish Plot To Take Over The World

March 19, 2019
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 7949

In an antisemitic article published on the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) party, the Freedom and Justice party [1] journalist Hamza Hussein attacked the Arab leaders who had attended the U.S.-led Warsaw Conference in mid-February, 2019, which was also attended by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and dealt with the Iranian threat. Hussein wrote that these leaders were serving the Jewish plan, which has been ongoing since the days of the Prophet Muhammad and whose goal is to dominate the Muslims and take over the world's resources. The Jews, he explained, are motivated by hatred for Islam, and achieve their goals through covert activity and with the help of Muslim dictators who serve their agenda without even knowing it. He promised, however, that after the Jews achieve dominance in the world, they and all their helpers are destined to experience a "resounding collapse."

The following are excerpts from his article:[2]

"[Although certain] factors change, the conflicts, wars and destruction currently prevailing in the world are nothing unusual and are nothing new for the people around the globe. The cruel war against Islam and everything related to it is only one in a long series of conflicts that began with the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, and continued as the leadership passed from the Children of Israel to the Muslims, and the Jews' hatred toward Muhammad and the Muslims intensified...

"Whoever follows the plot planned and organized by the Jewish nation will find that it firmly relies on the rabbinic tradition, according to which [the Jews] will eventually rule the world, will attain superior status and will control the world's resources, [but] later a resounding collapse will come,[3] with grave repercussions for anyone who collaborated and helped the Zionists to establish themselves in the world...

"The fierce war that flared... in 2013 [with the ouster of Egyptian president Muhammad Mursi], was not a war against the MB, as some think. Its purpose was to lay siege to Islam... so that the light of the Jewish nation would shine forth...

"The rise to power of [U.S. President Donald] Trump and of other leaders who act to thwart the advance of Islam is only one link in a chain [of events] aimed at granting the Jews control of the world. The surrender of Arab leaders and of many other Muslim leaders [to the Jews and Zionists] is just a prelude to the surrender of [all] the [world's] nations to Jewish control, except for those on whom Allah will have mercy.   

"People believe that the current conflicts among the Arabs and Muslims themselves, and the invasion of every [Muslim] country by the vast armies of the [world's] nations, [stem from the fact that] all [these Arab and Muslim leaders] are defending the interests of their homelands or fighting so-called terror. But there is clear evidence that all of them are paving the way for the rise of the Jewish state, and they realize this and pursue this goal [consciously]. Sadly, none of the Arab and Muslim peoples understand or realize the plot being hatched against them. [Their leaders] think that the [Jews and Zionists] whom they are currently serving will defend them [and keep them] in power, and fail to understand that they will be the first to be sacrificed once they have done their job...

"Let's examine the situation of the nations that are being led like sheep toward the Kaaba of the Zionists, who have managed to realize their ambitions without spilling the blood of their own sons and without entering into conflict with their allies in the world, by causing the entire world to [actualize] their goals [for them]. All [the nations] are pleased with what they are doing [for the Jews], without understanding what the Jewish nation [really] desires...

"I do not think that the mist [surrounding this conspiracy] will disperse easily or any time soon, unless we make the necessary efforts to achieve victory or at least to reject this lie and its supporters and expose the fraud perpetrated by every tyrant who is doing everything he can to give the Jews control over the Muslims.

"The Jews spread not only gharqad trees all over the world,[4] but also [cultivate] human creatures, members of our nation, whom they incubated in filthy wombs and then placed as rulers [over us].

"The Warsaw summit revealed what the Jewish nation aspires to achieve... as well as the weakness that afflicts the Muslim nation, rendering it worthless in the eyes of the [other] nations [of the world]. But what happened was not due to the Zionists' cleverness, to Trump's policy, or to the fact that everyone joined ranks in defense of Israel's security. This is a rabbinic truth that [Allah] has decreed for the nations and peoples and for the Children of Israel, who will grow powerful and haughty and control the Muslims by appointing tyrants to rule over them. But the Jews realize that their rise will come to an end, and each of their leaderships acts to ensure that this will not happen in its time..."[5]


[1] This is the website of the MB's old guard, led by Muhammad 'Izzat.

[2], February 19, 2019.

[3] Based on Quran 17:4-8.

[4] According to a Muslim hadith, before Judgment Day the Muslims will fight the Jews, and the latter will seek shelter behind stones and trees, but the stones and trees will cry out and reveal them – except for the gharqad tree, which is "the tree of the Jews."

[5], February 19, 2019.

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