December 17, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2702

Article in Egyptian Gov't Daily 'Al-Ahram': Escalation in Region Proves Truth of 'Protocols of Elders of Zion'

December 17, 2009
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 2702

On October 1, 2009, the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram published an article by author Ilham Sharshar stating that recent events in the Middle East – including what she called the "inevitable" clash between Iran and Israel – were all part of the Zionist plan to establish a Jewish kingdom to rule the world, in accordance with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The following are excerpts from the article:

"Every Escalation [in the Region] Proves [the Truth Of] These Protocols' Every Letter and Every Implication"

"...[Today, when] the atmosphere in the Middle East is charged with confusion and turmoil, with calls for peace mingling with the din of war, a fateful question arises: Who will ignite the next war in the region?... Will the explosion come from the Arab-Israeli conflict, or from the Iran-Israel conflict over the leadership of the region?

"This conflict [between Iran and Israel] erupted in recent years, but has spread lately with terrifying rapidity. Tension between the two began to rise, and [now] the pressure for the State Israel to be recognized as a Jewish state on the one hand, and the attempts to rebuke Iran for its efforts to enter the nuclear world on the other, make a clash inevitable, and perhaps even fateful, for both sides and for the entire region.

"Israel insists on being the only one with nuclear weapons, so that it can control the region and use [these weapons] to extort all its countries. It is regrettable that Israel has the declared and vehement support of America and the quiet and hidden support of the U.N. Security Council and of the international community.

"Although we refuse to recognize the protocols with which the Zionists seek to deceive us... and although we refuse to acknowledge that Herzl was the Moses of the new era, anyone following the regrettable events in the region cannot but turn to these protocols. Every escalation [in the region] proves [the truth of] these protocols' every letter and every implication."

"For Centuries, the Zionists Have Had a Secret Plan to Bring Down the Regimes of All Countries and To Replace Them With [Their Own] Tyrannical Regime"

"For centuries, the Zionists have had a secret plan to bring down the regimes of all countries and to replace them with [their own] tyrannical regime. They use all means to topple the regimes, primarily the monarchies. They tempt the monarchs to act tyrannically towards their peoples, and then push the peoples to rebel against their monarchs, with the claim of spreading liberty and equality...

"The Zionists try to maintain constant fear and terror between the regimes and their peoples, and to corrupt the peoples' rulers and leaders. They fight every emergence of excellence and distinction among the ignorant, using women, money, intrigue, and schemes to do so – and all as part of a black Jewish plan. Their attempts are always deviant, as they hide behind a pretense to purity. They see that all the ways in which the world is ruled today are corrupt – and see that there is a need to corrupt them more and more, until the time comes to establish the Jewish kingdom [to rule] the entire world...

"The Zionists consider the work of ruling people divine, lofty, and secret, and think that only a selected handful of skilled and experienced individuals, who have discovered its secrets, can perform it. The secrets, [they believe,] were deciphered by the elders of Zion, applying the historic experience of centuries. As far as [the Jews] are concerned, policy is no work for peoples that were not created for it."

"Even If We Do Not Believe in These Protocols and in Their Goals – We Must Try to Thwart Them"

"Even if we do not believe in these protocols and in their goals, we must try to thwart them – not only in the Arab and Islamic world, or in the Middle East, but in every part of the globe. When we examine the [Zionists'] black activities everywhere, we see, for example, that they have a monopoly on gold, [and it is gold], rather than labor and other resources, that [remains] the basis of the global economy, despite the global economic crises that come one after another...

"Perhaps all these [events that are happening today in the world] are commentary on the protocols, and are proof that they exist and that they are in force. Moreover, the results are the ones that [the Zionists] anticipated, so that the world would never find rest."

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