January 24, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10437

Article In Egyptian Daily: Hitler Killed The Jews Because They Instigated Wars And Spread Corruption

January 24, 2023
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 10437

The Egyptian daily Al-Ghad, identified with the eponymous opposition movement, published an article titled "I Hate Israel's Guts" by Hussein Al-Samanoudi, an official in Egypt's Ministry of Religious Endowment. In the article, Al-Samanoudi claimed that the Jews are blood-thirsty plotters and that Hitler killed them everywhere because they tried to instigate wars and spread corruption. The Jews who fled from Hitler, he added, showed no gratitude to the Arab countries that took them in, but plotted to transform Palestine into their eternal homeland and eventually occupy all the Arab lands between the Nile and the Euphrates. They also forced the Western countries to help them settle in Palestine by concocting the "lies" about Hitler burning Jews in crematoria.

In a follow-up article one week later, Al-Samanoudi wrote that there is no room for Jews and Zionists  in Palestine and that the Arab Palestinian jihad fighters will continue to raise the banner of sacrifice and martyrdom until they purge their homeland of the Zionist filth.

From Hussein Al-Samanoudi's Facebook page (, October 7, 2022)

The following are excerpts from his articles:

The Jews Had A Hand In Every War Ever Waged In The World

In the first article, from December 26, 2022, Hussein Al-Samanoudi wrote: "My daughter asked me this morning,  'Why do you hate Israel?' I answered her at length, saying that the Arabs in general and the people of Egypt in particular dislike Israel. This is because every disaster that has ever afflicted us bears the filthy fingerprints of these people, who are always planning and plotting to harm this homeland in which we live [Egypt]… There has never been a single war anywhere in the world in which these people did not have a hand. They are agents of conspiracy, fraud, corruption and destruction. They are bloodthirsty instigators of wars, ruin and devastation.

"In the modern era, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler besieged them and killed them wherever they were found, because they tried to instigate wars and [spread] corruption everywhere… Due to Hitler's intense pressure on them, the Jews fled from his violence, but most countries would not host them in their territory. Even the U.S. closed all its gates to them, and did not let them set foot on its soil. So they were left with no choice but to turn eastwards, to the Arab countries, which took them in, sheltered them, and let them live within their boundaries, and they settled in Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.

"They chose Palestine as their target – and their poisoned plots, their hollow minds and their black hearts, full of depravity and treachery… began to form an irreversible plan to gain a foothold in Palestine and turn it into their eternal homeland, over the dead bodies of their victims, the people of that land, who had welcomed them and let them share their homeland. These Zionists feel no gratitude and do not consider this [aspect]. Instigating bloody wars and using deadly weapons they received from the British, they butchered all [the locals] in their villages, burned fields, destroyed homes over the heads of their inhabitants, and declared openly: The state of Israel will be established here, on the land of the Arabs of Palestine…

"Time passed, and Israel craved more land, wanting to expand so as to consolidate its plan of [Israel] from the Nile to the Euphrates. Now Britain, France and Israel conspired against Egypt in the so-called 'tripartite aggression' [the 1956 Suez Crisis]. Israel wanted to occupy the Sinai peninsula. France, [for its part], invaded Egypt in order to punish it for assisting the Algerian revolution and supporting the Algerian people against French imperialism, while Britain wanted revenge for being [forced] out of Egypt, and wished to retaliate against Gamal 'Abdel Nasser for nationalizing the Suez Canal and placing it under exclusive Egyptian control.

"Israel realized its plan and occupied Sinai, and the French and British forces landed on the shores of Port Said. But then came a development that nobody was expecting: the courage of the brave people of Port Said thwarted all the plans, and those great heroes kept them from occupying that strong city. The people of Port Said wrote their history by their own hand, in golden ink, and it is still being taught to this day, all over the world. Later the three armies withdrew from Egypt defeated. [But] that was not the end of it, because the Zionists planned to strike Egypt and occupy Sinai. They were preoccupied with the dream of starting [with Sinai] and then taking over the world. Their dream came true and Sinai was lost after six days [of fighting] during the 1967 Naksa war.[1]

"[In that war] they did the unexpected and murdered all our prisoners [of war] in cold blood, disregarding their humanity and the fact they were exhausted, weak and scattered throughout the expansive Sinai desert. This bitter reality was etched in the hearts of all the Arabs and especially of the Egyptians, until the moment of victory came and the rights were restored in the October 1973 [war], and… the myth of the invincible [Israeli] army [was shattered]. After that glorious triumph, the Israeli entity started a cruel and dirty war against Egypt and the Egyptians, in which [the Israelis] targeted everything, and which I shall discuss in the next article."[2]

There Is No Room For The Jews And Zionists On Palestinian Soil; The Jihad Fighters Will Purge The Land Of Their Filth

In the second article, published January 1, 2023 and titled "The Ladies of Tel Aviv and the Lost Security," Al-Samanoudi wrote: "The year 1897 will forever be a milestone in the history of the Arab and Islamic nation. Everyone will remember it with sorrow, regret and hatred. That was the year in which the Austrian Jew Theodor Herzl held the [first] World Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland and spoke about establishing a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine. A Jewish state was just an idea [at the time], but Theodor Herzl strove to make it a reality and his wish came true. He used all the power, authority and international connections at his disposal in order to make it a reality and save the Jews of the world from the oppression, murder and persecution they were facing everywhere.

"Only hours after the British Mandate in Palestine ended, the global Zionist movement announced the establishment of the State of Israel on the ruins of the Arab state of Palestine… All the countries that had oppressed the Jews – and had pushed them to emigrate to Palestine in order to protect themselves from being burned by [the Jews'] cunning, swindling and despicable plots that had caused many disasters on their soil – [now] recognized [the State of Israel]. Aid in funds and in kind, as well as weapons, flowed to the Zionist movement, in order to ensure that they would manage to survive by murdering, burning, expelling and constantly massacring the original owners of the land, the Palestinian people. The immigration [of Jews to Palestine] from all over the world increased, and the Zionist Movement helped them in this, so that they would come and live in their new homeland. [It told them that] anyone who disobeyed it and did not come [to Israel] would bitterly regret it, for this was the beautiful dream and the hoped-for Eden in the Promised Land.  That was the picture that the global Zionist movement painted for the Jews of the world.  [But] over time, and after multiple wars with the surrounding Arabs, [the Jews] suffered more and more from the hardships of living and from the constant war with the [indigenous] people of the land, [and this continues] to this day. The Zionists in Palestine no longer have security, peace or quiet…

"The conflict between the Arabs and the Zionists has not ended. Despite the peace agreements, life became harder, amid [Israel's] tyranny. The walls tell the story of Israelis' ongoing daily acts of aggression, which are written in the blood of the innocent victims everywhere… The refrain that [the Jews] were oppressed with crematoria and that Hitler murdered and burned them is nothing but a lie aimed at consuming the financial [resources] of the West… This immense lie is spread by the global Zionist movement in order to force the West to help the Jews continue to settle in Palestine.  

"That is why the Zionist ladies in Tel Aviv no longer have a sense of security, peace or even quiet. None of them feel safe there, despite the huge concentration of occupation soldiers. Even the soldiers of the Zionist army [themselves] feel that their lives are in danger, because a young Palestinian may stab them with a knife, run them over with them with a car or burn them with a fire bomb. This fills their hearts with terror and fear. No Israeli living on stolen Palestinian land feels safe. They came from various countries carrying the passports of those countries. They no longer believe in the Promised Land or in the promised Eden. They no longer believe in the promises of the global Zionist movement. They no longer believe the lie upon which Israel was founded or in the crematoria or the Holocaust. The new generations [of Israelis] do not like living under a constant threat of death, [but] nor are they interested in living in peace with the young Palestinians. They have been fighting the owners of the land since the establishment of the Israeli occupation state and the declaration of [the State of] Israel.    

"The conflict continues and the generations of Palestinians do not despair of it. They pass the commitment from generation to generation. The land belongs to its original owners, and there is no room for the Jews or Zionists on the soil of Palestine. The Zionist ladies should be so kind as to return to their real countries of origin, where they will regain the sense of security they lost on the Arabs' land. The jihad fighters from among the Arab people in Palestine will continue to raise the banner of sacrifice and martyrdom in order to remove this immense nightmare from their hearts and purge the soil of their homeland of the filth of the aggressive Zionists, so that Tel Al-Rabi' [Tel Aviv] will be purged of the ladies of the Zionist movement, and the noble ladies of Palestine will raise the banners of victory and joy [to celebrate] their blatant triumph. That is what I hope for and yearn that Allah [will bring about]." [3]


[1]  Al-Naksa is a name for the defeat of the Arab armies in the 1967 war with Israel.

[2]  Al-Ghad (Egypt), December 26, 2022.

[3] Al-Ghad (Egypt), January 1, 2023.

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