October 30, 2008 Special Dispatch No. 2091

Arab Columnists: The Economic Crisis – A Conspiracy by U.S. Government, American Jews

October 30, 2008
Special Dispatch No. 2091

In recent articles, several Arab columnists wrote that the global economic crisis is the result of a conspiracy by the U.S. government, by American Jews, and/or by the Zionists. They claimed that the conspirators were aiming to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, to seize Arab wealth, and to take over the global economy - all as a means of increasing their influence in the world.

Following are excerpts from the articles:

Egyptian Parliamentary Foreign Liaison Committee Head: Economic Crisis "Part of Global Political Conspiracy"

Egyptian Parliamentary Foreign Liaison Committee head Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqqi wrote in the London daily Al-Hayat: "During the summer holidays, I was preoccupied with the global issue of the conspiracy theory. I examined everything that was happening around me in light of this theory, applying historical analysis to gain insight into events and opinions. [I was led to this] after scrutinizing, on a daily basis, the financial crisis that has shaken the American economy, impacting banks and markets, individuals and institutions, salaries and allowances...

"In my opinion, the current economic crisis, which is expected to get worse, is a new kind of conspiracy. It started in September, only seven years after the first [conspiracy, i.e. the September 11 attacks]. This time, the aim is to take over the property and capital of the Arabs, and to create a new climate of economic plundering in the wake of the political plundering. Such is the Western mentality - it excels at reaping what others have sown and at seizing anything that they have no right [to take]...

"The Bush administration was trained and impelled, by the American conservative right and by Jewish circles, to carry out this mission [in two stages] - at the beginning of [Bush's] first term in office, and at the end of his second term in office. The aim is to achieve two major goals - a global political [goal] in 2001, and a global economic [goal] in 2008. There is no doubt that small nations, poor countries, and areas rich in natural resources - especially oil - are bearing the brunt [of the economic crisis]. I assert that the developments sanctioned by this American administration - which, in my opinion, is the worst in history - is the result of a hidden conspiracy, whose results are now evident and clear to every sensible person...

"There is a close connection between [the events of] September 2001 and [those of] September 2008, which are mutually complementary, in that political influence cannot be achieved without economic control. Accordingly, the current U.S. administration has placed both together in one bag, producing [a single] new phenomenon that has encompassed the entire world and has demonstrated that the end of the political cold war does not [necessarily] mean an end to the economic cold war...

"Let me only say that, in my opinion, it would be wrong to assume that the Jewish mind is not involved and implicated in these developments. I reiterate that the global economic crisis is part of the global political conspiracy..." [1]

Lebanese Columnist: The Crisis is a Move Devised by the Jewish Mind and the Zionist Lobby

Lebanese columnist Fuad Matar wrote in the Lebanese daily Al-Liwa and Saudi daily Al-Yawm that the Jews and the global Zionist movement had deliberately instigated the financial crisis in order to prevent Bush from fulfilling his promise to establish a Palestinian state before the end of his presidency.

Matar wrote: "While financial crises are natural, especially in capitalist regimes such as the U.S., the gravity of the [current] crisis, its co-occurrence with the impending end of [Bush's] term in office, and the statements made by [Bush] himself and by his senior aides... who promised that Bush would fulfill his promise before the end of his term as president, and that two coexisting states would emerge [in Palestine] - [all] this compels us to raise the possibility that global Zionism is behind the financial crisis. [Its object is] to prevent President Bush from continuing his efforts to fulfill his promise, especially after he stated - nay, almost swore - before Arab and international leaders that he would not step down before a Palestinian state was established.

"Some might [disagree with me,] saying that Jewish money and the Jewish mind constitute the main nerve of the financial world and of the real estate investment [sector] in the U.S., and that it is therefore hardly likely that Zionism would destroy financial, real estate and investment institutions in which [Zionists] play an active role, whether as shareholders or executives, [merely in order] to embarrass the U.S. president and prevent him from fulfilling his promise to establish a Palestinian state, which... would jeopardize the continued existence of Israel.

"[However,] if the [Palestinian] state is established, it will be entitled to some of the money that has [heretofore] gone directly into Israel's pocket. [Indeed,] a large part of this money would go to Palestine, [both] for the purpose of rebuilding it, and in order to stamp out revolutionary ideas, and any notions the Palestinians might harbor regarding their religious and historical right to Palestine and regarding the right of return.

"[So] why is it illogical to assume that this is indeed what happened - especially considering [the fact that] the mind that used other people's money to plan and build the institutions that are [now] collapsing is capable of building others to replace them? [Moreover,] it owns media outlets of every description - [e.g.] newspapers and television stations, both land and satellite - which will cause people to [work with] these institutions and invest in them again, as if nothing ever happened.

"It must be mentioned that those who lost [money as a result of the economic crisis in the U.S.] are not those masterminds and capital owners [i.e. the Zionists], but rather the Arabs - [specifically] the moderately wealthy and the ordinary people - and also those who, [tempted by] the American dream, came to the U.S. from China, Europe, the Arab world, Russia, and from some of the Asian countries, and saved money in order to invest it and make a profit.

"[Moreover], one can suppose that the Zionists made a significant change in their plans, [and decided that] the time has come to transfer the Zionist strategic base from the U.S. to Europe, when the possibility arose that a black man, Barak Obama, would head the U.S. They have focused [their efforts] on East European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.

"Among the signs [that support] this supposition is [the fact that] they brought to power French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is of Jewish origin and is sympathetic to the Jews. [They may also produce] another Sarkozy to replace the current prime minister of Britain, Gordon Brown, who is in the midst of a serious leadership crisis that may end his [political career], as happened to Margaret Thatcher. After Britain, they will attempt to press other governments into their service..." [2]

University Lecturer and Columnist Dr. Umayma Al-Jalahma: The Rothschilds Are Behind the Crisis

Dr. Umayma Ahmad Al-Jalahma, lecturer at King Faysal University in Saudi Arabia, claimed that the global economic crisis was instigated by the Rothschild family as part of an ongoing campaign to take over the world financial markets. In an Al-Watan article titled "Who Is behind the American Crisis?" she wrote:

"Like many others, I too am following the severe financial crisis in the U.S., [and contemplating] the possibility that it may spread to [other countries] in the West and East. [Examining this crisis,] I see only the recurrence of previous global crises, whose instigators always remained hidden behind the scenes. Since I believe that the real value of learning history does not lie in merely knowing the facts, but in absorbing them and taking a lesson from them... I will [now] present historical events [related to] wealthy families that are still with us today and are still managing money, which has become the source of their global influence and hegemony.

"Some say that the facts of the current American crisis are clear, and that there is nothing hiding behind the scenes, but I disagree. [I believe that] those hiding behind the scenes are numerous. [These are forces] that are accustomed to staying hidden and working in the dark, especially [when the moment is right] and hegemonies are ripe for toppling.

"One of these [forces] is the Rothschild family, owner of a global financial empire... I will describe here [several] fiscal plans that this financial octopus [has put into effect and] has exploited their outcomes - [plans] which were based on the destruction of countries and peoples.

"In 1815 the Battle of Waterloo between Britain and France took place, and in it Napoleon was defeated by the commander of the British army, [the Duke of] Wellington. It must be mentioned that the Rothschild family financed both sides, since it gave Napoleon 5,000,000 liras, while other sons of that family smuggled huge amounts of gold through France for Wellington's [use]. And why not? [In their eyes,] the end justifies the means, and their goal was to control the capital and thereby to control the world.

"Many historians have pointed out that immediately after the British victory, agents secretly sent word of this victory to the Rothschilds in Britain. The head of the family, Nathan Rothschild, concealed the news, spreading rumors of a French victory. [Then] he sold all his shares in the London stock exchange, and urged other shareholders associated with him to do the same. Within a few hours stock prices plummeted, and when the price reached five cents [a share], Nathan hurried to buy all the shares in the market at this low price. On the morrow, London awoke to the news of a British victory and of a financial crisis that brought all the shareholders to ruin. The price of the shares bought by Rothschild and his associates rose twentyfold within a few hours. A few years later, Nathan said of this deal: 'It was the best move I ever made.'

"The [Rothschilds] did not stop there, for they also wanted to take over the French financial markets. France, for its part, meant to borrow funds from French banks to cover the astronomical cost of its defeat... but the Rothschilds manipulated the prices of the French government bonds, which had been high the year before. [At that point, their price] began to fall for no apparent reason, and the Rothschilds came and bought them up by means of their agents in France.

"This family is still alive and making money; in fact, its influence is still growing, and now spans Europe, America, Japan and other [countries]. Whether it sits [openly] at the discussion table or hides behind the scenes, it has influence. Moreover, the active part it played in the advent of Zionism and in the occupation of Arab Palestine is clear to all..." [3]

[1] Al-Hayat (London), October 7, 2008.

[2] Al-Liwa (Lebanon), October 3, 2008; Al-Yawm (Saudi Arabia), October 5, 2008.

[3] Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), October 5, 2008. Umayma Al-Jalahma has published other antisemitic articles, including one in which she accused the Jews of killing teenagers for ritual purposes for the festival of Purim. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 354,"Saudi Government Daily: Jews Use Teenagers' Blood for 'Purim' Pastries," January 12, 2002, Saudi Government Daily: Jews Use Teenagers' Blood for 'Purim' Pastries. For more by Al-Jalahma, see Special Dispatch No. 494, "Author of Saudi Blood Libel and Professor at King Faysal University Lectures at Arab League Think Tank: 'U.S. War on Iraq Timed To Coincide With Jewish Holiday Purim,'" April 11, 2003, Author of Saudi Blood Libel and Professor at King Faysal University Lectures at Arab League Think Tank: 'U.S. War on Iraq Timed To Coincide With Jewish Holiday Purim' and

Special Dispatch No. 547, "King Faysal University Professor: Jews Consider Iraq Part of Greater Israel," August 5, 2003, King Faysal University Professor: Jews Consider Iraq Part of Greater Israel.

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