November 23, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4313

Antisemitic French Comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala To Release Iran-Produced Film, 'The Anti-Semite'

November 23, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 4313

On April 7, 2010, antisemitic French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala discussed his new children's song "Shoananas," or "Holocaust Pineapple," in an interview with Iran's Press TV. In the interview he also claimed that "most slave traders were Jews" and that there is more freedom of speech in Iran than in France.[1]

Since then, Dieudonné has been working on two new films: The Black Code, on black slavery, which aims to show that most slave traders were Jews, and The Anti-Semite. Dieudonné found no sponsors for his films in France, but did obtain funding in Iran.

Below are excerpts of Dieudonné's Press TV interview, followed by a summary of Dieudonné's recent antisemitic film and stage activity.

Dieudonné Tells Iranian TV About His New Children's Song "Holocaust Pineapple," Claims Most Slave Traders Were Jews

"[The Jewish Lobby] Has Taken France Hostage, and We Are In the Hands Of Ignorant People Who Know How To Structure Themselves Into a Mafia-Like Organization"

Dieudonné: "What I am trying to say is that in France, for example, we commemorate only one of the events that have caused suffering for people – the Holocaust. Other events where mankind has suffered injustice are completely overlooked. For example, slavery in French colonies, the Algerian war, and many other events are never mentioned. The Zionist lobby imposes an unequal competition, a hierarchy in the sufferings of different communities, which is completely obscene.

"But it is no surprise, coming from a type of individual with an immoral or unfair character, who is, from a philosophical point of view, to some extent mediocre. But today, they have taken France hostage, and we are in the hands of ignorant people who know how to structure themselves into a mafia-like organization, and have now taken over the country that deserves much better leaders than those who are in charge. [...]

"In Iran, Regarding the Issue Of Zionism... There Is a Lot Of Freedom Of Expression"

"Unfortunately, today, authorities are putting more pressure, particularly on me, directly, and other comedians are generally afraid, and freedom of expression is decreasing in France.

"You, in Iran, however – especially regarding the issue of Zionism... There is a lot of freedom of expression. For Iranians who are listening to this: well, the subject of Zionism is something that's not considered a big deal, because everyone can talk about it, and everyone knows about it.

"But in France, it is taboo to talk about it, since France is being led by Zionists, who, frankly, try to put things in an order that serves their interests. They have a lot of power, and they are violent, but not at all brave. They stab you in the back and neutralize you economically.


"They only know to say one thing – the media, which is in accordance with Zionism – and that's what they keep saying: "Anti-Semite, anti-Semite." But this is not true. The truth is that I am not an anti-Semite, but this has never existed. As far as I am concerned, I have obviously never had any issues with Judaism.


"In France, the Holocaust, Which Has Now Become Like a Dominant Religion, Has Replaced Even Jesus Christ"

Interviewer: "You said that this was about comedy and making people laugh, but how are they supposed to laugh at someone else's suffering?"

Dieudonné: "I don't want to – and I would obviously never give myself the right – to laugh at someone else's suffering. I can laugh at the way the suffering is used. For example, in France, the Holocaust, which has now become like a dominant religion, has replaced even Jesus Christ. We have to... We are obligated to accept this dogma, and pray for it almost every night, and teach it to our children.

"It's the way the Zionists are using the suffering of the Jews – who have obviously suffered – but of course, not more than many others in history. It is a suffering that should not be denied – just like the others – and they have commercialized this suffering. Now, this is something that we can laugh at."

"I Have Just Finished Writing a Song... a Short Song For Children – and It's Called 'Shoahnanas,' Or 'Holocaust Pineapples'"

"I have just finished writing a song – and I'd like to point out that it is a short song for children – and it's called "Shoahnanas," or "Holocaust Pineapples," in which I try to explain that we should not let ourselves go with the flow of this way of preferring the suffering of a certain group over others who have also suffered. Humanity as a whole has suffered, and nobody is better than the others. For those who believe in God, He is watching over us, and for others, who don't, there is nature and evolution, or whatever they believe in."

The Zionists "Have Organized All the Wars and Disorders On This Planet; They Were Involved In the Slave Trade"

"What I'm trying to say is that Zionism is dividing humanity. It is trying to rule by making us fight one another. They have organized all the wars and organized all the disorders on this planet. They were involved in the slave trade. We should know that 90% of the ships that relocated the Africans to the West Indies belonged to Jews, and the majority of slave traders were Jews. Obviously, Jews today are not responsible for what happened, but this is a reality, and this, for example, is something we are not allowed to talk about.


"Unlike Iran, France does not have natural resources. Therefore, just like the U.S. and Israel, it has to get the raw material it needs from other countries in the world. To organize wars, to organize September 11th, to be able to argue that we should launch a war on terror, and go to war in Afghanistan, and base military troops in Iraq, etc... The list goes on. The US is a country that is falling apart itself. I know about it a little, and I visit Canada very often. We have seen this happen to unjust systems, like the stock market, where a small number of people get to ruin a country, and eliminate jobs of many people. This system is a Zionist system.


"I don't want to get into Iran's internal affairs. I don't know Iran's story. What I know is the voice of your president, when we hear it outside the borders, and I can tell you that you can be proud of this voice, because it inspires people and gives them courage. It allows people to say, finally: We are capable of resisting what appeared to be irresistible. We should not forget that they are very rich, and with all the glamour surrounding them, they can cause trouble for some people."

I Spoke With Ahmadinejad "About This Project Called Shoananas; I Think What Really Surprised Me Was the Openness Of The Heart Of" Ahmadinejad

Interviewer: "You've met with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Would you like to tell us what happened during the meeting, and what you talked about?" [...]

Dieudonné: "It was essentially about people who endure injustices, and the best way for them is to resist and fight. He agreed that culture is the most effective way to fight in a pacifist manner against injustice and, consequently, Zionism, and humor, in particular.

"I would like to talk about this project called Shoananas. I think what really surprised me was the openness of the heart of the president [Ahmadinejad], and the viewpoint that by using culture, we can change the world, change the rapport between humans, and see egotism, lies, and racism disappear – things that have been integrated by the Zionist project. I think that Iran, as an example, is creating the movement.


"In Europe, political movements, like the anti-Zionist party, are developing all around Europe, and was established in France by Yahia Gouasmi and me. Today it is developing in Belgium, and Switzerland, and everywhere. People are becoming more and more aware. They have begun realizing that they have been brainwashed, and these are illusions. The combatants should wake up – obviously, combatants of peace, those who are attached to justice. We have turned into sheep, kittens, who are being fed with illusions and submissiveness. Now today, the kitten becomes a lion that is turning against the Zionists.


"It's clear that we are just at the beginning of the road, but based on the Iranian model, a revolution is developing in France, and we are adhering to the ideology.


"I have a vocation to make people laugh, and to continue my job as an artist, but there are certain people that have taken the movement into their own hands, and who are increasing. They are those who adhere to it. The reason why I am here is because there are people here who follow us, and watch what we are doing, and have let us meet other people. Iran has become a place where anti-Zionists can meet, communicate, and develop." [...]

"I Like Pineapples, So I Think This Clip Will Allow Us To Have Fun"

"Shoananas premiers this summer. It is the means which will allow kids to dance and learn at the same time. Well, I like pineapples, so I think this clip will allow us to have fun. Normally, we will be touring, and I am going to bring the show here to Tehran."

Interviewer: "Thank you very much. The final question I have for you is regarding the movie that you are planning to make here, in Iran. Would you like to tell us more about that? [...]

Dieudonné: "In France, when I wanted to make the first movie... I just told you about the Triangle Trade, the slave trade, buying and selling people – men, women, and children, who were snatched from Africa, put on ships, and taken to America or the Caribbean to work in the fields, sold to families who later became Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

"We have never had the chance to see this story, because the extremely powerful lobby that dominated the world tells the story, using a cinema that serves its interests. It's propaganda. We shouldn't.

"Israeli investments made in arms are important, but they are multiplied by 10 or 20 when it comes to the cinema industry. This means that every time there is a bad guy in a Hollywood film, there was a time when he was Russian. Now, there is Iran. Take Radio Farda, for example. This is the strategy for the lies to conquer and dominate. Let's not forget that the cinema is, first and foremost, telling a story, that it could be a lie, because it is not a documentary. So these lies are oriented in the cinema in a way that serves the Zionists' interests.

"So making a movie that tells historical truth is difficult, because I've worked with a historian for over a year and a talented scenarist, and we have come up with a scenario. Does it reflect the truth? I don't really know, but it was written honestly, which is why it will only be made in Iran."[...]

Dieudonné's Films: The Anti-Semite and The Black Code

On May 23, 2011, Teheran Times announced that Dieudonné's production company "Les Productions de la plume" and Iran's Haft Aseman Cinematic Company (HACC) had signed a contract to make a film adaptation of a play titled The Anti-Semite. HACC managing director Mohsen Ali-Akbari said, "Due to my anti-Zionist beliefs, I agreed to produce the film." Dieudonné’s company, the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the Experimental and Documentary Film Center (EDFC) held preliminary talks on the film during Dieudonné’s November 2009 visit to Tehran. Ali-Akbari signed the contract to produce the film as a representative of the EDFC.

It should be noted that the agreement also covers the development of the film The Black Code. "The story of the film, which takes place in 1714, emphasizes the participation of the Zionists in slavery in Europe," Mohsen Ali-Akbari said.[2]

The Teheran Times article further notes that The Anti-Semite is set in France, and that shooting was to commence in July 2011. The home page of Dieudonné's official site features a "coming soon" notice for the film.[3]

The Anti-Semite tells the story of a man, played by Dieudonné, who "nurtures absolute hatred towards anything Jewish." His wife, who is ill, is worried about her husband, and begs him to make amends and return to normal life. The protagonist does so, and consults with a psychoanalyst, who is Jewish. The film opens with "one of those usual propaganda Holocaust documentaries" playing on TV in the couple's bedroom. "Horrible pictures are shown. The sobbing protagonist turns to his wife and says: One day, all this will come true."[4]

Dieudonné has been censured in France for racial and religious incitement. On March 17, 2011, he was fined €10,000 for insulting Jews in one of his shows. As a result, he could not find a sponsor for his films in France, nor could he find a theater willing to screen The Anti-Semite. According to Mohsen Ali-Akbari, "the film does not have the potential to hit theaters, but will be released on DVD and aired on television." The film will also be released on Dieudonné's website,, and other websites.

Dieudonné's One-Man Comedy Show "Mahmoud"

Meanwhile, Dieudonné wrote, set, and starred in a one-man comedy show titled "Mahmoud," which mocks reactions to Holocaust-denial statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN. A video of an October 22, 2010 performance at "Le Main d'Or" theater opens with Ahmadinejad's statements with a French voice-over.[5] The video has been posted on YouTube several times, and apparently removed several times as well.

At one point in the show, Dieudonné addresses a Jew whose grandmother was deported to a concentration camp, saying: "Your deported grandmother, I wouldn't have urinated on her... I was not yet born!"[6]


[1] MEMRI TV Clip No. 2444 – "French Comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala Tells Iranian TV about His New Children's Song "Holocaust Pineapple" and States: Most Slave Traders Were Jews; More Freedom of Speech in Iran Than In France," April 7, 2010,


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