June 8, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3010

Antisemitic Articles in Qatari Dailies: History Has Misjudged Hitler; The Jews Are Exploiting the Holocaust; Global Zionism Aims to Take Over the World

June 8, 2010
Qatar, The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 3010

On April 21, 22 and 23, the Qatari press published three articles characterized by virulent antisemitism and/or Holocaust denial. The first, by Algerian writer and journalist 'Abd Al-Baqi Salay, appeared in the daily Al-Sharq. Salay wrote that history has done injustice to Hitler, who was merely "a warrior like any other," and whose war against the Jews was based on the premise that they were "a corrupt nation that had to be eliminated for good." Salay also claimed that Hitler was a great admirer of Islam, and that had he won the war, the Palestinian problem would never have arisen.

The second article, by Bahraini author and intellectual Dr. 'Ali Muhammad Fakhro, published in Al-Raya, dealt with the "Jewish exploitation" of the Holocaust and of antisemitism. Fakhro equated the Holocaust with the fate of the Palestinians under the "Zio-Nazi" regime, and called on the Arabs to establish a center that would counter the Jewish manipulations and expose "the Zionists' myths and lies."

The third article, also in Al-Sharq, was by Muhammad Al-Sharshabi. He argued that all conflicts and wars worldwide, and especially those within the Muslim nation, were caused by "Global Zionism," with the ultimate aim of taking over the world and Judaizing it.

Following are excerpts from the articles:

'Abd Al-Baqi Salay: Hitler "Believed Islam was the True Faith"

Al-Salay wrote: "It often happens that people are misjudged... just because history has never permitted a dissenting opinion to surface or to challenge what has been written by historians. But the truth, no matter how they try to butcher it, always strives to be heard, even after a long period of deliberate silencing and concealment...

"This is the case with the German leader Adolf Hitler, whom history still describes in strident [tones], spreading [all kinds of] rumors and nonsense about his character, and describing his rule in the most vile terms, even though he rose to power through elections and democracy – which most Arab leaders are very distant from.

"The reason these deceiving [historians] accuse Hitler of tyranny and cruelty, [and apply all sorts of] nasty descriptions and epithets to him, is that he lost [the war]. Had he won, the situation would have been very different from what we have known for over 50 years. It's a well-known fact that the British did much more [evil] than Hitler, as did the Japanese during their imperial era. So why does the world resent Hitler to this very day, and despise Nazism for what it did to the world and the Jews, whereas the crimes of the Japanese were forgotten [immediately] after their empire collapsed [in 1945], as were the crimes of the British against the Scottish, the crimes of the [Apartheid regime] in South Africa... the crimes [committed by] France and its presidents in Algeria, and the crimes of the U.S. in Vietnam?

"Actually, as many researchers point out, if Hitler had lived today the Palestinian problem would have been solved. In fact, it would have never arisen in the first place, because Hitler's war on the Jews and their existence was based on a single premise, namely that they were a corrupt nation that had to be eliminated for good.

"Hitler's attitude towards the Jews, whom he punished, was religiously motivated. He was adamant to destroy those who wished to establish a homeland in Palestine, and by means of the famous Jewish Holocaust, he decided to exterminate the Jews because they would necessarily become a threat to the entire world. In his book Mein Kampf... Hitler used many expressions borrowed from the Koran, such as 'until a camel can pass through the eye of the needle,' in speaking of the Jews and the impossibility of mending their [ways].

"As for his attitude towards Islam, it was totally different. Having studied ancient history and [the history] of the nations that ruled the world, he focused on the role of the Muslim Arabs. He said: 'There were three enlightened forces that conquered the world, namely the Persians, the Byzantines, and the Muslim Arabs. The [first two began] as civilizations and then acquired power, which they used to conquer the world. The Muslim Arabs, on the other hand, [started out] as barbaric gangs that conquered the world – so Hitler said – and [only] then did they become a civilization. The [unique] characteristic of the Muslim civilization was that they did not impose their culture while eliminating other cultures, but introduced their culture alongside other cultures. [The character of] Muslim culture proves that the Muslims became civilized. [Hitler] was impressed with Islam, which formed the [fertile] ground on which this culture developed. Even in the midst of the world war, he printed leaflets about Islam and distributed them to his army, in order to familiarize the soldiers with [this religion], especially the non-Muslims among them.

"It is said that on the day his army approached Moscow, the German leader Hitler wanted to give a [passionate] speech to the world, and ordered his advisors to find the most powerful, beautiful and lofty expression with which to open his great speech, from the scriptures or from books of philosophy or poetry. An Iraqi intellectual who resided in Germany showed them the Koranic verse 'The hour [of judgment] is nigh, and the moon is cleft asunder [Koran 54:1].' Hitler was impressed with this verse and opened his speech with it... This proves he believed Islam was the true faith, the religion of monotheism, power and justice. Because of this belief, he allowed his German soldiers who were Muslim to pray wherever and whenever they wanted, in any circumstances. They used to pray together in the [main] square of Berlin, and he would watch them [and wait] until they finished before giving his speeches to the Nazi army. He would also meet with Muslim scholars and learn from them about the lives of the [Prophet's] Companions, and how they treated non-Muslim populations.

"The truth is that history has done injustice the German leader Adolf Hitler, who was a warrior like any other, and the criminals who won World War II maligned his character. I am sure that if Hitler had won World War II, the story would have been very different, and the effeminate [historians] wouldn’t have dared malign him and his actions. On the contrary, I'm sure they would have wet their pants if he so much as looked at them, not to mention spoke to them – then they would have died of fright."[1]

Dr. 'Ali Muhammad Fakhro on "The Himmlers of the Zio-Nazi Regime"

Dr. 'Ali Muhammad Fakhro wrote: "The issue of the Nazi Holocaust in Europe and the farce of antisemitism, which are presented from a million [different] angles, [are issues that] should occupy the Arabs and Muslims. They must not be left to [the Jews] in the West, [who use them] to extort the Europeans, whose conscience is sagging under the weight of their history: their crimes and errors, and their feelings of guilt and [self-]loathing, which [cause them] to capitulate to the [Jews'] myths, exaggerations, and crocodile tears.

"This issue concerns us all the more because we are burning in its flames: the Zio-Nazi Holocaust in the lands of occupied Palestine, and the Zionist antisemitism against Arabs and Muslims everywhere, are comparable to, and even worse than, [the Nazi Holocaust and antisemitism]. The whole world, and especially the U.S. and Europe, must realize that the Jewish victims of the 1930s and 1940s belong to history, and that their children and grandchildren have no right to speak so opportunistically and brazenly about these two despicable historical phenomena [of antisemitism and the Holocaust] because they themselves perpetrate similar [crimes] every day, in an even more barbarous and terroristic manner, in occupied Palestine and in all Arab and Muslim lands. A criminal has no right to speak about, or on behalf of, the victims of other criminals.

"The reason [I] am raising this issue today is that a German court has imposed a $30,000 fine on a German priest who denied the Holocaust on one of the TV channels. This brings [us] back to the issue of the Zionist media and financial octopus, which has been spectacularly successful at blackmailing the conscience of the Western societies and casting them into a pit of guilt, fear, and humiliated begging. It has come to the point where antisemitism and the Holocaust have become sacrosanct topics, which supersede the right to speak freely, voice a dissenting opinion, raise doubts or ask questions. In fact, they have become more sacred even than religion, divinity, or the prophets, for one may openly repudiate religion, the church, or the messengers, but one may not ask questions, request clarifications, or raise rational objections regarding [the Holocaust or antisemitism].

"Nothing can expose the lies and fairy tales used by the Zionists to blackmail the world except for a scientific and objective comparison between the torment [suffered by] the victims of the German Nazis during the 1930s, and the torment, pain, and tears of the Zio-Nazis' victims in Palestine and elsewhere. If the Nazi era provided us with pictures of Jewish children starving to death and of cruel deportations, detention camps, ghetto walls, and people being led to the slaughter, then [the occupation in Palestine provides] pictures that are similar, and in fact even more barbaric, depraved, and inhuman: [pictures of] death and detention camps, of homes destroyed, of crops burned, and of hospitals, schools and mosques under attack. [These actions] are carried out gleefully and arrogantly by the mercenaries, the Gestapo [officers], the Himmlers and Hitlers of the Zio-Nazi establishment that is holding Palestine and its people by the throat.

"This distinction – between the Jews' whining over an episode of history that has come and gone and what they [themselves] are doing today to the Palestinian victims – should be the topic of an Arab campaign addressing the Western world. [We] must compose books in history, political [science] and social [science], novels, documentary films, feature films, and internet articles in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Russian. [All this in order to] present a scientific and documented comparison of picture vs. picture, claim vs. claim... so that the world will realize that the Zionists' tears are false, and that their demand for historical justice is nothing but [the act of] a murderer who poses as a victim while he sheds the blood of his [own] victims without a shred of pity.

"No effort will serve the Palestinian cause better than the effort to expose the Zio-Nazi political, financial, and moral extortion of the entire world, and [to expose how] the Zionist establishment exploits the suffering of Jewish victims in the 1930s as a [weapon] against anyone who is tempted to criticize the land-grabbing Zionist entity in Palestine and its barbaric treatment of unarmed [civilians] and against anyone who carries the banner of resistance.

"If the Arab League is indeed willing to confront the oppressive Zionist-American conspiracy, it must [work] – in coordination with the Muslim countries and while harnessing Arab civil society and all its resources – to establish a professional civil center to carry out this task. This center can utilize all the research and writing abilities and all the distribution resources in the Arab and Muslim [world], as well as those of the liberals worldwide. This, in order to present the world with constant and accumulating [evidence] – using all possible means and [harnessing] all political, media, and professional circles – [exposing] the truth about those who are exploiting its conscience and humanity while they themselves carry out, on a daily basis, every component of the Holocaust and of racist extermination, and are responsible for words and deeds [that parallel] the most despicable antisemitic [statements and actions]. This center will face an enormous challenge, which has already been undertaken by respectable writers and researchers the world over. All it has to do is coordinate their efforts with the Arab efforts, in order to expose the Zionists' myths and lies."[2]

Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharshabi: The Jews Sow Strife among the Nations in Order to Control the World

Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharshabi wrote: "The Muslim [world suffers from] numerous disputes, some justified and some not, which are constantly growing and are beyond our ability to stop or constrain, so that the Muslims have become the nation most afflicted by civil war and internal strife. When a nation identifies the sources of enmity and hatred among its members it can find solutions and foster a spirit of friendship [among is members].

"Dr. Mursi Al-Suweidi, a professor of da'wa and comparative theology, says: 'One of the signs of the greatness of the Muslim faith is that it commands the Muslim to be a source of peace wherever he is, and to avoid being a source of evil or harm. Despite this, the world is awash with fanatical [hatred] against Islam and the [Muslim] nation, and against all that is humane.

"It must be pointed out that Global Zionism has plans... and the Jews boast of their ability to implement them and impose them on the world. [Al-Suweidi] clarifies that the Jews always rely on the method of sowing strife among the nations, [as reflected by] their famous slogan of 'divide and conquer,' because a nation preoccupied with internal wars and strife does not notice the evil deeds [of the Jews]. In addition, this policy is a source of financial profit for them. When a nation lives in [a state of] internal strife among its [various] sects and institutions, it is compelled to take loans from banks controlled by the Jews. Therefore, [they are the ones] who plan all the extremist terroristic incidents and developments by igniting the flames of strife among the superpowers, and this shows... that the Zionist enterprise does not strive for peace but for humiliating and defeating [the other].

"[Al-Suweidi] adds that Zionism doesn't only spout clever and convincing slogans through which they deceive the human race, like the slogan of freedom, brotherhood and equality, which grab people's attention and arouse sympathy, but when examined in depth prove to be worthless... Global Zionism also conspires against humanity, in order to spread its influence by instigating coups and concocting deadly plots...

"[The Jews do this] by relying on their ability to control the world economy... sway world public opinion, corrupt societies, and annihilate all conscience and religion and all nations and regimes. All this is anchored in plans [laid out in] the Talmud... Their ultimate goal is to Judaize the world ideologically and plant material perceptions in people's hearts and minds... This proves that most of the destructive [campaigns], no matter what their name, are Jewish inventions [and fruits of] their satanic imagination, meant to leave [all] nations and peoples in the grip of Jewish influence and Zionist control."[3]


[1] Al-Sharq (Qatar), April 21, 2010.

[2] Al-Raya (Qatar), April 22, 2010.

[3] Al-Sharq (Qatar), April 23, 2010.

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