March 15, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9829

Antisemitic Article In Qatari State Daily: Putin Invaded Ukraine To Stop The Corrupt Jews From Establishing A Presence There

March 15, 2022
Qatar, Russia | Special Dispatch No. 9829

In his March 13, 2022 column in the Qatari state daily Al-Watan, Palestinian journalist Samir Al-Barghouti wrote that the real reason for the Russian invasion of Ukraine is President Putin's desire to prevent the Jews from establishing a presence on Russia's border. The column states that Jews have begun migrating to Ukraine with the intention of turning it into a place sacred to them, and that Putin, who is aware of the "danger" represented by the Jewish nation, went to war in order to prevent the Jews from harming Russia. Rife with antisemitic allegations and historical errors, the column goes on to blame the Jews for a series of historic events, including the assassination of American presidents Lincoln and Kennedy and of Russian Czar Nicholas II, financing the Soviet leaders Stalin and Lenin, planning the attack on the World Trade Center, stealing the gold of Chinese emperors, toppling the Ottoman caliphate and "selling the Middle East to the West for the lowest possible price," among other things.   

Samir Al-Barghouti (Source: Al-Watan, Qatar)

The following are translated excerpts from his column: [1]

"Putin's stated reason for launching the all-out war [against Ukraine] is [his demand] that Ukraine be a neutral country and his opposition to the presence of NATO forces on the Russian border. But [the real reason,] which is presently secret, is the Jewish immigration to Ukraine, which started recently, and the [Jewish] declaration that the sanctity of Jerusalem will be transferred to the sky of Kiev. The meaning of this is the arrival of a nation that Putin knows is dangerous, and President Putin, who came from [Russian] intelligence, will not allow those who are harming the U.S. and Europe to harm Russia [as well]. He sees Ukraine as an outpost for harming Russia, and [already] suffers from the history of the Jews and what they have done in Russia and the world.

"Putin knows what the Jews did in the Byzantine Empire in Russia [sic], and his sleep is troubled when he reads that [the Jews] executed [Russian Czar] Nicholas II, along with his entire family in 1918 after the Bolshevik Revolution. He is aware that the circles of global Zionism financed Stalin, Lenin and the crimes committed by the Bulak [sic][2] for 70 years, during which 62 million Russians were executed. He has a dossier on the unrestrained capitalist imperialism that will [only] come to an end – as the great Kuwaiti intellectual Faisal Madouh says – by eliminating  the Israeli entity, which is the head of the foremost [imperialist] serpent. He [also] knows that [the force] behind Napoleon's revolution was the Jewish capitalist Rothschild, that the Jews own the [U.S.] Federal Bank – which prints U.S. dollars – and that they were responsible for the carrier pigeons by means of which they took control of the central bank of Britain.[3] He knows about Adam Weishaupt[4] and Shabbatai Zevi,[5] who were behind the Dönmeh cult, [6] whose members converted to Islam in order to infiltrate the Turkish parliament and sold the Middle East to the West at the lowest possible price after they toppled the Ottoman caliphate.

"Putin believes that the Jews, [descendants of the] Khazars,[7] caused the death of 26 million out of the 62 million Russians [who were killed in the Gulag]. He knows that the Jews are behind the fall of currencies and control the arms trade in the West; that they planned… the toppling of the Twin Towers in the World Trade Center; that they are behind the Evangelical Christians and the Mormons in the U.S…. that they were responsible for the assassination of American president Abraham Lincoln… and [president] John Kennedy, who tried to close down the Federal Bank; that they  stole the gold of the Chinese emperors and started the war between China and Japan, and that they are behind the masked Shylocks and dukes of Venice.[8]

"Putin does not want these people on his border, after they declare that the sanctity of Jerusalem will be replaced with the sanctity of Ukraine and have started migrating there because the end of their [stay] in Palestine is coming near."


[1] Al-Watan (Qatar), March 13, 2022.

[2] Perhaps a reference to the Gulag, the government agency that was responsible  for the Soviet network of forced labor camps.

[3] Thanks to his network of carrier pigeons, the banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild knew that Britain had won the 1815 Battle of Waterloo before anyone else in London. This enabled him to buy cheap shares before their value skyrocketed following the victory, and to make huge profits.

[4] Adam Weishaupt was a 19th century German writer, philosopher and professor of law who founded the Illuminati, a secret order that reportedly opposed religion and sought to promote rationalism. He was not Jewish.

[5] Shabbatai Zevi was a 17th century kabbalist rabbi from Smyrna who claimed to be the Messiah.

[6] The Dönmeh is a sect founded by followers of Shabbatai Zevi after he was forced to convert to Islam. Its beliefs combine Jewish, kabbalist and Muslim features, and its remaining members, numbering no more than several thousand, now live in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey.   

[7] The Khazars were a Turkic people that, in the 6th century, founded a large commercial empire in parts of what is today European Russia, southern Ukraine, Crimea and Kazakhstan. According to some records, during the 8th century their ruling elite converted to Judaism.

[8] Apparently a reference to Shylock in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

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