August 8, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5398

Antisemitic Arab TV Series "Khaybar": Deception Is The Creed Of The Jews, Conspiracy Their Religion

August 8, 2013
Special Dispatch No. 5398

During the month of Ramadan, Arab television channels customarily air drama and comedy television specials after the breaking of the fast every evening. A drama series airing this Ramadan is titled "Khaybar," which is the name of the Jewish community in the Arabian Peninsula conquered by the Prophet Muhammad in 628 CE. The series depicts the producers' view of relations between Muslims and the Arab tribes of Medina, as well as with the Jews of Medina and Khaybar, leading up to the Jews' expulsion from the latter.

According to Muslim tradition, in 628 CE, Muhammad expelled the two Jewish tribes of Medina – Banu Qaynuqa and Banu Nadir – from the city. Another Jewish tribe, Banu Qurayza, was completely destroyed – all its men were executed and the women, children, and property were distributed as booty among the Muslims. Muhammad also defeated the Jews of Khaybar (including the Jews of Banu Nadir, who settled there after their expulsion from Medina), but allowed them to stay there and continue working their lands on the condition that they give half of their crop yields to the Muslims of Medina. During the time of the second Muslim Caliph, 'Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the Jews were expelled from Khaybar and their lands were divided among the Muslims.[1]

Thus, it should also be noted that the term "Khaybar" is also a symbol of the Jews' ultimate defeat by the Muslims; chants of "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad shall return" are commonly heard at Islamist and jihadi gatherings.[2]

Following are excerpts from three episodes of the antisemitic Arab TV series "Khaybar," which aired on Dubai TV on June 7, 10, and 18, 2013:

Convention of Jewish leaders

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Jewish leader Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: "Under what pretext shall we fight [the Muslims] in order to finish them off? Have they demonstrated any hostility toward us? Have they declared any ill-will that they have been harboring toward us?"

Jewish leader Shas bin Qays: "Not yet, but they will. And even if they don't I will confront [Muhammad] by myself. I will declare in front of his followers that he is a liar, who is leading them to perdition."

Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: "Stop clowning around, Shas."

Shas bin Qays: "Sallam! Even if he is a prophet, he shall be killed. Have you forgotten that many a prophet has been killed by the Israelites?"


Yousuf, a Jewish convert to Islam confronts two Jewish leaders who come to visit him in the dungeon, where he is shackled

Yousuf: "Life and death are in the hands of the Creator alone, and nothing will befall me except what He has decreed."

Jewish rabbi: "Is that what it says in [Muhammad's] book? You are much better with our book."

Yousuf: "You mean the laws of Moses which you forged?"

Jewish rabbi: "You are as blind as Ibn Hawwash!"

Yousuf: "I swear that ever since I have fallen into this dark dungeon, I see better than ever. I see that you will continue in your sinful ways until a new era dawns, and you become as frail as straw."

Yousuf spits

Jewish rabbi: "Deprive him of food and drink until he comes to his senses. Shut the door and lock it."


Jewish leader: "We, the Jews, are not satisfied with anything but deception and scheming in the dark."

Senior Jewish leader: "Watch what you say!"

Jewish leader: "Do you know what the master of schemes and deception said before his death?"

Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: "Are you referring to Huyay Ibn Akhtab [the leader of the Jewish tribe of Bani Nadhir]? You didn't tell me that he is dead."

Jewish leader: "He was killed.


"Ever since they rebelled against Moses, deception has become their creed and conspiracy their religion – until the end of time."



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