November 13, 1998 Special Dispatch No. 12

Anti-Semitism in the Palestinian Media Since the Wye Memorandum

November 13, 1998
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 12

The following article, entitled 'Reaching the Congress' by Naser Ahmad, an official at the Palestinian Authority's Political Guidance Directorate, appeared in the Palestinian Authority Daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida,on November 7, 1998.

"Corruption is a Jewish trait worldwide. So much so that one can seldom find corruption that was not masterminded by Jews or that Jews are not responsible for. They are well known for their intense love of money and its accumulation. The way in which they get hold of that money does not interest them in the least. On the contrary - they would use the most basic despicable ways, to realize their aim, so long as those who might be affected were non-Jews. A Jew would cross any line if it were in his interest.

"Many examples attest to this [behavior]. Particularly relevant are their disavowal of treaties and contracts, and their espousal of civil war. Indeed, Allah attributed to them [the verse] - "Whenever they sign a contract, one of their factions disavows it". This is, indeed, the case of the Agreement. It was signed by the Labor Party, and is now being violated by the Likud Party.

"From a historical perspective, one can find to just what extent the Jews have been subject to diminution and banishment following their disgraceful acts and evil conduct. After their culpability for debasing the land and abetting the people had been established, the indigenous people fought against them relentlessly. Those who were saved fled helter-skelter.

"Since such is their behavior, they have exerted all their efforts into developing evil schemes. They believed that the secret to their survival lay in controlling the economies of the countries that had let them in and sheltered them from being refugees. [They further believed] that the secret lay in conspiracy and abatement of feuds [between non-Jews], so that the non-Jews would be engaged in internal conflict – paving the way for [a Jewish attack]. They concoct scandals that would haunt leaders, letting the Jews take a firm grip and tilting leaders in favor of their interests.

'A survey conducted by [Jewish] scholars, on the legacy and customs of non-Jewish nations, taught them that the latter were afraid of money and sex. These are exactly the two instruments Zionists use. First, they have propagated Freemasonry and Rotary clubs all over the world, in order to hunt for influential people, or such whom they can take advantage of. Zionists trap these [influential people] due to their circumstances, shortsightedness or greed. [Shortcomings] have pushed them to the lap [of Jews], so they can [still] reach the aims they had envisioned.

"Interestingly enough, everyone whom their scourge has hit still seeks their company and lives up to their demands without contemplating escape. Moreover, his reasoning comes down to how he can evade an exposure that might scandalize his status and confront him with a downfall. All this would come after the Zionists extol him to the loftiest position, so that he can be used as an obedient lackey who is fond of status and respect. [Jews,] on their part, would ceaselessly remind him of his [debt] and of the dangers that might ensue, if [they] exposed the scandals.

"The truth is that anyone who is around them lacks both brains and will-power... This is exemplified by those who have told of their experiences without fear…among whom is Bill Clinton, President of the most powerful country in the world. Zionists began to besiege him when he was Governor. Then, he started complying with the dicta of World Zionism, fearing that his scandal might be revealed. Although he is President of the most powerful country in the world, he clearly understood that he had been subdued by his [sexual] drive… [that he had been exploited] in the meanest way until he had enough of the [Zionists] and Netanyahu's behavior toward him…[for Netanyahu] was beginning to be perceived as the actual ruler of America."

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